TabiVitton, Summer trip in 2016, 11th week

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Blog "TabiVitton" e-book format! "Summer trip in 2016, 11th week", this time I will deliver events from October 8 to October 14. My stay at Jozankei entered the third week. The coldness in the morning and evening will increase, the leaves will become more and more reddish. Meanwhile, it is everyday warming by eating Sakechazuke (salmon and rice with green tea) bought at Yamazaki shop or Sunkus. On 11th, I went to see the Moai statue in Makomanai Takino cemetery, on a car driven by Hato - chan who is a blogger friend. It might be more powerful than the Moai statue (Tabi Vitton, Spring trip in 2014, 9th week) I saw at Innoshima two years ago.

Sun., Oct. 9, 2016 at 09:12 PM ... Sneaked into the Jozankei Specialty Goods Store in the southern Ward of Sapporo City, I got a profile image of Kappon, the captain of Jozankei PR! Real name is Jozankei Kappa Kokichibei. Said himself, I am not an uncle. Age unanswered. History is cold intolerance and frozen shoulder. However, he seems to be in good shape after he soaked in Jozankei Onsen. He who likes mischief since he was small, when he was playing with a pail one day he could not remove it. Since then, he began to be called Kappon. ..., I will write it in the diary.


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