Tansu: Traditional Japanese Cabinetry

Weatherhill, 2004 - 247 ページ
This first complete, lavishly illustrated introduction to tansu has served since it's publication in 1981 as the most authoritative guide for anyone who owns, or dreams of owning, one of these fine pieces of traditional Japanese cabinetry. As the popularity of tansu has increased among collectors and lovers of fine furniture, so has the demand for this vital information on connoisseurship and care. The Heineken's book covers everything from the history of this unique furniture design, to the materials used in their construction, on tips on how to refinish and maintain them. This first softcover edition includes a new preface outlining developments in tansu collecting over the past two decades, and updated information on tansu care. If you are comtemplating purchasing a tansu or want more information about one you already have, this is the book you need.


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Very interesting read on Asian furniture...including tansus. レビュー全文を読む


A Reverence for Space
Origins and Early Development
Sea Chests

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著者について (2004)

Ty and Kiyoko Heineken have been patrons of Japanese folk arts for more than thirty years. Ty Heineken is a cultural anthropologist and is director of Studio Japan, a conservation workshop. Kiyoko Heineken is a bibliographic specialist at Princeton University's East Asian Library.