This seems more the miniature of a hoyden “ THE DEATH OF CHATHAM." Copely of fifteen, detected by papa in her brother's was an American artist, the father of Lord clothes.

Lyndhurst, who, Mr. Cunningham goes The Lady “ ROWENA" of Mr. Stone is rather out of his way to inform us, “has, a pleasing portraiture of youthful inno- in our own day, filled the seat of Lord cence and feminine loveliness. The face High Chancellor, with honour to himself, is in shadow, relieved by a pencil of light, and advantage to his country." This which slightly strikes upon a portion of picture, as a work of art, is not to our her polished forehead, as it emerges from taste; but it claims a place in this the side hair. To our taste it is far and selection, from the interest connected away the prettiest in the number.

with the scene. The portraits are likeBut what shall we say of Mr. Rochard's nesses of the leading Peers of the time. notion of “ Isabel de Croye.” We have The third engraving is a landscape of tried hard to admire it, but failed. The Wilson's, teeming with ideas and fine feeling most powerfully excited, after a combinatious. calm and prolonged examination, has been that of wonder-two-fold wonder; firstly,

PROGRESSIVE DRAWIXG-Book. By how in the world a woman could allow Chun3. Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, (complete). herself to be so disfigured by any rascally STUDIES OF Forest TREES. By Same perrukier in the arrangement of her raven

No. 1.*--The great objection that may be black, Irving-like hair; secondly, can it

urged against lithographic drawing-books be a mere “accident” of art, a means of generally, is, that the free “ handling” of relief, devised by the artist ; if the latter, the artist on the stone, is reversed in the grace defend the taste of Mr. Rochard !

printed impressions, and therefore that We may more particularly advert to

they mislead rather than improve the the excellence of the engravings by and by, learner in his attempts at fac-simile coi ..

This number contains, besides, a fac. ing. In the above works this fault does simile of the writing of Sir Walter, and a not appear, and they may safely be put poem on his death by Mr. Swain-a very into the hands of the student as an excel. spirited thing.

lent exemplar. The subjects are pictur

esque and well-selected; and the arrangeMAJOR'S CABINET GALLERY

ment of the studies calculated to impart a PICTURES. No. III.-We merely enu- knowledge of chiaro-scuro, as well as the merate the contents of this new number.

first rudiments of the art. This is as it -A Vandyke choice, the Gervartius It

should be is beautifully engraved. In speaking of

The execution of the Forest Trees" is Vandyke, Mr. Allan Cunningham says, masterly, and may be studied with profit

. “ Hazlitt is a better authority in painting Both works are very good, very cheap, than in poetry." Then he must be an au

and of very tasteful exterior. thority indeed, and one to walk by in galleries. The next painting is Copely's,

London : Dobbs and Co.




able a lounge as it once was. A feve It is impossible to trace exactly the young men of good principles still make progress of the blight which has come it their haunting place when they have over our theatre, and dimmed the lustre, nothing better to do; but they are but a not of its actors, but of its audience. handful compared with those of a former There is something in the temper of the age. The time was when the wives and age. A reading public can scarcely be daughters of advocates and physicians a theatre-going public. Their habits of (the thrice distilled quintessence of Edinmind are too different to admit of their burgh aristocracy) could slip quietly into receiving each pleasure from the others the pit to enjoy a favourite play ; but pursuits. Then again, as

a learned now the ermine of their high caste would financialist on our establishment, more be sullied for ever by such an action. conversant with the pages of “the Black What with all the world (of Edinburgh) Book” than those of Shakspeare, would being now takers and givers of evening say, “people must work harder now to parties, and what with that confounded keep their ground in society, and have central chandelier which makes the pit so less time for amusement." And “last conspicuons a situation, no genteel person not least," the theatre is not so fashion- dare now be seen in it. Even Peter

[ocr errors]

Robertson fies the fifth or sixth benches shillings every night to hear the overture which Harry Erskine and Harry to Mozart's Requiem, under the guidance Brougham did not disdain to occupy. of honest Dewar. The “ Tableaux Vic One real gentleman used to haupt, the vans,” which the manager has occasionlast of his race, this scene of his youthful ally exhibited of late, have had an excel. happiness, but, alas! sickness now holds lent effect in teaching the company the him aloof. The best, the only real thea- importance of good grouping in the dra. trical critic Edinburgh ever could boast ma, a secret hitherto confined to French of, the friendly printer of Scott, the acute, performers. the elegant, the kind, the honest, is On the whole, our theatrical establishbowed down by sickness. Our jest has ment is quoad the actors, on a good and turned to bitter earnest. We sought to improving footing. We shall venture to laugh, but sorrow has found us. It is drop in and report progress from time to time that we turned to business.

time, now that we have found the road Really it is no compliment to Edin thither. burgh that a manager of such taste as

LONDON THEATRICALS. Murray, and a company so efficient in Gloomy whispers are abroad about the many of its departments, should be left to theatres. Laporte swears to the free air, linger on in the way they do. They are

that be is losing by tens and by fifties every not deserted, but neither are they support- night of performance: Polhill, more mutely ed. A pittance is extended sufficient to eloquent, points grimly to the vacant benches keep them alive, and no more.

in any part of Old Drury any night you like, It would

as an index to his treasury. Report, that almost be greater charity to starve them lying hussy, who drops a truth now and then, at once. Decidedly the best tragic actress that she may not be altogether discredited, at present on our boards is Miss Jar

avers that Covent Garden will close its In addition to her eminent tra doors before the month is closed, and shrugs gical talents, and her powers in what her shoulders, and looks villanously disinal is oddly termed serious comedy, Miss upon Drury; that both managers have made Jarman is, perhaps, yet more pleasing in

a strike, and offer half salaries, instead of such characters as Lady Bell and the whole, to their respective troops ; that the

offer has been indignantly rejected, upon the Youthful Queen. Ternan is a good actor in the heavy line, better far than the ground that said troops would rather starve

outright than starve by inches, cu sing the average run of those who fill such parts in unhappy stars which shine malignly on their a provincial theatre. Murray is, undeni- fortunes. Certain it is that the Garden is ably, the first comic actor on the British open but three nights a-week, thus thristily stage, since Dowton retired. Mason, if reducing its losses by a moiety; that the he had physical strength equal to his Strand, the pretty Strand Theatre, has shut abilities, would not have a competitor; up shop quite;" that most of the minors are and as it is, his Trapbois, Casca, his old desolately thin, and totter on their bases; stewards, and similar characters, are in

and that some great convulsion is threatened,

the consequences of which manager nor cri. imitable. Mackay, with a more limited

tic can declare. range, is an actor we always like to see.

These are disastrous tidings, and wise He is identified with Bailie Jarvie, and, heads have been laid together to devise some in an old Spanish major-domo, the cocking plan for averting worse. It is believed, that his nose is as alarming as the cocking of reduced prices will be the order of the day, another man's pistol. It would be difficult and that reduced salaries will necessarily folto conjecture what the Edinburgh stage low; and this metbod of keeping theatrical would do without Pritchard-everywhere speculators, and their dependants, from ruin and everything, the only Rob Roy now

quite, is, perhaps, at the present juncture, in existence. There remains a most ex

the most sagacious of all. emplary tail ; some whose office it is to

• Mrs. Waylett, upon her recent return from carry their chief over a puddle, and some

Ireland, shouted into the astonished cars of poor whose business it is to help a lame dog Rayner, Hilm-a-lee!” but the latter liked not over a stile ; but equally unsusceptible of

the pilotage, and would none of it; a very pretty

row was got up; the arbitrement of the police was discriminating notice with Virgil's “ for.

in requisition; lawyers were cjected, and their temque Gyan, fortemque Cloanthem.” The clerks jammed to a jelly; the rival occupants,

Rayner and Lee, engaged in Greck-like war tugs; ballet and the orchestra are on a more

the performers, than respectable footing. D'Albert has “ Hand in hand, with lingering steps and slow," the dashing intrepidity and grace of a

wandered they cared not whither; and “ the

Strand" has become, alas! the mausoleum of its bounding stag, and we could pay our four own glory.

MUSIC. GEORGE ASPULL.-The death of this powers. The genius of Aspull shone out musician, at the age of 18, has cut short at the very dawn of his existence, and was our high expectations of his maturing rich and promising Music seemed a

passion that abstracted from him the very adapted it to music with a master-hand. buoyancy of youth. We shall never for. The joint production of Millar and Macget the wrapt and earnest expression heleod does much credit to their taste and assumed, when called from his play to the judgment. These lyrical effusions are piano-forte. The transition was almost well-timed, and deserve a favourable resupernatural. At that time, (seven years ception, no less on account of the mournago,) his extempore performances were ful event, which has occasioned them, marked with vigorous perception of music than for their individual merits, as clever cal effect, and his execution was remark- pieces of composition. ably neat and fluent. His knowledge The Parted Spirit. A serious Glee. might then be almost called intuitive; for Words by John Malcolm, Esq. Comto play a long continued piece of excellent posed by Finlay Dun.* music off-hand, without knowing the re This composition, which obtained the sources of art, seemed a faculty which na- prize at the Manchester Glee Club, in ture alone could have taught him to exers 1831, is of a very superior descriptioncise. He had since cultivated his genius, full of fine invention, and admirable ar. and acquired initiation into musical rangement. The subjects are flowing and science ; and the result was, the produce melodious—the harmony very skilful. tion of several pieces of classical merit. ly constructed. The greatest extension Some of these are, we observe, about to is given to the middle movement, which is be published, along with his life; but marked with fine chastened elegance, to many of his choicest thoughts were un. which the rich key of A flat, major, matewritten, and are now lost to the world for rially contributes. The effect is sorrowever.

ful, but exciting a pleasing sensation,-the Ode to the Memory of Sir Walter true charm of melancholy, which Rogers Scott. By_Robert Gilfillan. Composed had in his mind when he says, by Finlay Dun.

“ I would not, if I could, be gay." Dirge on the Death of Sir Walter The change, at “ Winds waft the breath Scott. By W. Millar. Composed by of flowers,” comes like a freshening breeze P. Macleod. +

on the listening sense. This concluding The lamented demise of Scott has called part of the composition is quite delightful. forth some tributary offerings to his me Mr. Dun has essayed so successfully in mory. Gilfillan's Ode possesses consider. glee writing, that we hope he will be inable poetic merit; and Mr. Dun has duced to favour us with many more

works in this style. Paterson and“Roy, Edinburgh. + Gou lding and Co. London.

Mori and Lavenu, London.


of a son.

of a son.

a son.


At Dalkeith Palace, on 5th November, the At Hatvick, on 18th October, Mrs Dr. Graham, Duchess of Buccleugh, of a son.

At Sackville Street, London, on 5th NovemOn 18th October, Mrs. Hood, of Stonebridge, ber, Viscountess Valletort, of a son and heir.

At Merworth, on 5th November, the Hon. Lady At Edinburgh, on 20th October, the Lady of Stapleton, of twin daughters. William Penney, of a son.

At Geneva, on 5th November, the Lady of In Bruton Street, London, on 20th October, Charles Vernet, Esq., of a son. the Lady of Benjamin Sawyers, Esq. of a daugh

On 6th November, the Lady of George Lee, of ter.

Well Hall, Eltham, Kent, Esq., of a son. At Edinburgh, on 23d October, the Lady of At Ladykirk Manse, on 6th November, Mrs David Dickson, younger, of Hartree, advocate, of G, H. Robertson, of a son.

At Whitehall Place, London, on 7th NovemAt 1, Stafford Street, Edinburgh, on 230 Octo. ber, Lady Henley, of a son. ber, Mrs. Nunn, of a daughter.

At Ludlow, Shropshire, on 7th November, the At Park Street, Grosvenor Square, London, on Lady of Allen J. Nightingale, Esq., Assistant. 230 October, the Lady of Sir John M. Burgoyne, Commissary-General, of a son, Bart., of a son and heir.

At 40, Charlotte Street, Leith, on 8th Novem. At Milford House, Hants, on 230 October, the ber, Mrs. Bombe, of a son. Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel D. Arcy, of a son. At Birkenbog, Banffshire, on 8th November,

At Froyle Parsonage, Hants, on 23d October, the Lady of James Anderson, Esq. of a daughter. Mrs. Sangford, Sainsburg, of a daughter.

At Gloucester Place, Edinburgh, on 9th No. At 9, Newington Place, Edinburgh, on 25th vember, Mrs. Charles Earle, of a son. October, Mrs. H. Pillans, of a daughter.

At 7, St. Andrew's Square, on 9th November, At Twickenham Park, Middlesex, on 25th Oc

Mrs. M'kean, of a son. tober, the Lady of Thomas Todd, Esq. of a son.

On 9th November, the Lady of James Dunlop, At Cramlington, Northumberland, on 26th Oc Esq., M.D., of Baker Street, Portman Square, or tober, Mrs. Edward Potter, of a son.

a son, still. born. At' Ardgowan, on 27th October, Lady Shaw At' Walton Rectory, on 9th November, the Stewart, of a daughter.

Lady of the Rev. Lord John Thyme, of a son. At It, Scotland Street, on 27th October, Mrs. Ai Grosvenor Gate, Park Lane, London, on 11th Balfour, of a daughter.

November, the Lady of J. Fairlie, Esq. of a daughAt Barking Hall, on 27th October, the Lady of ter. W. Rhodes James, Esq., of a daughter.

At Dingwall, on 13th November, the Lady of At Bayswater, on 28th October, the lady of J. Hugh James Cameron, Esq., of a daughter. C. Louden, Esq., of a daughter.

At Cambridge, the Lady of Major Jones, 18th At Earl Foriescue's, Castle Hill, Devonshire, Foot, of a daughter. on 28th October, Lady Elizabeth Courtenay, of a Al Hamilton Place, London, the Countess son.

Gower, of a son. At Wicken, Northamptonshire, on 28th Octo At his Lordship's seat, Easton Neston, Nor. ber, Mrs. George Fitzroy, of a son.

thamptonshire, the Countess of Pomfret, of a son. At Castle Hill, Dublin, on 28th October, Lady In Brighton, the Baroness Fabock, of a daugh. Elizabeth Courtenay, of a son.

ter. On 29th October, Sirs. Edward Willoughby, of At Paramatta, in New South Wales, on St. Lancaster Place, London, of a daughter.

Valentine's day last, the Lady of N. Sipscomb At Ruthven Manse, on 29th Octover, Mrs. Gar. Kentish, Esq., late Professor in the Royal Mili. dener, of a son.

tary College, Sandhurst, and formerly cf Win. At 109, Douglas Street, Glasgow, on 30th Octo. chester, of a daughter. ber, Mrs. Robert Knox, of a daughter.

At 7, Lower Garden Street, Dublin, Mrs. D. At Castlemilk, on 30th October, the Lady of Alton M'Arthy, of a son. James Hotchkes, Esq., of a son.

At Munich, the Hon. Mrs. Yeates Brown, of a At Bichester House, on 30th October, the Vis daughter. countess Chetwynd, of a daughter.

Ai Wenvoe Castle, Glamorgamshire, on 12th At 10, Moore Place, Glasgow, on 31st October, November, the Lady of Robert F. Jenner, Esq., ot Mrs. H. Rainy, of a son.

a daughter, At Blyth Hall, on the 31st October, the Lady of William Stratford Dugdale, M. P., of a daugh.


In June last, at Port Louis, Mauritius, Henry At Cadzow Bank, Hamilton, on 31st October, James Day, Esq., lieutenant and adjutant of his the Lady of the Rev. William Meek, D.D., of a Majesty's 99th regiment of foot, to Eliza, second son.

daughter of Captain Terry, paymaster of the 99th. At Inchrya House, on 31st October, Mrs. Clerk At Eholsund, Sweden, on 26th August last, Rattray, of a son.

Captain John Engelhardt, to Agnes, daughter of At Setcombe, near Wantage, on 1st November, Dr. Patrick Baron Seton, of Preston. the Lady of the Rev. W. H. Wilkinson of a daugh At Quebec, on 1st October, the Rev. Thomas ter.

Clark Wilson, of New Perth, to Anne, eldest At Newcastle, on 1st November, Mrs. Alexan. daughter of Mr. Robert M‘Donald, Glas ow. der George Gray, of a son.

At Fort George, on 1st October, E. Bush, Esq., At Kentish Town, on 20 November, the Lady Surgeon, 93d Highlanders, to Ísabella Agnes of W. H. Reynell, Esq. of a son.

Manford, daughter of William Mantord, Esq., At 14, Stafford Street, Edinburgh, on 3d No. barrack-master of Fort George. vember, Mrs. Anthony Murray, of a daughter. At the Palace, Valetta, on 1st October, Robert

At 13, Annandale Street, Edinburgh, on 3d Anstruther, Esq. of Thirdpart, File, Major in the November, Mis. Drysdale, of a son.

73d regiment, to Louisa, youngest daughter of At Dunnikier House, on 30 November, the Sir Howard Elphinstone, Bart. of Ore Place, Lady of Sir John Oswald, of a son.

Sussex, culonel in the corps of Royal Engineers.

At Derrynane Abbey, on 8th October, Charles At Perth, on 26th October, John Moir, Esq. O'Connel, of Bahoss, Esq., to Kate, second Accountant, of the Royal Bank, to Helen Elphindaughter of Daniel O'Connel, M.P.

stone, daughter of the late Walier Lockhart, Esq. On 9th October, Mr. R. Pringle, late of Perth, Depute-Clerk of Session. to Miss Anne lemon, of London.

At St. James's, London, on 29th October, George At Edinburgh, on 12th October, Mr. Robert Bramwell, Esq. junior, of the Inner Temple, and Smith, preacher of the Gospel, to Jesse, daughter Park Street, Westminster, to Mary Jane, eldest of Mr. Dobbie, of the City Mission.

daughter of the late James Christie, Esq. of King At St James', London, on 14th October, James Street, St. James's Square. Grant, Esq., Banffshire, to Cecilia Margaret, At Itchen Abbas, Hants, on 29th October, Hugh, youngest daughter of the late Sir John Leslie, son of Archdeacon Berners, of Wolverstone Park, Bart., ot Findrassie and Wardis, Morayshire, N.B. Suffolk, to Alice, youngest daughter of the late

At Sligo, Ireland, on 15th October, John Fen. John Ashton, Esq. of the Grange, Cheshire. ton Motherwell, Esq., to Elizabeth, daughter of At Paisley, on 30th October, Matthew A. Baird, William Fowler, Esq. of Edinburgh.

Esq. Greenbank Dyeworks, to Janet, eldest daughi. At Simon Burn, in Northumberland, on 16th ter of Ninian Hodgert, Esq. Union Bank. October, the Rev. Richard Clayton, to Mary At 60, Cumberland Street, Edinburgh, on 30th Ann, eldest daughter of the Rev. Francis Laing. October, Robert Cumming, Esq. Kilmarnock, to

At Glasgow, on 16th October, the Rev. William Helen, daughter of Mr. Samuel Halket. Eas, jewellrslesham, to Mary, second daugh. At St. Andrews, Holborn, on 31st October, ter of the late Thomas Cuthbertson, Esq., of Lyon Samuel Nickson, Esq. of Southampton Buildings, Cross.

Middlesex, to Sophia, youngest daughter of the At the British Ambassador's Chapel, Paris, on late Thomas Brixey, of Sandhillhouse, Fording18th October, William, son of Richard Fitzgerald, bridge, Hants, Esq. Esq. of Muckeridge House, county of Cork, to Ai Inches House, on 31st October, John Baillie Sarah, relict of the late Rev. Charles Dewell, of Rose, second son of the late Colonel Hugh Rose, Malmsbury.

of Kilravock, to Ellen Phillis Pattinson, youngest At Kelcullen Church, on 19th October, George daughter of the late Richard Pattinson, Esq. of Henry Heathcote, Esq. M.D. of Prospect Hill, Shandwick, Upper Canada. county of Galway, to Anne Lydia, cldest daugh. At Skirling, on 20 November, Mr. George Ram. ter of Frederick Homan, Esq. late comptroller of say, Schoolmaster of that parish, to Miss Noble, the British Mail, Dublín.

eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Noble, Skirling. On 20th October. by special license, Sheffington At Arbroath, on 6th November, Mr. James Bristow, of his Majesty's 25th reziment, (the Weir, Writer, Edinburgh, to Rennald, third Borderers) to Bridget, only daughter of Sir Robert daughter of Mr. John Rodger, Shipowner, Ar. Webster, of Webster Park, Shropshire.

broath. At Clifton, on yoth October, George Bush, Esq. At Gresford, on 7th November, Captain Mostyn, to Anne, second daughter of the late William R. N. of Llewesog, Denbiglashire, to Susanna, Perry, Esq. of Gambon's Town, county of Tip. youngest daughter of the late John Stanislaus perary.

Townsend, Esq. of Trevllyn. Al Badminton, on 220 October, George Finch, Al Laurieston Castle, on 8th November, Wil. Esq. to the Lady Louisa Elizabeth Somerset, titth liam Charles Henry, Esg of Manchester, M. D. daughter of the Duke of Beaufort.

to Margaret, daughter of Thomas Allan, Esq. of At Sherparton, on 220 October, the Rev. Tho. Laurie-ton. mas Anderson Crawford, to Elizabeth, eldest At Edinburgh, on 8th November, the Rev. James daughter of the late John Harvie, Esq., of Sher. Craik, Minister of Scone, to Margaret, eldest daughgarton,

ter of Walter Grieve, Esq. 31, Gilm ur Place. At Echt House, Aberdeenshire, on 230 Octo. At II, West Maitland' Street, Edinburyb, on ber, Patrick Watson Carnegy, Esq., of Loan and 10th November, Mr. James P. Cumine, fariner, Turiv, Forfarshire, to Rachel Ann, eldest daugh Aridinston, Berwickshire, to Jane Crois, daugh. ter of James Forbes, Esq, of Echt.

ter of William Irvine, Esq. Brechin. At Overton House, on 230 October, Mr. At Kelso, on 13th Noveinber, Archiball Horne, George Ferme, junior, farmer, Roseberry House, Esq. accountant in Edinburgh, to Agnes, daugh. to Anne, only daughter of Mr. John Plumer, ter of the late James Darling, Esq. agent for the

At Viewforih Place, Edinburgh, on 234 Octo Bank of Scotland at Kelso. ber, the Rev. William Scott Moncrieff, of Penni. At Buccleugh Place, Edinburgh, on 13th No. cuik, to Hectorina, youngest daughter of Jaines vember, William Hagart, Esq. Edinburgh, to Robertson, Esq.

Jane, eldest daughter of the late Hugh Walker, At Wistow, near Selby, on 23d October, Mr. A. Esq. of Carron Tall, St. Mary's, Jamaica. F. T. Graham, surgeon, Selby, to Miss Nicholson, At St. Pancras Church, London, on 13th No. daughter of the late William Nicholson, Esq., ot vember, James William Duncan, Eq. of Ulster Wistow Lordship.

Place, Regerit Park, to Esther Elizabeth, eldest At St James's Church, London, on 23d Octo. daughter of Thomas Greenwood, Esq. Cumber. ber, Robert Otway Cave, Esq. of Castle Otway land l’lace, Reg. nt Park. and Lisson Hall, in the county of Tipperary, to At Edinburgh, on lith November, Mr. James Sophia, eldest daughter of Sir Francis Burdett, Marshall, jeweller, to Margarei, second daughBart.

ter of John Patterson, Esq. Carlton Place, At 5, Atholl Place, Edinburgh, on 24th Octo. At St. Clement Danes, on Uith November, ber, James Tait, Esq. jun, Hailes, to Jane, only Lieutenant Edmund bume Forbes Denman, of daughter of John Wilson, Esq., of Garden Estate, the Madras Artillery, to Miss Ann Hall, of Flora Trinidad.

Place, Piy nouth. At Christ Church, Marylebone, on 24th October, At Bloomsbury Church, London, on 11th NoJ. S. Campbell, M. D. of Duke Street, Portland vember, the Rev. Richard Bellamy, to Mary, Place, to Margaret Munro, youngest daughter of youngest daugiter of Edward Vaux, Esq. of Up the late Edward l'enman, Esq.

per Montague Street, Russell Square. At West Ham, on 24th October, William Cham. At Marylebone Church, London, on 15th No. pion, second son of the Rev. Thomas Streattielu, vember, the Rev. brook G. Bridges, son of the of Chare's Edge, Kent, to Hannah, fourth daugh. late Sir Brook W. Bridges, Bart. of Goodnestone ter of Joseph Fry, Esq. of Upton Lane, Exsex. Park, Kent, to Louisa, daughter of the late

At 23, London Street, Edw.burgh, on 21h Oc. Charles Chaplain. Esq. of Blankuey, Lincoln. tober, Mr. George Hillson, junior, Jedburgh, to At 130, George Street, Edinburgh, on 15th No. Mary, fourth daughter of the late John Kennedy, vember, Alexander Bartholomew, Esq. Paisley, Esq. factor to the Marquis of Breadalbane to Elizabeth, daughter of the late nir. Hume,

At Marylebone Church, on 25th October, the Castlemains of Yester, East Lothian. Rev, Atwell Lake, of West Walton, Nortolk, son At 26, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh, on of the late Sir James Winter Lake, Bart. to Sophia, 15th November, the Rev. Dr. David Scoti, minis. daughter of the late Samuel Turner, Esg of' Up ter of Cortorpebine, to Miss Helen Heugh, daughper Wimpole Street,

ter of the late Jobu Heugli of Gartcows, Esq. Al Gordon Castle, N. B, on 25th October, the At Leith Hall, on 13th November, Major Marquis of Abercorn, to Lady Louisa Russe!, Mitchell of Ashgrore, to Vary, edest surviving Titille hule ot Baciund.

daughter of Gucral Day of Rannas.

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