Queene Elizabethes achademy, 第 2 巻、第 8 号

Early English Text Society, 1869 - 154 ページ

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111 ページ - Lyvinge ; & all Fencers Bearewardes Comon Players in Enterludes & Minstrels, not belonging to any Baron of this Realme or towardes any other honorable Personage of greater Degree...
ix ページ - I swear by God's body, I'd rather that my son should hang than study letters. For it becomes the sons of gentlemen to blow the horn nicely, to hunt skilfully, and elegantly carry and train a hawk. But the study of letters should be left to the sons of rustics".
vi ページ - I will not forsake my little company going homeward, with whom I have passed so many stormes and perils. And in very trueth, hee was urged to be so over hard, by hard reports given of him, that he was afraid of the sea, albeit this was rather rashnes, then advised resolution, to preferre the wind of a vaine report to the weight of his owne life.
v ページ - ... a very lion to our seeming, in shape, hair, and colour, not swimming after the manner of a beast by moving of his feet, but rather sliding upon the water with his whole body, excepting the legs, in sight, neither yet diving under, and...
vi ページ - Hinde," suddenly her lights were out, whereof as it were in a moment we lost the sight, and withal our watch cried the general was cast away, which was too true.
56 ページ - I would not be robbed of them, I speak not all the virtue that they have ; Yet thus far speaking : — blessed were the man Who once should touch them, were it but a little ; See them I say not, for that might not be. My girdle, clipping pleasure round about, Over my clear dress even unto my knees Hangs down with sweet precision tenderly ; And under it Virginity abides.
ii ページ - England, on a projecting angle of land which runs out into the river at thfe head of one of its most beautiful reaches, there has stood for some centuries the Manor House of Greenaway. The water runs deep all the way to it from the sea, and the largest vessels may ride with safety within a stone's throw of the windows.
v ページ - Delight struck upon a bank, and went down in sight of the other vessels, which were unable to render her any help. Sir Humfrey's papers, among other things, were all lost in her — at the time considered by him an irreparable misfortune. But it was little matter, he was never to need them. The Golden Hinde and the Squirrel were now left alone of the five ships. The provisions were running short, and the summer season was closing. Both crews were on short allowance; and with much difficulty Sir Humfrey...
vii ページ - Such was Sir Humfrey Gilbert ; still in the prime of his years when the Atlantic swallowed him. Like the gleam of a landscape lit suddenly for a moment by the lightning, these few scenes flash down to us across the centuries : but what a life must that have been of which this was the conclusion ! We have glimpses of him a few years earlier, when he won his spurs in Ireland — won them by deeds which to us seem terrible in their ruthlessness, but which won the applause of Sir Henry Sidney as too...
vi ページ - Munday the ninth of September, in the afternoone, the Frigat was neere cast away, oppressed by waves, yet at that time recovered: and giving foorth signes of joy, the Generall sitting abaft with a booke in his hand, cried out unto us in the Hind (so oft as we did approch within hearing) We are as neere to heaven by sea as by land.