The essential oils

D. Van Nostrand Co., 1949
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Modern LargeScale Citrus Juice and OilPressing Equip
Florida Citrus Oils

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The Antimicrobial Activity of the Essential Oils of Four Juniperus ...
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【古本・古書(販売/買取)】本を愛する人の総合サイト・スーパー源氏 ...
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Essential oils used to control mites in honey bees.
Review: E. Guenther, The Essential Oils, vol. III (Van Nostrand, NY, 1949), pp. 552-575. Yellowish or greenish to dark brown oil, intense and persistently ... ~agexten/ varroa/ oils.htm

Short Communication Constituents of the Essential Oil of Sea ...
ABSTRACT The essential oils isolated by hydrodistillation from freshly obtained aerial .... composition of the essential oils. The occurrence of differ- ... doi/ abs/ 10.1089/ jmf.2006.9.128

Basil: A Source of Essential Oils
The essential oils of basil extracted via steam distillation from the leaves ... Analysis of the essential oils was accomplished by gas chromatography using ... newcrop/ proceedings1990/ v1-484.html

Essential oils of Turkish anise seeds and their use in the ...
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Chemistry and Quality of Fresh Ginger Varieties ( Zingiber ...
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The Aromatic Plant Project ~ Aromatic Article Archives
Volume 2, Guenther's The Essential Oils. 3. Fantastic Trees by Edwin A. Menninger. 4. Herbs & Things by Jeanne Rose. 5. Perfume 2000 ... articles_archive/ frankincense.html