Denkschriften, 第 40 巻 (Google eブックス)

F. Tempsky, 1892
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88 ページ - London, thou art of townes A per se. Soveraign of cities, semeliest in sight, Of high renoun, riches and royaltie ; Of lordis, barons, and many [a] goodly knyght ; Of most delectable lusty ladies bright ; Of famous prelatis, in habitis clericall ; Of merchauntis full of substaunce and [of] myght : London, thou art the flour of Cities all.
89 ページ - London, thou art the flour of Cities all. Gemme of all joy, jasper of jocunditie, Most myghty carbuncle of vertue and valour; Strong Troy in vigour and in strenuytie; Of royall cities rose and geraflour...
7 ページ - This awfull beist full terrible wes of cheir, Persing of luke, and stout of countenance, Rycht strong of corpis, of fassoun fair, but feir, Lusty of schaip, lycht of deliuerance, • " 95 Reid of his cullour, as is the ruby glance ; On feild of gold he stude full mychtely, With flour delycis sirculit lustely.
89 ページ - London, thou art the flour of Cities all. Above all ryvers thy Ryver hath renowne, Whose beryall stremys, pleasaunt and preclare, Under thy lusty wallys renneth down, Where many a swanne doth swymme with wyngis fare ; Where many a barge doth saile, and row with are, Where many a ship doth rest with toppe-royall.
77 ページ - Rycht grit dishonour vpoun him self he takkis 5 In word or deid quha evir wemen lakkis; Sen that of wemen cumin all ar we, Wemen ar wemen and sa will end and de. Wo wirth the fruct wald put the tre to nocht, And wo wirth him rycht...
77 ページ - Sen that of wemen cumin all ar we, Wemen ar wemen and sa will end and de. Wo wirth the fruct wald put the tre to nocht, And wo wirth him rycht so that sayis ocht 10 Off womanheid that may be ony lak, Or sic grit schame upone him for to tak.
37 ページ - I lay in till a trance ; and then I saw baith hevin and hell : me thocht, amangis the feyndis fell, Mahoun gart cry ane dance off schrewis that wer nevir schrevin, aganis the feist of Fasternis evin to mak thair observance ; he bad gallandis ga graith a gyis, and kast up gamountis in the skyis, that last came out of France. 'Lat se...
10 ページ - O blissit be the hour That thow wes chosin to be our principall ; Welcome to be our princes of honour, Our perle, our plesans and our paramour, 180 Our peax, our play, our plane felicite: Chryst the conserf frome all adversite.
7 ページ - Exerce justice with mercy and conscience, And lat no small beist suffir skaith na skornis Of greit beistis that bene of moir piscence ; Do law elyk to aipis and unicornis, And lat no bowgle with his busteous hornis no The meik pluch ox oppress, for all his pryd, Bot in the yok go peciable him besyd.
52 ページ - Than ay renewis my noy, or he be neir cumand: Quhen I heir nemmyt his name, than mak I nyne crocis, To keip me fra the cummerans of that carll mangit, That full of eldnyng is and anger and all evill thewis. I dar nought luke to my luf for that lene gib, 120 He is sa full of jelusy and engyne fals; Ever ymagynyng in mynd materis of evill, Compasand and castand...


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