AGRICULTURE, BOTANY, AND HORTICULTURE. CONVERSATIONS on Vegetable Physiology, comprehending the Elements of Botany,

with their Application to Agriculture. By the Author of Conversations on Che

mistry, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. with plates. 12s. Observations on the Rural Affairs of Ireland, or a Practical Treatise on Farming,

Planting, and Gardening. By Joseph Lambert. 12mo., with cuts. Report of the Doncaster Agricultural Association, on the Advantages of Bones as

a Manure. 8vo. 2s. A Flora of Berwick upon Tweed. By G. Johnston, M.D. Vol. I., Phænogamous

Plants. 8vo. 7s.6d. The English Flora. By Sir James Smith, M.D., F.R.S., President of the Linnæan

Society. 4 vols. 8vo. 21. 8s. New Edition. A Description of the Patent Thermosiphn, with some Modes of applying it to

Horticultural and other Purposes. Invented by Thomas Fowler. 8vo. 3s. 60. Flora Devonensis, or a Descriptive Catalogue of Plants growing wild in the County of Devon. By the Rev. J. P. Jones and J. F. Kingston. 8vo. 16s.

ANTIQ CITIES, ARCHITECTURE, AND THE FINE ARTS. Engraved Illustrations of Ancient Arms and Armour, from the Collection of

- Llewellyn, Esq., after the Drawings, and with the Descriptions of Dr. Meyriek. By Joseph Skelton, F.S.A. Parts XVII. and XVIII. 9s. 6d. The Principles of Gothic Architecture, elucidated by Question and Answer. By

Matthew Bloxam. An Historical Essay on the Magna Charta of King John : illustrated with Engravings

on Wood. By Richard Thomson. Royal 8vo. 21. 12s.6d. Forty Etchings from Sketches made with the Camera Lucida, in North America, in

1827 and 1828. By Captain Basil Hall, R.N. 10s. 60. Illustrations of the Natural Scenery of the Snowdonian Mountains ; in Fifteen large

Views, drawn on Stone by J. D. Harding, from the Sketches of H. D. Jones, Esq.

Atlas 4to. 11. Ils. 6d. A Lithographic View of Abbotsford, the Seat of Sir W. Scott, Bart. India paper, 7s.6d.

BIOGRAPHY. Memoir of De Wit Clinton ; with an Appendix, containing Documents illustrative of

the principal Events of his Life. By D. Hosack, M.D., F.R.S. 4to. 21. 29. Memoirs of the King of Sweden: with a Discourse on the Political Character of that

Country. By W. G. Meredith, Esq., A.M. 8vo. 12s. Autobiography of Vidocq, principal Agent of the French Police. Vol. IV, and last. Memoirs of his own Life and Times. By Sir James Turner. 1632-1670. From

the original Manuscript. 4to. 11. 15s. Pietas Oxoniensis, or Records of Oxford Founders ; containing brief Memoirs of

their Lives. Illustrated by highly finished Line Engravings. By J. Skelton, F.S.A.

Part III. 10s., large paper 15s. Christian Biography: a Dictionary of the Lives and Writings of the most distin

guished Christians of all Denominations at home and abroad, from the Revival of Literature to the present Period. By W. Jones, Author of the History of the Waldenses. 12mo. 9s.

CLASSICAL LITERATURE AND EDUCATION. Letter to the Earl of Shrewsbury, on a New Method of Teaching and Learning

Languages. 8vo. 6s. The Persians of Æschylus, literal Prose Translation, answering line for line. For

the Use of Senior Greek Students. By W. Palin. 8vo. 75. A Dictionary of Latin Quantities ; or a Prosodian's Guide to the different Quantities

of every Syllable in the Latin Language. By W. Moseley, LL.D. 12mo. 6s. The French Librarian, or Literary Guide. By L. Ventouillac. 8vo. 18s. Ten Introductory Lectures, delivered at the London University. 8vo. 12s.

HISTORY. History of the Jews, Vols. I. & II., being Parts 5 & 6 of the Family Library. 5s. each. Memoirs of the Administration of the Right Hon. Henry Pelham, collected from the

Family Papers and other authentic Documents. By the Rev. W. Coxe, Archdeacon of Wilts. 2 vols. 4to., with portrait, 51. 58.

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Lieut.-Colonel Napier's History of the War in the Peninsula. Vol. II. 8vo. Il
The Reigns of Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth. By S. Turner, F.A.S., R.ISL

2 vols. 8vo. 11. 12s. New Edition. History of Remarkable Conspiracies, connected with European History, during the

„ 15th, 16th, and 17th Centuries. By John Parker Lawson, M.A., 7s., fine paper 10% A Compendious and Impartial View of the principal Events in the History of Great

Britain and Ireland in Relation to the Catholic Religion. By J.Bedford. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Conversations on the History of England, illustrative of Events, Institutions, M. pers, and Literature, from the earliest Ages to the Accession of the House of Tudor. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. ls.

LAW. Reports of Cases decided in the High Court of Chancery by the Right Hon. So

J. Leach, Master of the Rolls, commencing Trinity Term, 1829. By John Tanr

lyn, Barrister at Law. Part I., royal 8vo. 6s. A Treatise on the Law of Covenants. By Thomas Platt, Esq. Royal 8vo. 11 5s. Commmentaries on the Laws of England. By Sir W. Blackstone. New Edition :

with copious Notes, by J. Lee, J. E. Hovendon, and A. Ryland, of Gray's lan,

Esqrs. 4 vols. 8vo. 31. 13s. 6d. Trials and other Proceedings in Matters Criminal before the High Court of Justiciary

in Scotland. By R. Pitcairn, Writer to the Signet. Part I. 4to. 15s. The Law relating to Friendly Societies. By J. 1. Pratt, Esq. 12mo. 3s. A Digest of the Law relating to Bills of Exchange and Bankers' Checks, with an · Appendix. By Henry Roscoe, Esq., Barrister at Law. 12mo. 15s. The Practice of Conveyancing, comprising all usual Agreements, Bonds, and Wills,

analytically and synthetically arranged. By James Stewart, Esq., Barrister at » Law. Vol. II. royal 8vo. 11. Is. Petersdorff"s Abridgment of Reports of Cases of Common Law. Vol. II. 8vo. Il. lls.6d. Law of Landlord and Tenant. By W. Woodfall, Esq. New Edition, with con

siderable Alterations and Additions. By J.T. Pratt, Esq., Barrister at Law. 8vo.11.5s. The Statutes at large, 10 Geo. IV. 1829. The Attorney and Agent's new and complete Table of Costs, in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas. By J. Wickstead, Gent. 8vo. 7s.

MEDICINE, ANATOMY, AND SURGERY. The Surgical Anatomy of the Arteries of the Human Body: designed for Students

in the Dissecting-Room. By Rob. Harrison, M.D. New edit. 2 vols. 12mo. 10s. Medicine no Mystery. By John Morrison, M.D. 7s.6d. The Influence of Climate in Chronic Diseases of the Chest, Digestive Organs, &e.

By James Clarke, M.D. 128, An Atlas of Delineations of Cutaneous Eruptions ; illustrative of the Descriptions in

the Practical Synopsis of Cutaneous Diseases of Thomas Bateman, M.D. F.L S. By A. T. Thomson, M.D. F.L.S., Professor of Materia Medica in the University

of London Royal 8vo. 31. 38. A new Method of Treating Burns and Scalds, and certain cutaneous Eruptions. By

M. Ward, M.D. 2s. Sir Astley Cooper's Lectures on Surgery, 8s. A Treatise on the Diseases attendant upon sedentary and studious Habits. 3s.6d. Elements of General Anatomy, containing an Outline of the Organization of the Hu

man Body. By R. D. Grainger, Lecturer on Anatomy and Physiology. 8vo. 14s. A Treatise on Neuralgic Diseases. By T. P. Teale, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London, and of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh. Svo. 55.

MISCELLANEOUS. Personal and Literary Memorials of Henry Best, Esq. 8vo. 14s. Private Life; or, Varieties of Character and Opinion. By the Author of Geraldine.

2 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. The Anthology, or Annual Reward Book for Youth. By the Rev. J.). Parry, MA. 58. Autographs of royal, noble, learned, and remarkable Personages, Cunspicuous in Eng.

lish History, from the Reign of Richard II. to that of Charles II. Engraved in 55

Plates. With Biographical Memoirs, by J. G. Nichols. Imperial 4to. 21. 15s. The Book of the Boudoir. . By Lady Morgan, 2 vols. post 8vo. 11. Is. Flowers of Anecdote, Wit, Humour, Gaiity, and Genius, with Etchings. By T. Landseer. 5s.


The Casket of Literary Gems, Second Series. 2 vols, 12mo. 175.
The Horse in all his Varieties and Uses. By John Lawrence. 12mo. 8s.
The Crypt, or Receptacle for Tnings Past. 6s. To be continued Quarterly.
Parriana ; or, Notices of Dr. S. Parr, collected from various Sources, printed and ma-
muscript, and in part written, by E. H. Barker, Esq., of Thetford. Vol. II. 11. Is.

The Journal of a Naturalist. New edition. Post 8vo. 15s.
The Edinburgh Journal of Geographical and Natural Science. By a Society of Na.

turalists. No. I. 2s. To be continued Monthly. Illustrations of Ornithology. By Sir W.Jardine, Bart., and P. J. Selby, Esq. Part V.

Royal 4to. ll. lls. 6d. The Bee Preserver; or, Practical Directions for the Management and Preservation of

Hives. From the French of Jonas de Gelien. 12mo. 3s. The Menageries. Vol. I. 4s. 6d. The Gardens aad Menagerie of the Zoological Society Delineated. No. I. 2s. 60. Water Birds, by P.J. Selby, Esq. F.R.S., &c. No. VII. Second Series. In elephant

folio, 51, 58. coloured; or 11. 1 s. 6d. plain. Letters on Entomology: intended for the use and Instruction of Young Persons,

and to facilitate their acquiring a Knowledge of the History of Insects. 12mo. 5s. The Natural History of Insects, being No. VII. of the Family Library. 5s.

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. Library of Useful Knowledge, (Natural Philosophy, Vol. I.) 8vo. 10s. 60. Nature Reviewed, or a History of the principal Productions of the Earth; with an Explanation of their Properties and Uses, compiled from the best Authorities. 3s.

NAVAL AND MILITARY. Essay on Nayal Architecture; containing Observations on, and Drawings of, a newly

constructed Bow for Ships of War. By R.T. S. Blake. 8vo. 2s. Nautical Dictionary. Imp. 4to. 6s.; coloured, 12s. A Treatise on Naval Gunnery. By Major-General Sir Howard Douglas, Bart.

K.C.S., C.R., &c. 8vo., with Plates. 158. New edition. A Description of Commander Marshall's New Mode of Mounting and Working Ships' Guns, wherein the Nature and Advantages of its Novel Properties are shown and illustrated by the Results of Offcial Experiments. 4to. with Plates, 12s.

NOVELS, TALES, AND ROMANCES. The Borderers; or, the Wept of Wishton-Wish. By the Author of the Spy; Red

Rover ; The Prairie ; &c. 3 vols. Post Svo. The Legends of Einsidlin; a Tale of Switzerland. By the Rev. W. Liddiard. 8s. 60. The Will, or Twenty-one Years. By Mrs. Rolfe. 12mo. 6s. 6d. Tales of my Time. By the Author of Blue-Stocking Hall. 3 vols. Post 8vo. The Loves of the Poets. By the Author of the Diary of an Ennuyée. 2 vols, 11, ls. Geraldine of Desmond ; or, Ireland in the Reign of Elizabeth, 3 vols. Post 8vo. The Davenels; or, a Campaign of Fashion in Dublin. 2 vols. Post 8vo. 13s.' Old Court; a Novel. 3 vols. Post 8vo. 11. lls. 6d. The School of Fashion. 3 vols. Post 8vo. The Village Nightingale; and other Tales. By Elizabeth F. Dagley. 18mo. 6s." The Exclusives a Novel. 3 vols. Post 8vo. Wilmot Warwick. By Henry Vernon. 2 vols. Post 8vo. 18s. Beatrice ; a Tale founded on Facts. By Mrs. Hofland. 3 vols. 12mo. 11. 1s. Henry and Antomo ; or, the Proselytes of the Roman Catholic and Protestant

Churches. Translated from the German of Dr. C. G. Bretschneider. By the
Rev. M. Morgan, 12mo. 6s. 6d.
The Son and the Ward; or, Selfishness corrected: A Tale for Youth. By Marianne

Parrott. 12mo. 4s. 60.
Tales of Four Nations. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 7s.

Sea Weeds: Poems on various Occasions, chiefly during a Naval Life. By Tho-

mas Trotter, M.D. 12mo. 6s. 6d. Specimens of American Poetry, with critical and biographical Notices ; containing

Extracts from the Works of 200 Authors. 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. Poems, original and translated. By the Rev. W. Shepherd, Author of the Life of Poggio Bracciolini. 8vo. 6s.

Songs Songs and Poems in the Gaelic Language. By Robert Mac Kay. With a Memoir

of the Author. 8vo. 88.
Flowers of Fancy, alphabetically exhibited in a Collection of Similes and descrip-
· tive Passages, taken from 800 Dramatic and other writers. By H. Schultes. 125.
Cuma; the Warrior Bard of Erin: and other Poems. By John Richard Best.

8vo. with Plates. 14s.
Chambers's Scottish Ballads. 18mo. 6s. Post 8vo. 9s.
Chambers's Scottish Songs, 2 vols. 18mo. 128. Post 8vo. 185.
The Brunswick, a Poem. 8vo. 58. 6d.
Dioclesian, a Dramatic Poem. By Thomas Doubleday. 12mo. 6s.
Evening, with other Poems. By the Rev. Perrey Nursey, A. B. Post 8vo. 7s.6d.
The Venetian Bracelet; the Lost Pleiad; a History of the Lyre; and other Poems.

By L. E. L. Foolscap 8vo.
Epicharis, a Tragedy, in five Acts. By the Author of Granby, and Herbert Lacy,
as performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. 8vo.

Thoughts on Currency, and the Means of Promoting National Prosperity, by the

Adoption of an improved Circulation. By Sir John Sinclair, Bart. 2s. Od.
The British Tariff for 1829-30. By Robert Ellis, of the Custom-House. 12mo. 5s.
East India Slavery. By G. Saintsbury, Esq. 2s.
Examination of the Principles and Policy of the Government of British India. By a

Gentleman in the Service of the Hon. East India Company. 8vo. 7s.
On the Practicability of an Invasion of British India; and on the Commercial and
Financial Prospects and Resources of the Empire. By Lt. Col. Evans. 8vo. 8s.

Death-Bed Scenes and Pastoral Conversations. Vols. V. and VI., in the Pocket size,

6s, being a new Edition of Vol. III. 8vo.
Dialogue between a Sceptical Physician and his Christian Patient. 8vo. 2s.
The Diary and Correspondence of Philip Doddridge, D.D. Edited from the Origi-

nals, by his Great Grandson, J. Doddridge Humphreys, Esq. 3 vols. 8vo.
Sermons by Ralph Wardlaw, D.D. 8vo. 12s.
The German Pulpit, being a Selection of Sermons by the most eminent modern

Divines of Germany. Translated by the Rev. R. Baker, A.M. 10s. 60.
Five Parochial Sermons, adapted to the present Time. By the Rev. J. Husband,

A.M. 2s.6d.
The Catechist's Manual and Family Lecturer ; being an Arrangement and Explans-

tion of St. Mark's Gospel for Purposes of Missionary and Domestic Instruction.

By the Rev. S. Hinds, M.A. 8vo. 10s. 6d.
Beauties of St. Francis de Sales, Bishop and Prince of Geneva, selected and trans-

lated from the Writings of John Peter Camus, Bishop de Bellay. 18mo. 6s.
Crombie's Natural Theology. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s.

Travels to and from Constantinople, in the Years 1827 and 1828. By Captain

C.C. Frankland. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. Ils.
Travels in Mexico, in 1826, 1827, and 1828. By Lieut. R. W. H. Hardy, R.N.

8vo. With Plates.
A Guide to the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire. By John

Robinson, D.D., Rector of Clifton, Westmoreland. 15s.
The Englishman's Guide to France. By James Albany, Esq. 6s.
A Journey through Norway, Lapland, and a part of Sweden. By the Rev. Robert

Everest, A.M. F.G.S. 8vo. 14s.
Personal Narrative of a Mission to the South of India, from 1820 to 1828. By Elijah

Hoole. Part I. 8vo. 7s.
The Picture of Australia ; exhibiting a faithful Representation of the Geographical

Position, the Surface, and Appearance of the Country, &c. Post 8vo. 10s, 6d.
History and Topography of the County of Devon. By the Rev. T. Moore. No. I. 2s.
Delineations of the North-Western Division of the County of Somerset ; with a De-

scriptive Account of the Antediluvian Bone Caverns in the Mendip Hills, &c. By

John Rutter. With Engravings. 8vo. 158.
Travels in Chaldea, including a Journey from Bussorah to Bagdad, Hillah, and

Babylon, performed on foot in the year 1827. By Captain Mignan, of the Hon.
! East India Company's Service. 8vo.




Abington Pigots, evils of its inclosure bill,

Absentees, amount of British income spent

by, 314.
Aikin, (Miss) 56.
Alexander I. of Scotland, 332—Alexander

II., 334_Alexander III., his reign an
interesting period of Scottish history,
335—Defeats Haco of Norway, 339—

his misfortunes and death, 340.
Ali, (Makomet of Egypt) singular plot

against his life, 458.
Ali, (Pasha of Yanini) account of, 466.
Allen, (w.) Home Colonies, 522.
America, North, travels in, why generally

defective, 417-ignorance of the Ameri-
cans respecting England, 422—their
schools and colleges, 423–system of
government and administration of law,
425-legislative debates, 426—spirit of
party in elections, 431--operation of the
democratic principle on the administra-
tion of justice, 433-difference between
the Americans and English as to moral
feeling, 437--women held in low estima-
tion, 437-cause of this, 438-excessive
Use by the Americans of ardent spirits,
ibid. - English America capable of de
fending itself against the United States,
439— American carnival, 441-estate of
New Harmony, 442–preference given
in America to the episcopal church, 445

lessons and examples of their ances-
tors not wholly abandoned by the Ameri-

cans, ibid.
Aone, (queen of James I.) expense of a ten

days' residence of, at Bath, 66-value

of her jewels, 76-her character, 77.
A. P. D. G. Sketches of Portuguese life,

manners, costume, and character, 184_1

account of the author, ibid.
Anti-Pauper System. See Working Classes.
Assheton, (Mr.) 64.
Atlacotti, tribe of Ancient Britaios, 146.
Ava, Mr. Crawfurd's Journal of an Embassy

to the Court of, 27-Ava, as described
by Marco Paolo, 28-visited by Mendez
Pinto, whose account Mr. Crawford
deems unfaithful, 29–Mission of Mr. /
Higginson to ibid.-Mission to, of Colo

nel Symes, 30-Mr. Crawfurd's appoint-
ment and suite, ibid.-picture of the
country viewed by him on his way, 31--
gives an account of the celebrated petro-
leum wells, ibid. --curious specimens of
petrified wood and fossil bones of animals
collected by him, 33—his reception at
Ava, 34-Burmese notions of dignity,
ibid.-visited in his steam-boat by the
king's ministers, ibid.-treaty of com-
merce, consisting of twenty-two articles,
reduced by their pertinacity to four, 35
-commendable patience of Mr. Craw-
furd in this proceeding, ibid.-singular
punishments to which these ministers are
subjected by the king, 36-character of
the king, 38 - barbarous amusement
practised by him of riding upon a man's
shoulders, ibid.-hall of audience de-
scribed, 41-presentation of the ambas-
sador, and amusement that followed, ibid.
-water-festival of the Burmese, consist-
ing of boat-racing, described, 42-
amusements of the Burmese, 43-Bur-
man punishments, ibid.- frightful picture
of the brutal ferocity of this people, 45
-their chandalas, or persons appointed
to burn the bodies of the dead, 46_bar-
barous custom as to a wife dying in child.
bed, ibid.-funeral of a priest, ibid.--no-
tions of the Burmese on the subject of
disease, and other physical evils, 47-
degraded class among them, denominated
slaves of the temples, 48—their different
tribes and respective practices, ibid. -
state of the peasantry, 49-little progress
of the Burmese in the useful arts, or in
the higher branches of literature, ibil.
their notions of religion, 50_their pub-
Jic records, 51-curious specimen of the
fidelity of these records in the account
given by the court historiographer of the
war with the English, ibid. --value of
Martaban ceded to the English at the
close of this war, 51-Mr. Crawfurd's
address to the Burmese in announcing
the event of the cession, 52-mistaken
in his supposed policy of our keeping
possession of Rangoon, 53-value of the
m ap attached to his work, ibid.


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