The Arts of Japan: Ancient and medieval, 第 1 巻

Kondansha International, 2003 - 305 ページ
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This, the first in a two-volume survey of Japanese art, focuses on Japanese art history to the end of the 16th century, from the arts and tomb artefacts of prehistoric Japan to the Buddhist, Shinto and secular arts developed in the capitals at Nara and Kyoto and other provincial centres. 'The Arts of Japan' is an illustrated, two-volume survey from prehistoric times to the mid-20th century, written by an acknowledged historian of the modern era. Every field of Japanese fine art and many decorative and folk arts are covered: sculpture, painting, architecture, garden design, ceramics,

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Foremost among Japanese art historians of his day, the author, SEIROKU NOMA (1902-66), had keen insight into the arts of his country and wrote about them with unequaled sensitivity. Author of countless books and articles, including The Arts of the Asuka, Hakuho, and Tempyo Eras and Bronze Buddhist Sculptures from Imperial Collections, Noma served as curator at the former Imperial Art Museum and then at the Tokyo National Museum, retiring as chief curator in 1964.

JOHN ROSENFIELD, the translator, is Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of East Asian Art, Emeritus, Harvard University.