George Cruikshank, the artist, the humourist and the man, 第 3 巻

Houghton and Hammond, 1879 - 79 ページ

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46 ページ - Whose midnight revels by a forest side Or fountain some belated peasant sees, Or dreams he sees, while overhead the moon Sits arbitress, and nearer to the earth Wheels her pale course ; they, on their mirth and dance Intent, with jocund music charm his ear; At once with joy and fear his heart rebounds.
23 ページ - Carey (David). Life in Paris; comprising the Rambles, Sprees, and . Amours, of Dick Wildfire, of Corinthian Celebrity, and his Bang-up Companions, Squire Jenkins and Captain O'Shuffleton ; with the Whimsical Adventures of the Halibut Family; including Sketches of a Variety of other Eccentric Characters in the French Metropolis. With 22 COLORED PLATES, representing scenes from real life...
50 ページ - The illustrations of this volume . . . . are of quite sterling and admirable art, of a class precisely parallel in elevation to the character of the tales which they illustrate; and the original etchings, as I have before said in the Appendix to my ' Elements of Drawing,' were unrivalled^ in masterfulness of touch since Rembrandt (in some qualities of delineation, unrivalled even by him).
16 ページ - By showing what engraving on wood could effect in a popular way, and exciting a taste for art in the more humble ranks of life, they created a new era in the history of publication.
3 ページ - Hone" or a " Cobbett" to-morrow. He himself, indeed, appears to be the most careless creature alive, as touching his reputation. He seems to have no plan — almost no ambition — and, I apprehend, not much industry. He does just what is suggested or thrown in his way — pockets the cash— orders his beef-steak and bowl — and chaunts, like one of his own heroes, " Life is all a variorum, We regard not how it goes.
14 ページ - Make much of that droll dog, and feed him fat ; Your gains would fall off sadly in amount, Should he once think your letterpress too flat, And take to writing on his own account, Your libels then would sell about as quick, sir, " As bare quack labels would without th
11 ページ - THE MAN, all shaven and shorn, All cover'd with Orders and all forlorn ; THE DANDY OF SIXTY, who bows with a grace And has taste in wigs, collars, cuirasses and lace...