The Shakespeare Code

SCB Distributors, 2009/12/09 - 384 ページ
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"The Shakespeare Code reveals the astounding true story of codes concealed in the works of Shakespeare and other writers of his time. For over 250 years, the codes went undiscovered. And more than one person suffered severely for daring to speak the secrets they contain. The codes reveal an explosive story—the hidden marriage of Elizabeth, the “Virgin Queen,” murder and scandal, corruption and lies at the highest levels. Virginia Fellows’ fascinating and endearing tale weaves together the facts and history of the controversy, deception, and mystery. She unfolds the true life story of Francis Bacon as the rejected prince, son of Elizabeth, as encrypted in the writings attributed to Shakespeare. These secrets could not be told in Bacon’s own time, so he concealed them in code, hoping for a future when it would be discovered, when men could be free to speak and know the truth. Fellows’ exhaustive research includes a nineteenth-century “cipher wheel,” still in existence today. Photos of the 100-year-old device are included in the book."


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A Tale of Two Strangers
A Childhood Eden
A LifeChanging Revelation
More Revelations
Banished to Paris
Juliet and Her English Romeo
The Glory of a King
Try Try Try Again
Trouble from Stratford
Essex Bacon and Tragedy
A Slippery Climb
A Final Sacrifice
New Worlds

The Golden Lads
Two Brothers
Into the Shadows

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著者について (2009)

Virginia Fellows, author of The Shakespeare Code, was intrigued from childhood by the mysterious and the unfamiliar. She studied mysticism and eventually became fascinated with the remarkable world of Francis Bacon and published numerous articles and pamphlets on the subject. The Shakespeare Code reveals the amazing discoveries from her years of research about this great and only partially understood philosopher.