Practical Designing of Retaining Walls

D. Van Nostrand Company, 1888 - 177 ページ

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23 ページ - Levelling. A TREATISE on the PRINCIPLES and PRACTICE of LEVELLING ; showing its Application to Purposes of Railway and Civil Engineering, in the Construction of Roads ; with Mr. TELFORD'S Rules for the same. By FREDERICK W. SIMMS, FGS, M. Inst. CE Sixth Edition, very carefully revised, with the addition of Mr.
30 ページ - A Course of Instruction in the Elements of the Art and Science of War. for the Use of the Cadets of the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY 12mo, cloth SI .75 Field Fortifications.
7 ページ - HOWARD, CR Earthwork Mensuration on the Basis of the Prismoidal Formulae. Containing Simple and Labor-saving Method of obtaining Prismoidal Contents directly from End Areas. Illustrated by Examples and accompanied by Plain Rules for Practical Uses.
174 ページ - Vegetable Fats and Oils: Their Practical Preparation, Purification and Employment for Various Purposes. Their Properties, Adulteration and Examination. A Handbook for Oil Manufacturers and Refiners, Candle, Soap and Lubricating. oil Manufacturers, and the Oil and Fat Industry in general. Translated from the German. With 94 illus. 8vo, cloth net, $4.00 Animal Fats and Oils.
20 ページ - The' Geology of Pennsylvania. A Government Survey, with a General View of the Geology of the United States...
9 ページ - BRIDGE, THE With an Account of the Regimen of the Missouri River and a Description of the Methods used for Founding in that River. By O. Chanute, Chief Engineer, and George Morrison, Assistant Engineer. Illustrated with 5 lithographic views and 12 plates of plans. 4to, cloth $6.00 KAPP, GISBERT, CE Electric Transmission of Energy and its Transformation, Subdivision, and Distribution.
171 ページ - CLEVENGER, SR A Treatise on the Method of Government Surveying as prescribed by the US Congress and Commissioner of the General Land Office, with complete Mathematical, Astronomical, and Practical Instructions for the use of the United States Surveyors in the field.
29 ページ - A Dictionary of Terms Used in Architecture, Building, Engineering, Mining, Metallurgy. Archaeology, the Fine Arts etc., with explanatory observations connected with applied Science and Art. Fifth edition, revised and corrected. 12mo, cloth 250 Weale's Rudimentary Scientific Series (Catalogue sent on application).
25 ページ - Tables for Field Engineers. Designed for use in the field. Tables containing all the functions of a one degree curve, from which a corresponding one can be found for any required degree. Also, Tables of Natural Sines and Tangents.
22 ページ - SEATON (AE). A Manual of Marine Engineering. Comprising the Designing, Construction and Working of Marine Machinery.