The Shoelace Book: A Mathematical Guide to the Best (and Worst) Ways to Lace Your Shoes

American Mathematical Soc., 2006/05/23 - 125 ページ
Crisscross, zigzag, bowtie, devil, angel, or star: which are the longest, the shortest, the strongest, and the weakest lacings? Pondering the mathematics of shoelaces, the author paints a vivid picture of the simple, beautiful, and surprising characterizations of the most common shoelace patterns. The mathematics involved is an attractive mix of combinatorics and elementary calculus. This book will be enjoyed by mathematically minded people for as long as there are shoes to lace. Burkard Polster is a well-known mathematical juggler, magician, origami expert, bubble-master, shoelace charmer, and Count von Count impersonator. His previous books include A Geometrical Picture Book, The Mathematics of Juggling, and QED: Beauty in Mathematical Proof.

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Burkard Polster is a mathematician at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. His previous books include "The Mathematics of Juggling" and "The Geometrical Picture Book,