Tokyo: A View of the City

Reaktion Books, 1999 - 142 ページ
Donald Richie takes the reader on a revealing tour of the different districts of Japan's capital city. Starting from the original centre of Tokyo – the Imperial Palace – Richie branches outwards, taking in other areas such as Yoshiwara, the original red-light district, and Ginza, the world-famous shipping street. The author has kept a diary for the entire time he has lived in Tokyo, and excerpts from it provide on-the-spot insights into the significance of fashions and fads in Japanese culture (for example the recent Tamagochi craze), as well as the various aspects of life in a small neighborhood. Richie gives a real sense of how Japanese society has changed since the Second World War, yet remained rooted in its past.

With the eclectic eye and ear of a film-maker, Richie describes the flavor and idiosyncrasies of this chaotic, teeming city. Tokyo is illustrated with 30 intriguing photographs by Seattle-based photographer, Joel Sackett.

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This small book is more an impressionistic "appreciation" than a guidebook or reference. Richie, the author of several books on Japan and an authority on Japanese film, discusses Tokyo's history ... レビュー全文を読む



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Donald Richie was born in Ohio and has lived in Tokyo for over 50 years. He is the author of the travel book The Inland Sea, and one of his novels, Tokyo Nights, is being made into a feature film by the Hollywood director Wayne Wang.