The Spindle-side of Scottish Song

Dent, 1902 - 200 ページ

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148 ページ - To the land o' the leal. There's nae sorrow there, John, There's neither cauld nor care, John, The day is aye fair In the land o' the leal. Our bonnie bairn's there, John, She was baith gude and fair, John ; And oh ! we grudged her sair To the land o
149 ページ - John, And I'll welcome you To the land o' the leal. Now fare ye weel, my ain John, This warld's cares are vain, John, We'll meet, and we'll be fain, In the land o
198 ページ - I'd lay me doune and dee. Her brow is like the snaw-drift; Her throat is like the swan ; Her face it is the fairest That e'er the sun shone on, — That e'er the sun shone on ; And dark blue is her e'e ; And for bonnie Annie Laurie I'd lay me doune and dee. Like dew on the gowan lying Is the fa...
54 ページ - Lasses a-lilting before the dawn of day ; But now they are moaning on ilka green loaning : — The Flowers of the Forest are a
54 ページ - I've heard them lilting, at our ewe-milking Lasses a' lilting before dawn of day : But now they are moaning, on ilka green loaning, The Flowers of the forest are a
54 ページ - Dool and wae for the order sent our lads to the Border ! The English, for ance, by guile wan the day ; The Flowers of the Forest, that fought aye the foremost, The prime of our land, lie cauld in the clay.
110 ページ - But she look'd in my face till my heart was like to break ; They gied him my hand, but my heart was in the sea ; And so Auld Robin Gray, he was gudeman to me. I hadna been his wife, a week but only four, When mournfu...
42 ページ - this is a most extraordinary proposal indeed, Mr. Philosopher — for if you lose, you take your own name, and if I lose, I take another man's name.
99 ページ - I have been writing a ballad, my dear; I am oppressing my heroine with many misfortunes. I have already sent her Jamie to sea, and broken her father's arm, and made her mother fall sick, and given her Auld Robin Gray for her lover ; but I wish to load her with a fifth sorrow within the four lines, poor thing ! Help me to one." — "Steal the cow, sister Anne,
40 ページ - The town is at present agog with the ploughman poet, who receives adulation with native dignity, and is the very figure of his profession, strong and coarse, but has a most enthusiastic heart of love. He has seen Duchess Gordon and all the gay world: his favourite for looks and manners is Bess Burnet - no bad judge, indeed . . . The man will be spoiled, if he can spoil; but he keeps his simple manners, and is quite sober.