nation : neither chasten me in Thy dis- | i.e., chasten me only pleasure.

in love (K.] 2 Have mercy upon me, O LORD, for I am weak : 0 LORD, heal me, for my bones are vexed. 3 My soul also is sore troubled : but,

3. The second memLORD, how long wilt Thou punish me? ber of the verse should 4 Turn Thee, O LORD, and deliver my

be: “But Thou, O

LORD, how long ?” soul : 0 save me for Thy mercy's sake.

5 For in death no man reniembereth Thee : 5. The light of and who will give Thee thanks in the pit?

Christianity had not

been shed upon death 6 I am weary of my groaning; every

and the grave. Pitnight wash I my bed : and water my couch ¿.e., Hades, hell, the with my tears.

unseen world. 7 My beauty is gone for very trouble : 7. Beauty, &c.; lit. and worn away because of all mine enemies.

mine eye wasteth a

way. 8 Away from me, all ye that work van- g. The triumph of ity : for the LORD hath heard the voice of faith. The prayer is my weeping.

prayed ; the answer

assured. 9 The LORD hath heard my petition : the LORD will receive my prayer.

10 All mine enemies shall be confounded, and sore vexed : they shall be turned back, and put to shame suddenly.

PSALM 7. Domine, Deus meus. SA Psalm which David " sang unto the Lord con Shiggaion of David.

cerning the words of Cush the Benjamite." This word probably Cush was probably one of Saul's followers, and means a hymn, dethe occasion of the Psalm that described in rived from a Hebrew 1 Sam. xxiv., xxvi., when David twice spared verb, “to extol with Saul's life.]

praises." O LORD my God, in Thee have I put my trust : save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me;

2 Lest he devour my soul, like a lion, 2. Lest he - i. e., and tear it in pieces : while there is none | singling out some

chief enemy, as Shito help

mei. 3 0 LORD my God, if I have done any |

such thing : or if there be any wickedness | in my hands;

4 If I have rewarded evil unto him that 4. Rewarded-i.e., dealt friendly with me : yea, I have delivered

repaid. The second

clause is parenthetical him that without any cause is mine enemy; | -(vea, rather I have.

5 Then let mine enemy persecute my &c.) David had more soul, and take me : yea, let him tread my

than once saved Saul's

life. life down upon the earth, and lay mine

5. (SELAH.] honour in the dust.

6 Stand up, O LORD, in Thy wrath, and | 6. Stand up. Cf. lift up Thyself, because of the indignation

I see ... the Son

of man standing on of mine enemies : arise up for me in the

the right hand of judgment that Thou hast commanded. God” to receive His 7 And so shall the congregation of the

martyr Stephen, Acts

vii. 56. people come about Thee : for their sakes

7. Lift up Thyself therefore lift up Thyself again.

again. This indi. 8 The LORD shall judge the people; give

cates the return of

God to heaven, after sentence with me, O LORD : according to

having heard David's my righteousness, and according to the in cause. nocency that is in me.

8. Innocency; Heb.

wholeness, integrity; 9 O let the wickedness of the ungodly

the word frequently come to an end : but guide Thou the just. used by Job. In the 10 For the righteous God : trieth the

plural number it is

thummim, truth. very hearts and reins.

10. Reins. Prob. 11 My help cometh of God : Who pre ably spoken of as the serveth them that are true of heart.

most central part of

the body, from whence 12 God is a righteous Judge, strong, and

spring impulses and patient : and God is provoked every day. affections. 13 If a man will not turn, He will whet

13. Cf. “If I whet

My glittering sword,” His sword : He hath bent His bow, and

Deut. xxii. 41. made it ready.

14 He hath prepared for him the instru 14. He ordaineth, ments of death : He ordaineth His arrows

&c. ; lit. He makes

His arrows to be fiery, against the persecutors.

in allusion to the ar15 Behold, he travaileth with mischief : row-heads tipped with

forth he hath conceived sorrow, and brought forth

burning tow. ungodliness.

16. He hath graren ; 16 He hath graven and digged up a pit :

| lit. he dug a hole and and is fallen himself into the destruction | hollowed it out. Dethat he made for other.

struction; lit. pitfall.

17 For his travail shall come upon his own head : and his wickedness shall fall

head and his wickedness shall fou on his own pate.

18 I will give thanks unto the LORD, according to His righteousness : and I will praise the Name of the LORD most High.

17. Travail i.l., the trouble which he has taken to hurt others. Pate ; lit. the top, crown of, the head. The word pate seems to signify the skull.

PSALM 8. Domine, Dominus noster. Ascension Day.

The first Psalm at TA Psalm of David, most probably composed when | Morning Prayer. fol. he was a shepherd in the pasture-lands of Beth

lowed by Ps. 15. lehem. It is addressed to JEHOVAH the Creator, and to MESSIAH the Saviour, glorifying To be sung on Git. their condescension to frail man.]

tith. This was a kind

of musical instrument O LORD our Governour, how excellent is

used by the people of Thy Name in all the world : Thou that hast Gath; hence its name. set Thy glory above the heavens !

1. Governour-i.e.,

Sovereign, Lord, A2 Out of the mouth of very babes and donai. O LORD our sucklings hast Thou ordained strength, be Lord. cause of Thine enemies : that Thou mightest

2. Our Saviour cites

this verse, S. Matt. still the enemy, and the avenger.,

xxi. 16. So also the 3 For I will consider Thy heavens, even collect for Innocents' the works of Thy fingers : the moon and the

Day appropriately em

bodies these words. stars, which Thou hast ordained.

Avengeri.e., the re4 What is man, that Thou art mindful of vengeful person. him : and the son of man, that Thou visitest

3. Thy fingers

i.e., Thy power. “If him ?

I by the finger of God 5 Thou madest him lower than the angels : [S. Matt. the power of to crown him with glory and worship.

God] cast out devils,"

S. Luke xi. 20. 6 Thou makest him to have dominion of

4. Man; Heb. man the works of Thy hands : and Thou hast put in his weakness—frail all things in subjection under his feet;

man. Visitest-i.e.,

watchest over. 7 All sheep and oxen; yea, and the 5. Than the angels; beasts of the field;

Heb. “than God.'' 8 The fowls of the air, and the fishes of

The man Christ Je

sus, through obedthe sea : and whatsoever walketh through ience, was “ crowned the paths of the seas.

with glory and hon

'our,” Heb. ii. 7. 6. S. Paul extends this from an earthly to an universal dominion, 1 Cor. xv. 27. This supremacy, conferred on man by God at the creation, and lost by him through sin, was regained by the second Adam, Jesus Christ.

9 O LORD our Governour : how excellent is Thy Name in all the world !


Morning Prayer.
Psalm 9. Confitebor tibi.

DAY 2. [A Psalm of David, commemorating a victory.) To be sung upon

| Muthlabben. This is I WILL give thanks unto Thee, O LORD, with conjectured to be the my whole heart : I will speak of all Thy

name of a melody :

“The death of the marvellous works.

son ;” to which music 2 I will be glad and rejoice in Thee : this Psalm was to be yea, my songs will I make of Thy Name, O Thou most Highest.

3 While mine enemies are driven back : 3. “As soon then they shall fall and perish at Thy presence.

| as he had said unto

them, I am HE, they 4 For Thou hast maintained my right went backward, and and my cause : Thou art set in the throne fell to the ground," That judgest right.

S. John xviii. 6.

4. Heb. Thou art 5 Thou hast rebuked the heathen, and seated on a throne, destroyed the ungodly : Thou hast put out judging righteously. their name for ever and ever. .

6 0 thou enemy, destructions are come 6. The translation to a perpetual end : even as the cities which

and meaning are sug

gested to be thus : Thou hast destroyed; their memorial is per “The enemy - they ished with them.

are extinct, in ruins 7 But the LORD shall endure for ever :

for ever; their cities

are destroyed; their He hath also prepared His seat for judg memory is perished.” ment.

God alone remains 8 For He shall judge the world in right

| triumphant. eousness : and minister true judgment unto the people.

9 The LORD also will be a defence for 9. A refuge ; such the oppressed : even a refuge in due time

| as the mountain fort

resses in Palestine. of trouble.

10 And they that know Thy Name will put their trust in Thee : for Thou, LORD, hast never failed them that seek Thee.

11 O praise the LORD which dwelleth in Sion : shew the people of His doings.

12 For, when He maketh inquisition for 12. Poor-i.e., af. blood, He remembereth them : and forgetteth

flicted, harassed, worn

out. This word is not the complaint of the poor.

applied to Moses, and 13 Have mercy upon me, O LORD; con translated meek. He sider the trouble which I suffer of them was greatly tried, but that hate me : Thou that liftest me up from

not what we mean by the gates of death.

14 That I may shew all Thy praises 14. Ports i. e., within the ports of the daughter of Sion : I gates ; publicly, as

in the market-place. will rejoice in Thy salvation.

Daughter of Sion; 15 The heathen are sunk down in the poet. for Jerusalem, pit that they made : in the same net which as “ daughter of they hid privily, is their foot taken.

Tyre,” “ daughter of

Babylon." 16 The LORD is known to execute judg 16. Higgaion, Sement : the ungodly is trapped in the work lah i.e., an interof his own hands.

lude on the harp. 17 The wicked shall be turned into hell : 1 17. Hell, here Haand all the people that forget God.

des. Forget i.e.,

wilfully forget. 18 For the poor shall not alway be for

18. Patient abidgotten : the patient abiding of the meek ing; lit. hope, expecshall not perish for ever.

tation. 19 Up, LORD, and let not man have the 19. Man ; Heb. upper hand : let the heathen be judged in frail man. Thy sight.

20 Put them in fear, O LORD : that the 20. Men ; again heathen may know themselves to be but men. frail men, as in Ps.

viii. 4.

Psalm 10. Ut quid, Domine ? [The circumstances under which this Psalm was

composed are uncertain ; in the Septuagint and

Vulgate it is joined to Ps. 9.] Why standest Thou so far off, O LORD : and hidest Thy face in the needfultime of trouble?

2 The ungodly for his own lust doth persecute the poor : let them be taken in the crafty wiliness that they have imagined.

3 For the ungodly hath made boast of

3. And speaketh

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