Strong for Potatoes: A Novel

Macmillan, 1999/01/15 - 256 ページ
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Cynthia Thayer's acclaimed debut novel, Strong for Potatoes, is the resonant story of the difficult youth of Blue Willoughby, a remarkable girl growing up in eastern Maine. In a life beset by tragedy, beginning with the death of her twin sister Berry only days after their birth, Blue must discover on her own strength she needs to survive.

Blue's true ally is her grandfather, a full-blooded Passamoquoddy Indian who teaches Blue life's most vital lessons: that the ways of nature can illuminate life, that family can be depended on, that true passion is worth waiting for, and that grief can heal. Most important, he he passes on the ways of his ancestors-knowledge that Blue will need to find a sense of her own true self amid the chaos of her adolescence.

Reminiscent of Dorothy Allison and Barbara Kingsolver, Strong for Potatoes is a rich, evocative literary debut by a gifted writer and teller of the most rewarding kind of story: beautifully crafted, authentic, moving, and ultimately uplifting.

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LibraryThing Review

ユーザー レビュー  - CherieDooryard - LibraryThing

I should not have liked this book as much as I did, given that it comes from the "let's make a lot of horrible things happen to a passive person and call it 'growth'" genre. And it has cross-over with ... レビュー全文を読む


ユーザー レビュー  - Kirkus

A first novel celebrates diversity and strong women with a plot that does a lot of heavy lifting to get the story off the ground. The author, a Maine resident, effectively evokes the novel's setting ... レビュー全文を読む

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著者について (1999)

Cynthia Thayer was born in New York City, raised in Nova Scotia, and now lives in Gouldsboro, Maine, where she, her husband, and daughter-in-law own and operate an organic farm. This is her first novel.