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proprietor Robert Hunter, 1852

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xxxviii ページ - C., to put an equal sum into a hat ; C., who is the handicapper, makes a match for A. and B., who, when they have perused it, put their hands into their pockets, and draw them out closed ; then they open them together, and if both have money in their hands, the match is confirmed ; if neither have money, it is no match. In both cases the handicapper draws all the money out of the hat ; but if one has money in his hand, and the other none, then it is no match, and he that has money in his hand is...
xlii ページ - In running of heats, if it cannot be decided which horse is first, the heat goes for nothing, and they may all start again, except it be between two horses that had each won a heat.
221 ページ - Plate of 100 sovs, added to a Handicap Sweepstakes of 15 sovs each, 5 ft, and only 2 if declared on a day to be named when the wts are published.
xxii ページ - Each person, at the time of challenging, is to subscribe his name to a paper to be hung up in the Coffee-room at Newmarket, and deliver to the Keeper of the Match-book the name or description of the horse, &c.
xli ページ - When a plate is won by two heats, the preference of the horses is determined by the places they get in the second heat.
xlii ページ - Bets determined though the horse does not start, when the words "absolutely run or pay," or "play or pay,
xli ページ - If a better be absent on the day of running, a public declaration of the bet may be made on the Course, and a demand whether any person will make stakes for the absent party, and if no person consent to do so, the bet may be declared void.
225 ページ - The Royal Whip, presented by his late Majesty to the Turf Club, with 100 gs. added annually by her Majesty ; three years old lOst., four list.
147 ページ - Stakes of 10 sovs. each^h. ft., with 25 added, for hnnters ; ridded by Members of the Turf Club or Coffee-room at Kildare, Kildare-street, United Service and Sackvillestreet Clubs, or by Commissioned officers in the Army and Navy ; heats, one mile and a half on the Peel Course (6 subscribers).
xliii ページ - Horses that forfeit are the beaten horses, where it is run or pay. Bets made on horses winning any number of plates that year, remain in force till the first day of May. Money given to have a bet laid not returned if not run. To propose a bet, and say "done" first to it, the person that replies " done " to it makes it a confirmed bet.