Readings on Religion as News

Judith M. Buddenbaum, Debra L. Mason
Wiley, 2000/02/16 - 501 ページ
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Discussions and examples of writing news about religion – a type of journalism rarely taught in the classroom but frequently assigned on the job – are found in this anthology, suitable for teaching alone or as a companion to Reporting News about Religion: An Introduction for Journalists. Containing over 70 examples published in American newspapers and magazines, this book discusses trends in American newspaper ownership and American society that have affected coverage of religious news, evolution of substance and style, and the influence of religion on American culture.

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Readings on Religion as News. Judith M. Buddenbaum and Debra L. Mason, editors. Ames, IA: Iowa State University Press, 2000. 501 pp. $36.95. ... cmx/ books/ 2000-2/ 2000-2.htm

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著者について (2000)

Buddenbaum is a professor in the Department of Journalism and Technical Communication, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins.

Mason is associate Professor, Department of English, Otterbein College.