Sensory Evaluation Techniques, Third Edition

Taylor & Francis, 1999/06/24 - 416 ページ
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Honey-mustard chicken roasting in an oven, fashion models sporting the latest line of lipstick, blush and balm, and the piercing sound of paper being torn in half may not seem to have much in common. But in reality, food, cosmetic and paper products similar to these often undergo rigorous testing at some stage or another as part of a fascinating-and stimulating-scientific process: sensory evaluation.
Aimed at the practicing sensory professional, Sensory Evaluation Techniques, Third Edition, makes product evaluation clear, concise, and approachable, with the simplest to the most complex sensory methods and their interpretation spelled out. The book explores the theory and applications of sensory evaluation methods with sufficient background material to allow the user to understand the evaluation of sensory perception and actually perform sensory tests. The book's "how-to" description of sensory evaluation methods features all of the commonly-used practical sensory tests, followed by a guide to selecting the optimal method for a given problem. Descriptions are accompanied by several practical examples. Consumer research techniques are included, and the book contains complete instructions for the Spectrumä method of descriptive analysis, as well as relevant selection of those statistical techniques the sensory analyst needs, with examples illustrating the analysis of sensory tests.
New in the Third Edition is the latest information on sensory tests and statistical techniques for the analysis of sensory data being introduced all over the world. The Unified Approach to discrimination testing, for example, which is now becoming the norm in sensory science, is examined in detail, with examples provided. Also new: a Test Sensitivity Analyzer and over 300 scales and hundreds of standard terms for the Spectrum method. So whether it be for instructors and students of sensory science, practicing sensory analysts, or researchers and libraries in the production and marketing of food, beverages, cosmetics, fragrances, textiles and paper products, Sensory Evaluation Techniques, Third Edition, is one of the most comprehensive sources on sensory panel techniques in the industry.

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