Mon Nationalism and Civil War in Burma: The Golden Sheldrake

Routledge, 2005/07/21 - 448 ページ
A major contribution to the literature of Burmese history and politics, this book traces the rich and tragic history of the Mon people of Burma and Thailand, from the pre-colonial era to the present day. This vivid account of ethnic politics and civil war situates the story of Mon nationalism within the 'big picture' of developments in Burma, Thailand and the region. Primarily an empirical study, it also addresses issues of identity and anticipates Burmese politics in the new millennium. A particular feature of the book is its first-hand descriptions of insurgency and displacement, drawn from the author's experiences as an aid worker in the war zone.

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Ashley South is an independent consultant, specialising in ethnic politics, displacement and humanitarian issues in Burma. He has lived and worked in Burma and Thailand for seven years, first as a teacher and later as a co-ordinator of a major international relief operation. He has visited Burma more than 50 times, and observed the conflict at close quarters, working with Burmese ethnic minority refugees and many key insurgent leaders.