Mr. Proutt has commenced a new of Romance, with other Poems, in a work intitled Reliques of Antiquities, or

small volume. *Reinains of Ancient Structures; with The Rev. J. Williams, curate of other vestiges of early times in Great Stroud, will shortly publish a small vo.' Britain, etched from drawings by him. lume of poems, illustrative of subjects self, and accompanied by descriptive moral and divine, with an Ode on Vacsketches ; published monthly.

cination addressed to Dr. Jenner. The Rev. Henry Rowe, rector of The Rev. David Savile, of Edinburgh, Rangshall in Suffolk, has in the press, author of Dissertations on the ExisFables in Verse, with thirty engravings tence and Attributes of God, is printon wool, in an octavo volume.

ing a Series of Discourses on the pecuMiss Stockdale has in forwardness at liar Doctrines of Revelation, in an octavo press, the Mirror of the Mind -- Poems, volume. in two octavo volumes.

Dr. Wm. Muller has in the press, the A work will shortly appear, in a Elements of the Art of War; containing quarto volume, under the title of Ex- the established and approved modern tracts from the Diary of a Lover of Lite- principles of the theory and practice of rature.

the military sciences ; in three volumes, Mr. C. A. Elton has in the press, Tales with numerous maps and plans.


BOTANY. Specimens of Ancient Sculpture ; E- An Introduction to the Study of Crypgyptian, Etruscan, Greek, and Roman, togamous Plants, in Letters. By Kurt Selected from different Collections in Sprengel, D. M. Professor of Botany at Great Britain by the Society of Dilet- Halle, &c. Translated from the German. tanti. Volume the First, printed in the Illustrated by Ten Quarto Plates. 8vo. most elegant Manner by Bensley, imp. 9s. bds. with the Plates coloured, 18s. folio, 181. 18s. bds.

bds. The History and Antiquities of the Prodromus Flora Novæ Hollandiæ, et County of Surry; compiled from the Insulæ Van Diemen, exhibens Characbest and most authentic Historians, ra- teres Plantarum quas Annis 1802–1805 luable Records and Manuscripts, in the per oras utriusque insulæ collegit et desPublic Offices and Libraries, and in pri- cripsit, Robertus Brown. Insertis passim vate Hands. By the late Rev. Owen aliis speciebus Auctori hucusque cognitis, Manning, S. T. B. Continued to the pre- seu evulgatis, seu ineditis, præsertim sent Time, by William Bray, Esquire. Banksianis, in primo itinere navarchi Volume the Second, illustrated by En- Cook detectis. Vol. 1.8vo. 18s, gravitgs, folio, 41. 4s. sewed.

The Subscribers who have paid their first and second Subscriptions, are inti

The Merchant's Calculator ; or, New tled to receive this Second Volume, ei- Complete and Extended Ready Reckonther on large or small Paper, upon Payment of their third Subscription of and Dealers in every Branch of Trades

er, adapted to the use of Merchants Two Guineas.

shewing at one view; the amount or

value of any number or quantity of A Biographical Peerage of the Empire Goods or Merchandize from one to ten of Great Britain: in which are me- thousand, at all the various prices from moirs of the most celebrated persons of one farthing to thirty shillings in eight each Family. Volume 3, containing the hundred and forty different tables ; also Peerage of Scotland. With the arms at the foot of each table throughout neatly engraven on wood. 12mo. 8s. the work, are shewn the fractional parts

Memoirs of the Life of Peter Huet, of a yard or pound; the whole conBishop of Avranches: written by bim- taining upwards of seventy two thouself, and translated from the Original sand additional calculations entirely Latin, with copious notes Biographical new. By C. P, Walker, Author of the and Critical, by John Aikin, M. D, 2 per centage tables, shewing the exact Vols. 8vo. 11.

profit upon all descriptions of goods





from 2 1-half to 30 per cent upon the Complete Exercise-book for the Use of first cost. 8vo. 11. 10s.

Teachers and Students ; being the First
Part of a General Course of Mathema-

t'cs. With Notes, containing the ReaThe Modern Preceptor ; or, a Gene. son of every Rule, demonstrated from ral Course of Polite Education ; the most simple and evident Principles : taining Introductory Treatises on Lay- together with some of the most useful guage, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Alge- Properties of Numbers, and such other bra, Geometry, Geography, Astronomy,

Particulars as are calculated to elueiChronology, Navigation, Drawing, Paint- date the more abstruse and interesting ing, &c. Agriculture, Geology, Moral

Parts of the Science. By John BonnyPhilosophy. For the Use of Schools. castle, Professor of Mathematics at the By John Dougall. Illustrated by 27 Royal Mil tary Academy at Woolwich. Plates and Maps. ? Vols. Syo. II. 4s. bds.

8vo. 8s,






Views of Reading Abbey, including

Tabular views of the Anatomy of the the remainder of the churches depend Human Body. By Henry H. Aysleford, ing on and originally connected with it M. D. Member of the Royal College of in Berkshire and other countries, des- Surgeons in London; and assistant Surcriptive of the monumental antiquities geon in the Royal Artillery, 4to. 10s. still preserved in them, with observations on their original and present state

A Conspectus of the Pharmacopeias and other remarkable occurrences con

of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin nected with the several Parishes. Vol. Colleges of Physicians ; being a Prac2. royal 4to. 21. 2s.

tical Compendinin of Materia Medica The work may be had complete in 2

and Pharmacy. By Anthony Todd Vol. Illustrated by upwards of fifty Thomson, Surgeon, Fellow of the Meviews, price 41. 45.

dical Society of London; the Royal Sketches from Nature, taken on the Physical and Speculative Societies of Lakes of Cumberland, Westmoreland, Edinburgh. 18mo.5s. and Killarney ; the wild Scenery uf

Hints for the Treatment of the prioNorth Wales and Scotland ; and Com- cipal diseases of Infancy and Childhood, positions of Landscape, for the Advan- adapted to the use of Parents, By James tage of Students and Amateurs in Land- Hamilton, M. D. Professor of Midwifery scape Painting. Designed, etched, and

in the University and Fellow of the published by Richard Sass, Number 1, Royal College of Physicians of Edinto be completed in Six Numbers, each burgh, 8vo. 6s. Number containing Six Plates of Etch

Observations on the Diseases of the ings, in Imitation of Chalk, 12s.

Army in Camp and in Garrison. By A few Proofs on India Paper 11. 1s, Physician General to the Forces, one

Sir John Pringle, Bt. M. D. F. R, S. &c. and in Colours 21. 2s.

large Volume 8vo. Price 12s.

The History of the Inquisitions, inclu. History of Brazil. Part the first. By horrific Tribunals to the present time,

ding the secret transactions of those Robert Southey. 4to. 21. 2s. Volume 1, Illustrated by Maps, Histo

one large volume 4to. with 12 fine plates rical sketches of the South of India in price 21. 128. 6d. or Royal Paper and hot an attempt to trace the History of My- pressed with proof Impressions, 41. 4s. soor, from the origin of the Hindoo Go. vernment of that state, to the extinction of the Mohammedan Dynasty in

Practical Instructions to Young Offi1799; founded chiefly on Indian Aue cers, relative to the Interior Discipline thorities collected by the Author while of a Regiment of Foot. By Major T. officiating for several years as polítical Chamberlin, of the 24th or 2d Warresident at the court of Mysore. By wickshire Regiment, crown 8vo. 5s, Lieut. Colonel Mark Wilks. 4to. 21. gs.


The Public Charities of London, being An Introduction to Arithmetic ; or, a

an Account of their Origin, Design, and





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Present State, classed alphabetically iinder the Denominations of Hospitals, Dis

Hindoostanee Philology; Volume 1. pensaries, Colleģes, Almishouses, Schools, comprising a Dictionary, English and and Miscellaneous Charities. By Ant. Hindoostanee, with a Grammatical In Highmore, Esq. Author of the Law of troduction, To which is prefixed a copMortmain and Charitable Uses, &c. 8vo. per-plate, exhibiting a comprehensive 11. Is.

View of the Roman and Oriental ChaAn Authentic Narrative of four years

racters used in the Hindoostanee LMResidence at Tongátaboo, one of the Friendly Islands, in the South Sea; by a LL. D. late of the Bengal Medical Es.

guage. By John Borthwick Gilchrist, gentleinan who went thither in the Duff, tablishment and Hindoostanee Professor under Captain Wilson in 1796. With an

in the College of Fort William. With Appendix by an eminent writer, 8vo. 8s.

many additions and improvements froin The Stranger in Reading. In a series of the Calcutta Edition. By Thomas Roe. Letters from a Traveller to his Friend buck, Esq. of the Madras Infantry, in London, embellished with a plan of printed on a new type, cast with disthe Town, and three portraits of well criminating marks for this work. 4to, known eccentric Characters, 8vo. 7s. 41. 14s.' 61.

Epistola Amicitiæ, or, the Friendly Elements of the Spanish Grammar; Cáll; containing brief, serio moral, or, a clear, short, and easy Méthod, by and religious Hints, adapted to the pre- which the Study of the Spanish Lansent eventful Time, and State of the

guage is rendered perfectly faigiliar to Public both in the civil and religious hu

the English Scholar. To which are ad., rizon. By J. Rickman, M. D. 8vo. 4s. ded, Dialogues, with a collection of ProOd.

verbs, now used in both Nations. By An Appendix to the Catalogue of the John Vigier, Teacher of the Spanish, Classical Library, published in March French, and Italian Languages. 12mo. 1809, by W. H. Lunn, 30, Soho-square; 48. bound. Imporier of Books in the learned Lan

POETRY. guages, containing some choice Articles recently purchased in France and Hol- The Borough; a Poem, in twenty Jand, with a select Portion of the Libra- four Letters. By the Rev. G. Crabbe. ry of the late lamented Richard Porson, 8vo. 10s. 6d. M. A. Professor of the Greek Language The Patriot's Vision, a Poem. To in the University of Cambridge. 1s. which is added, a Monody on the Death

of the Rt. Hon. Charles James Fox. 4to.

2s. 6d. 'The Wonders of Animated Nature

Muse Cantabrigienses ; seu Carmina consisting of Descriptions at Length, and quædam numismate aureo Cantabrigiæ engraved Representations, on a larger ornata, et Procancellarii permissu edita. Scale than has offor been published in 8r0. 10s. 6d. this Country, of the Principal Animals Select Beauties of Ancient English Poand Birds in the Royal Menageries of etry, with an Introduction and Remarks. London and Paris. Translated from the By the late Henry Headley, A. B. With Prench of La Cepede, with considerable a Memoir of Mr. Headley, by the Rev. Addit ons by the English Editor. Illus- Henry Kett, B. D. Fellor of Trinity Col. trated by fifteen whole-sheet engravings. lege, Oxford. 2 Vol. crown 8vo. 14s. 12myo. 8s. half-bound.



The Associate Minstrels, 8vo. 7s. Interesting Selections from Animated Nature, consisting of fifty additional il- Justrations to Wood's Zoography. De- Natural and Political Observations and signed and engraved by William Da

Conclusions upon the State and Condition niell. A. R. A. 41, 4s.

of England 1696. By Gregory King, Esq. Lancaster Herald. With a Life of

the author by George Chalmers Esq.' An Essay on the History, Practice, F. R. S. A. and Theory of Electricity. By John A Chronological Account of the Comter, 8vo. 6s.

merce of England from the Restoration




to 1810, distinguishing the years of war. merous Engravings. 12mo. 3s. 68.
By Gcorge Chalmers, Esq. F. R. S, S, A. bound.
on a board to hang up, or in a case for A Sermon, on the Siu and Folly of
the pocket, 3s. 6d.

Cruelty to Brute Animals. , By Thomas
Moore. 12mo. 9d.

The Consequences of unjust War : A The Advantages of Knowledge to the Discourse delivered at Newbury, FebrnLower Classes : A Sermon, preached at ary 28, 1810, being the Day appointed Harvey Lane, Leicester, for the Benefit by Proclamation for a General Past. To of a Sunday School. By Robert Hall, which Authorities are appeuded, in ConA.M. 8vo. 1 s.

firmation of the Facts asserted. - By J. Reasons for declining to becoine a Sub- Bicheno, M. A. 2s. scriber to the British and Foreign Bible

Personal and National Humiliation : Society.

By the Rev. Christopher A Sermon delivered on the 28th of Fe. Wordsworth, D. D. 8vo. Is.

bruary, 1810. By P. Houghton, Minis. A Letter to the Rev. Christopher ter of Princes street Chapel, WestminWordsworth, D. D. in reply to his stric- ster. 8vo. 18. tures on the British and Foreign Bible Society. By Lord Teignmouth, President of the British and Foreign Bible So- A Supplement to the History and Anciety. 8vo. Is.

tiquities of Reading. By the Rev. Charles Obedience the Path to religious know. Coates. Embellished with a view of Realedge: A Sermon preached before the ding. Royal 4lo, 12s. 6d. Universisy of Oxford, at St Mary's on Sunday January, 28, 1810. By Daniel Wilson, M. A. Vice Principal of St. Ed. Travels through the United States of mund-Hall Oxford, and minister of St. North America, from Canada to Georgia, John's Chapel, Bedford-row, London. in 1807, 1808, and 1809; containing acSecond Edition: Is. 6d.

curate Accounts of the Present State of An Easy Grammar of Sacred History; that vast Continent, and interesting Abeing a Plain and Practical Introduc- necdotes and other Particulars of the tion, for the Use of Schools and Young leading Public Characters in the United Persons, to a Knowledge of the Events States. By John Lambert, Esq. 3 Vols. and Doctrines of the Old and New Tes- Illustrated by numerous Engravings. tament. By Mary Ann Rundall, of 8vo, 11. 11s. 6d. Percy-house, Bath. Illustrated by nu



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Memoirs of the Life of Peter Daniel Huet

, Bishop of Avranches : written by himself; and translated from the original Latin, with co. pious Notes, biographical and critical, by John Aikin, M. D. 8vo 2 vols. pp. 880. price 11. Longman and Co. Cadell

' and Davies. 1810 HUET is the well-known name of an enormous magazine

of learning, that existed in France during the greater part of the seventeenth, and the early part of the eighteenth centuries; a magazine to which it should appear, from these memoirs, that the greatest scholars of Europe were proud to be able to make any addition, and to which none of them, great or small, thought it humiliating to have recourse for supplies. How it was possible for such a mass of literature to be stored within the capacity of one human being, by what method of study and distribution of time, so much could be taken in, and by what contrivance for preventing or stopping the leaks of memory and the thefts of age it could be retained there, is not satisfactorily explained in these nemoirs. It would have been very gratifying to be admitted completely into the sanctuary of bis library; to be told whether he made it a retreat inviolable during particular portions of time to all intrusion and interruption; whether he adopted any peculiar methods of study; whether it was necessary for him to read books'several times in order to have their contents at command; whether he tried the various artificial aids to memory, and which of them he preferred, or whether he invented any new one; what sort of common-place books, or indexes, he found most, serviceable; what were his principal difficulties in composition, and how they were overcome: to be inforın. ed, in short, of whatever was auxiliary to estraordinary aptitude and industry, in making and employing such prodigious acquisitions. The more fact, however, that these acquisitions were made and put to use, in an assigned order of time, VoL, VI.


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