Colonial America: A History to 1763

Wiley, 2011/03/08 - 624 ページ
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Colonial America: A History to 1763, 4th Edition provides updated and revised coverage of the background, founding, and development of the thirteen English North American colonies.
  • Fully revised and expanded fourth edition, with updated bibliography
  • Includes new coverage of the simultaneous development of French, Spanish, and Dutch colonies in North America, and extensively re-written and updated chapters on families and women
  • Features enhanced coverage of the English colony of Barbados and trans-Atlantic influences on colonial development
  • Provides a greater focus on the perspectives of Native Americans and their influences in shaping the development of the colonies

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著者について (2011)

Richard Middleton was for many years head of the AmericanStudies department at Queen’s University, Belfast. He is theauthor of several books, including The Bells of Victory: ThePitt Newcastle Ministry and the Conduct of the Seven Years War(1985), and Pontiac’s War: Its Causes, Course andConsequences, 1763-1765 (2007). Now retired, Middleton iscurrently working on a book about the American War ofIndependence.

Anne Lombard is Associate Professor, California StateUniversity, San Marcos. She is the author of Making Manhood:Growing Up Male in Colonial New England (2003). Her currentresearch examines riots and other forms of collective violence bywhite men in British America during the eighteenth century.