The Book of North Wales: Scenery, Antiquities, Highways and Byeways, Lakes, Streams, and Railways

Hamilton, Adams, 1851 - 305 ページ

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41 ページ - In conformity to ancient usage ; from a proper regard to decency, and a concern for the health of his fellow-creatures, he was moved to give particular directions for being buried in the adjoining church-yard, and not in the church.
279 ページ - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of St. David's The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Llandaff The Right Rev.
182 ページ - Very often a gust of wind formed an opening in the clouds, which gave a fine and distinct vista of lake and valley. Sometimes they opened only in one place ; at others, in many at once, exhibiting a most strange and perplexing sight of water, fields, rocks, or chasms, in fifty different places.
44 ページ - Reinallt, 200 men having sallied from Chester for that purpose ; but apprized of their design, he retired to a neighbouring wood, permitted part to enter his Castle, when suddenly rushing from his concealment, he fastened the door, and setting fire to the place, burned them without mercy. He then attacked the rest, and pursued them to the seaside, where those who escaped his vengeance perished in the channel. This Reinallt received pardon for these exploits from Thomas, Lord Stanley, which was afterwards...
136 ページ - I have seen no town where the military works of art are so happily blended with the picturesque features of nature; and no spot which the artist will at first sight view with greater rapture, or quit with greater reluctance.
196 ページ - Land of the whirlpool, — torrent, — foam, Where oceans meet in madd'ning shock ; The beetling cliff, — the shelving holm, — The dark insidious rock. Land of the bleak,— the treeless moor, — The sterile mountain, sered and riven, — The shapeless cairn, the ruined tower, Scathed by the bolts of heaven, — The yawning gulf, — the treacherous sand, — I love thee still, MY NATIVE LAND.
182 ページ - On this day the sky was obscured very soon after I got up. A vast mist enveloped the whole circuit of the mountain. The prospect down was horrible. It gave the idea of a number of abysses, concealed by a thick smoke, furiously circulating around us.
182 ページ - We saw more and more, till the heat became so powerful as to attract the mists from the various lakes, which in a slight degree obscured the prospect. The shadow of the mountain was flung many miles, and showed its bi-capitated form ; the Wyddfa making one, Crib y Distill the other.
257 ページ - To these two competent authorities Mr. Stephenson subsequently added one of his own confidential assistants, Mr. Edwin Clark, a practical engineer of the highest mathematical attainments, who regularly recorded and reported to Mr. Stephenson the result of every experiment, — to whom the construction and lifting of the Britannia galleries were eventually solely intrusted, — and by whom an elaborate description of that work is about to be published.* The practicability of Mr.
137 ページ - Sir Richard Wynn of Gwydir, chamberlain to Catherine, Queen of Charles II., presented Her Majesty with' one taken in the Con way, which is to this day honoured with a place in the regal crown.