Success with Asian Names: A Practical Guide for Business and Everyday Life

Nicholas Brealey Pub., 2007 - 244 ページ
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Comprising over half the world's population, Asians represent a burgeoning force in 6 and a growing influence in Western countries. Understanding Asian perceptions of naming, as well as the diverse linguistic intricacies of Asian languages, is key to effective intercultural communication. Covering names from 14 languages and language groups, Success With Asian Names is a comprehensive exploration of naming through the lenses of culture, history and linguistics. It addresses the contrasts between eastern and western views of names, as well as the ways in which Asian names are transliterated and anglicized, then explores individual Asian languages in depth. Success With Asian Names is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with showing respect and cultural sensitivity when interacting with Asians in any context.

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