A Long Way Home

Oakes Books, 2008 - 288 ページ
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"Sharell was a good girl, fresh out of high school, on her way to college when she met him. His name was Mike and what he taught her was only the beginning. People, Alaska and Hawaii had more action and more to teach. She was moving in a different world. All the attention was great. Traveling was exciting. She loved her life. Times were fast and fun. Somehow making money, wasn't so bad. It was all a part of living the life. She became a real professional. A square man wouldn't understand. It wasn't all good either. Sometimes the streets were hard. Plain old evilness and jealousy wanted to kill her. But she always had something with her. It was a voice. A steady voice that warned her when things weren't right. "He's looking for a knife! Go after him.....Be aggressive."

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