Responsible Management: Understanding Human Nature, Ethics, and Sustainability

Business Expert Press, 2013/01/15 - 170 ページ
Does a manager in today’s world need to know anything about freedom? Or about instrinsic goods? Or even about educating emotions? “Absolutely,” says author Kemi Ogunyemi. Kemi wrote this book to serve as a valuable tool to complement courses on ethics, responsibility, leadership, human behavior in organizations, customer service, and sustainability—most of which tend to ignore their human nature dimensions. Inside, you’ll be provided an indepth understanding of human nature and its uniqueness and complexity, which can greatly enhance your managerial skills for achieving business success in today’s world. You will be empowered to better manage yourself, others, and the environment. This book also provides a foundation for developing ethical sensitivity and corporate social responsibility. There is a clear and present danger that managers may tend to focus primarily on financial success in different key dimensions—operational quality, financial strategy, workforce motivation, cost-cutting strategies, etc.—and perhaps discover too late the neglect of an even more vital dimension of all human endeavor. Future leaders and shapers of sustainable organizations and societies cannot afford to have such a knowledge gap.

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The Human Manager
Abstraction and Reflection
Integration in Complexity
All Around the Manager
Setting Personal and Professional Goals
Scripting and ReScripting Self
Business in Society

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著者について (2013)

Kemi Ogunyemi teaches business ethics, anthropology, and sustainability management at the Lagos Business School, Pan-African University. She holds a law degree from the University of Ibadan, an LLM from the University of Strathclyde, and an MBA from the Lagos Business School. After law school, she had worked as director, team lead, and mentor in numerous projects of the Women’s Board of the Educational Cooperation Society before she joined Lagos Business School. She has made some contributions to international publications on respecting diversity and on teaching values and is a member of the UN PRME Working Group on Anti-Corruption and of the EBEN SIG on Teaching Business Ethics.