Report of the Superintendent ... Showing the Progress of the Work

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1892

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370 ページ - Principal Documents Relating to the Survey of the Coast of the United States since 1816, published by FR Hassler, Superintendent of the Survey.
605 ページ - ... among the group of stations at which the observations were made which have been employed in the discussion. The author has given formulae whereby observed gravity may be corrected for the irregularities of the earth's surface. These formulae require a knowledge, or at least an approximate knowledge, of the height of the land and the depth of the sea throughout the earth's surface. The sign and magnitude of the difference between observed gravity, and gravity calculated on the hypothesis of the...
7 ページ - Approximate times of culminations and elongations and the azimuths at elongation of Polaris for the years between 1889 and 1910. Submitted for publication as a bulletin November 21, 1889, by Charles A. Schott, and first published February 18, 1890.
15 ページ - On the determination of an azimuth from micrometric observations of a close circumpolar star near elongation by means of a meridian transit, or by means of a theodolite with eyepiece micrometer.
448 ページ - Session, House of Representatives Misc. Doc. no. 5. Surveys of the Territories. Letter from the Acting President of the National Academy of Sciences, transmitting a report on the surveys of the Territories. Ordered printed, December 3, 1878. 8°. Pp. 1-27. Forty-seventh Congress, 2d Session. Senate Misc. Doc. no. 51. National Academy of Sciences. Investigation of the scientific and economic relations of the sorghum sugar industry, being a report made in response to a request from the Hon.
421 ページ - Report upon Deep-Sea Dredgings in the Gulf Stream during the Third Cruise of the US Steamer Bibb, addressed to Prof.
9 ページ - ADD to the time of west elongation for every degree south of 40° and SUBTRACT from the time of west elongation om.i6 for every degree north of 40°.
371 ページ - Works executed for the survey of the coast of the United States, upon the law of 1832. and their junction with the works made in 1817 by and under the direction of FR Hassler.
379 ページ - Treasury be, and he hereby is, directed to cause a complete set of all the weights and measures adopted as standards, and now either made, or in progress of manufacture, for the use of the several customhouses, and for other purposes, to be delivered to the governor of each State in the Union, or such person as he may appoint, for the use of the States respectively...
3 ページ - Results of observations for the variations of latitude at Waikiki, Hawaiian Islands, in cooperation with the work of the International Geodetic Association.