Superfoods: For Babies and Children

Simon and Schuster, 2009/10/13 - 192 ページ
Now in paperback from bestselling author Annabel Karmel, a comprehensive guide for parents on how to pick and prepare the healthiest and tastiest foods for their children.

Boost your baby’s health with Annabel Karmel’s delicious recipes and creative advice for feeding your child in the first five years.

All parents want the best for their children, but choosing the freshest foods and preparing them in the most beneficial and appealing ways is not always easy. As a mother of three and author of more than twenty books on healthy food for children, Annabel Karmel knows better than anyone not only what children should eat but what children will eat.

SuperFoods is both a cookbook and a reference manual that helps parents recognize the nutritional value in even the simplest foods. In addition to a variety of tempting recipes and invaluable advice, SuperFoods includes:

- More than 130 easy recipes suitable for children of all ages—from the best first foods to balanced family meals.

- Menu charts to help you plan ahead—most recipes are suitable for freezing.

- Information on how to avoid food allergies and common childhood complaints such as colic, constipation, and eczema.

- Suggestions for healthy convenience foods to keep in the pantry.

- Tasty recipes that harness the power of SuperFoods to promote growth and energy and boost immunity and brain power.

And much, much more!

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Review: Superfoods for Babies and Children

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the best first foods for your baby
Food allergies

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Annabel Karmel is the mother of three children and the UK’s leading expert on feeding children. She works with leading US parenting websites such as and has appeared on many TV shows, including the TODAY Show and The View. Check out her popular app, Annabel Karmel: Healthy Baby and Toddler Recipes, and visit her website,, to learn more.