Dafina Books, 2005 - 292 ページ
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Tracie Burlingame is said to have eyes that change color like the skin of a chameleon. She approaches a psychic on a whim, but whatever the old woman sees in Tracie's future frightens her beyond words and reason. The proud mother of three teen sons, Tracie does everything she can to keep them safe in their rough Harlem neighborhood. Being the best momma she knows how in a sometimes unforgiving city is an exhausting job, but Tracie never regrets one minute spent with her boys. Yet despite all her efforts to bring them up right, she loses her eldest son to drug addiction, gaining only his hatred in return for her love. But the grief Tracie feels for her first born in nothing compared to what she suffers after the brutal death of her youngest son--drained of blood and thrown from a rooftop. What kind of monster would kill a teenager so horribly? The police investigation reveals no motive to point to a murderer, and even if there were, Tracie has trouble believing that the worst of criminals could commit such a brutal act. Soon enough, it becomes clear that her child's life was taken by something, rather than someone. Something from Tracie's past that has returned with a vengeance--and that can only be defeated if she is willing to embrace a weapon of unimaginable power.

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I really did not like this book. I felt like there should have been more character development and explanation, especially for the main character. I felt like the ending was rushed and disorganized ... レビュー全文を読む