Serpent's Egg

Wildside Press LLC, 2003/09/01 - 176 ページ
"It was the end of summer of the year 2035. The Global Village that was the World was ruled by a Kangaroo Court of Compassionate Aldermen who ordered assassinations when it was deemed to be for the common good. As a sign of their openness, they wre always experimenting to find new ways of looking at the World. Most of these experiments would fail; some of them would succeed to an extent; and others would succeed only too well, and so would have to be crushed in the shell for the good of the World. The Lynn-Randal Experiment raised three children together almost from infancy. Of these three, Lord randal was human (though somewhat enhanced and tampered with). Axel belonge to the gargoyle-faced 'Golden People' ("God believes they are the most beautiful creatures he ever made, ' a theologian said. 'and there will be hell to pay when he finds out that we don't agree'). And the third child was Inneal who often elicited the comment 'she's really something different, isn't she!' Yes, she was. All of these were super-mega-persons, which meant that they might be able to change the world itself. But why did they begin to change the Ocean first? When these three were just short of ten years old, they were merged with other children of three other experiments and formed with them a Magic Dozen. Immediately they began to have an astonishing effect on the World. And the fate of the children themselves hung in the balance. Was the experiment too successful? Was their effect on the World too dangerous? Would their group be, as other groups had been, adjudged to be a 'Serpent's Egg' that had to be crushed in the shell for the good of the World? The Three Days of Summerset, the End of Summer, would give the answer."--Page 4 of cover.

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Chapter Page 1 The Three Corners of the World
The BlueEyed Apes
When Rare Computers Walk and Mime
The Happening of People
Alley Oop
End of Summer
Structo Lane
The Kangaroo Who Rules the World
On the Ship Annabella Saint Ledger
The Whales Are Building Something
The House on Tom Dooleys Island
Sleepwalkers Serenade
The Night of the Short Knives
OceanBottom Overture

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著者について (2003)

R. A. Lafferty (1914-2002) was a writer and retired newspaperman in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has written many stories and several books, including "Archipelago", "The Devil Is Dead", "Not to Mention Camels", and "Ringing Changes".