Divorce Practice: Containing the Procedure in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes and Matters in the High Court of Justice, Court of Appeal, and the House of Lords

W.P. Griffith, 1885 - 264 ページ

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38 ページ - Provided that no witness in any proceeding whether a party to the auit or not shall be liable to be asked or bound to answer any question tending to show that he or she has been guilty of adultery unless such witness shall have already given evidence in the same proceeding in disproof of his or her alleged adultery.
104 ページ - ... orders with reference to the application of the whole or a portion of the property settled, either for the benefit of the children of the marriage or of their respective parents as to the court shall seem fit.
4 ページ - That if any person, being married, shall marry any other person during the life of the former husband or wife,' whether the second marriage shall have taken place in England or elsewhere, every such offender, and every person counselling aiding or abetting such offender, shall be guilty of felony...
23 ページ - I AB do solemnly, sincerely, and truly affirm and declare, that the taking of any oath is, according to my religious belief, unlawful, and I do also solemnly, sincerely, and truly affirm and declare,
6 ページ - ... from time to time, before making its final decree, make such interim orders, and may make such provision in the final decree, as it may deem just and proper with respect to the custody, maintenance, and education of the children...
134 ページ - And in what manner you shall have executed this our Writ make appear to us in our said Court immediately after the execution thereof, and have there then this Writ.
3 ページ - In every case of a judicial separation the wife shall, whilst £o separated, be considered as a feme sole for the purposes of contract, and wrongs and injuries, and suing and being sued in any civil proceeding ; and her husband shall not be liable in respect of any engagement or contract she may have entered into, or for any wrongful act or omission by her, or for any costs she may incur as plaintiff or defendant : Provided, that where upon 8.8.
33 ページ - The Court may, if it shall think fit, on any such Decree, order that the Husband shall to the Satisfaction of the Court secure to the Wife such gross Sum of Money, or such annual Sum of Money for any Term not exceeding her own Life, as, having regard to her Fortune (if any), to the Ability of the Husband, and to the Conduct of the Parties, it shall deem reasonable...
134 ページ - Lord (a), or at any time afterwards, or over which the said CD on the said day of (a), or at any time afterwards, had any disposing power, which he might, without the assent of any other person, exercise for his own benefit...