Mussolini: The Secrets of His Death

Enigma, 2004/01/01 - 237 ページ
"In this remarkably well-researched work of historical detection, Luciano Garibaldi provides a description of the more noteworthy theories surrounding Mussolini's death. He centers on some very elusive material, focusing on the forensic aspects that contradict the time and place of death in the official version. No serious investigation by the Italian government or Italian justice was ever undertaken into the details of Mussolini's execution. Allied Military Government, the organization in charge of administering occupied Italy in 1945-1946, relied mostly on reports from the Italian Resistance. Apart from eyewitness accounts of the bodies hanging by the feet at the Piazzale Loreto by British and American officers, Allied forces in Italy initiated no official inquiry at the time."--BOOK JACKET.


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Mussolini: The Secrets of His Death

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Garibaldi (Century of War ) does not accept the commonly held belief that Mussolini and his devoted lover Claretta Petacci were executed by Italian partisans belonging to a Communist resistance group ... レビュー全文を読む


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著者について (2004)

Luciano Garibaldi, born in Rome in 1936, has been a professional news writer for his entier career and worked for the most prestigious Italian weeklies: Oggi, Gente, and the Rome daily Il Tempo. He is the author of the 1982 groundbreaking book Mussolini e