Poem Delivered Before the Society of United Brothers at Brown University, on the Day Preceding Commencement, September 6, 1831: And Other Poems

J. & J. Harper, 1831 - 76 ページ


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31 ページ - ... And pass thou not between the weary traveller and the cooling breeze, and lie not down to sleep beneath the trees where human tracks are seen ; nor milk the goat that browseth on the plain, nor pluck the standing corn, or yellow grain. And now depart ! and, when thy heart is heavy, and thine eyes are dim, lift up thy prayer beseechingly to Him, who, from the tribes of men, selected thee to feel His chastening rod. Depart, O leper ! and forget not God...
31 ページ - And pass not thou between The weary traveller and the cooling breeze, And lie not down to sleep beneath the trees Where human tracks are seen; Nor milk the goat that browseth on the plain, Nor pluck the standing corn, or yellow grain. And now depart! and when Thy heart is heavy, and...
69 ページ - Like a form Of matchless sculpture in her sleep she lay — The linen vesture folded on her breast, And over it her white transparent hands, The blood still rosy in their tapering nails. A line of pearl ran through her parted lips, And in her nostrils, spiritually thin, The breathing curve was mockingly like life ; And round beneath the faintly tinted skin Kan the light branches of the azure veins ; And on her cheek the jet lash overlay, Matching the arches pencill'd on her brow.
71 ページ - Thy daily visits have touch'd my love ; I watch thy coming, and list the note That stirs so low in thy mellow throat, And my joy is high To catch the glance of thy gentle eye. Why dost thou sit on the heated eaves, And forsake the wood with its...
40 ページ - Rules the unreined ambition ! Let it once But play the monarch, and its haughty brow Glows with a beauty that bewilders thought And unthrones peace forever. Putting on The very pomp of Lucifer, it turns The heart to ashes, and with not a spring Left in the bosom for the spirit's lip, We look upon our splendor and forget The thirst of which we perish ! Yet hath life Many a falser idol. There are hopes Promising well; and love-touched dreams for some; And passions, many a wild one ; and fair schemes...
66 ページ - And when the twilight fell, the silken folds Stirr'd with his prayer, but the slight hand he held Had ceased its pressure — and he could not hear, In the dead, utter silence, that a breath Came through her nostrils — and her temples gave To his nice touch no pulse — and, at her mouth, He held the lightest curl that on her neck Lay with a mocking beauty, and his gaze Ached with its deathly stillness.
75 ページ - ... bee ; The sun is creeping up steeple and tree ; The doves have flown to the sheltering eaves, And the nests are dark with the drooping leaves ; Twilight gathers, and day is done ; How hast thou spent it, restless one ? Playing?
23 ページ - Yet thus to pass away! — To live but for a hope that mocks at last ; To agonize, to strive, to watch, to fast, To waste the light of day, Night's better beauty, feeling, fancy, thought, All that we have and are, — for this, — for naught!
66 ページ - Seem'd like some just-born harmony in the air, Waked by the power of wisdom. On a rock, With the broad moonlight falling on his brow, He stood and taught the people.
70 ページ - Twas heavenly beautiful. The Saviour raised Her hand from off her bosom and spread out The snowy fingers in his palm, and said,