A Handbook for Travellers in Central & Northern Japan: Being a Guide to Tōkiō, Kiōto, Ōzaka and Other Cities; the Most Interesting Parts of the Main Island Between Kōbe and Awomori, with Ascents of the Principal Mountains, and Descriptions of Temples, Historical Notes and Legends ...

Kelly & Company, 1881 - 489 ページ


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149 ページ - The box rests on a low stand and is covered with a piece of cloth said to be white silk. The mirror itself is wrapped in a brocade bag, which is never opened or renewed, but when it begins to fall to pieces from age, another bag is put on, so that the actual covering consists of numerous layers.
140 ページ - Yedo to abscond for a while from their masters' houses and wander along the Tokaido as far as Ise, subsisting on the alms which they begged from travellers ; and having obtained the bundle of charms, consisting of pieces of the wood of which the temples are built, they made their way back home in the same manner. The Ise pilgrims are distinguished on their return by large bundles of charms wrapped in oil paper which they carry suspended from their necks by a string.
30 ページ - A -woman's exterior is that of a saint, but her heart is that of a demon.'— Lesser services are held at the time of the vernal and autumnal equinoxes.
300 ページ - Naishi-dokoro, also called Kashiko-dokoro, is preserved a replica of the sacred mirror given to his ancestor by the SunGoddess, the original of which is at her temple in Ise. When the Palace was destroyed by...
32 ページ - Kwannon, which are used as charms against sickness, to help women in childbirth, etc., of tickets to say whether a child about to be born will be a boy or a girl, and so forth. There is also a place where fortunes are told by the priests. The chancel is, as usual, separated from the nave by a wire screen, and is not accessible to the public. A small douceur tendered to one of the priests in charge will, however, generally procure admission.
140 ページ - Daijingu sama, as the common people are accustomed to call the gods of Ise, by performing the journey thither once at least, and the peasants are even more devout believers. In former years it was a common thing for the little shopboys of Yedo to abscond for a while from their masters...
342 ページ - Local legend tells of a beautiful maiden at the Mikado's court, who was wooed by all the courtiers, but rejected their offers of marriage, because she was in love with the Mikado. The latter...
318 ページ - Kwannon to the number of 1,000. Its dimensions are 389 ft. by 57 ft. In 1662 the Shogun letsuna restored the building, which takes its name, not from its length, but from the thirty-three spaces between the pillars, which form a single row from .end to end. Quite unique is the impression produced by this immensely elongated edifice, with its vast company of gilded images rising tier behind tier. Each image is 5 ft. high, and all represent the Elevenfaced Thousand-handed Kwannon. There are 1,000 of...
404 ページ - Из birth : — loud thunder was heard, a miraculous cloud hung over the cottage, flowers fell from heaven into the courtyard, and a strange perfume filled the air. From his earliest years the saint was devoted to the worship of the goda, and amused himself by raising toy pagodas and shrines of earth and stones, which gained for him the nickname of "temple builder
409 ページ - Bell,' because of there being a hole in the top just under the ring by which it is suspended.