The poetical works of Walter Scott, 第 7 巻



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121 ページ - I list no more the tuck of drum, No more the trumpet hear; But when the beetle sounds his hum My comrades take the spear.
139 ページ - shows gallanter still; Tis the blue vault of heaven, with its crescent so pale, And with all its bright spangles !
252 ページ - ... former customes of the countrey inviolable, and to deliver up the succession peaceably to his Tanist, and then hath a wand delivered unto him by some whose proper office that is; after which, descending from the stone, he turneth himself round, thrice forwards and thrice backwards. ' ' Eudox-. But how is the Tanist chosen ? ' ' Iren. They say he setteth but one foot upon the stone, and reccivcth the like oath that the captaine did.
122 ページ - I'm with my comrades met, Beneath the greenwood bough, What once we were we all forget, Nor think what we are now. Chorus "Yet Brignall banks are fresh and fair, And Greta woods are green, And you may gather garlands there Would grace a summer queen.
252 ページ - For why ? because the good old rule Sufficeth them, — the simple plan, That they should take, who have the power, And they should keep, who can.
121 ページ - Brignall banks are fair, And Greta woods are gay; I would I were with Edmund there To reign his Queen of May! 'With burnish'd brand and musketoon So gallantly you come, I read you for a bold Dragoon That lists the tuck of drum.
137 ページ - Allen-a-Dale has no fagot for burning, Allen-a-Dale has no furrow for turning, Allen-a-Dale has no fleece for the spinning, Yet Allen-a-Dale has red gold for the winning. Come, read me my riddle ! come, hearken my tale ! And tell me the craft of bold Allen-a-Dale. The Baron of Ravensworth 3 prances in pride, And he views his domains upon Arkindale side.
263 ページ - Of brushing up our youth, in letters, arms, Fair mien, discourses civil, exercise, And all the blazon of a gentleman ? Where can he learn to vault, to ride, to fence, To move his body...
254 ページ - Iren. Because the commodity doth not countervail the discommodity; for the inconveniences which thereby do arise are much more many; for it is a fit house for an outlaw, a meet bed for a rebel, and an apt cloak for a thief.
119 ページ - ... wouldst wend with me. To leave both tower and town, Thou first must guess what life lead we, That dwell by dale and down. And if thou canst that riddle read, As read full well you may, Then to the greenwood shalt thou speed, As blithe as Queen of May.