10 Propositions Regarding Air Power

Air Power Studies Centre, 1995 - 44 ページ
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Short papers on the following propositions regarding air power: 1.Whoever controls the air generally controls the surface; 2. Air power is an inherently strategic force; 3.Air power is primarily an offensive weapon; 4. In essence, air power is targeting, targeting is intelligence, and intelligence is analysing the effects of air operations; 5.Air power produces physical and psychological shock by dominating the fourth dimension - time; 6. Air power can conduct parallel operations at all levels of war, simultaneously; 7. Precision air weapons have redefined the meaning of mass; 8. Air power's unique characteristics necessitate that it be centrally controlled by airmen; 9. Technology and air power are integrally and synergistically related; 10. Air power includes not only military assets, but an aerospace industry and commercial aviation.

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