Descriptive particulars of the battle of Tewkesbury, with notes on the history of the Wars of the roses





8 ページ - Somerset: Let him that is no coward, nor no flatterer, But dare maintain the party of the truth, Pluck a red rose from off this thorn with me.
25 ページ - At which words King Edward said nothing, but with his hand thrust him from him, or (as some say) stroke him with his gauntlet; whom directly George duke of Clarence, Richard duke of Gloucester, Thomas Grey
8 ページ - Temple garden, Shall send, between the red rose and the white, A thousand souls to death and deadly night.
13 ページ - She advanced toward him with the young prince, and said, " Here, my friend, I commit to your care the safety of your king's son.
25 ページ - and William lord Hastings, that stood by, cruelly murdered : for the which cruel act, the more part of the doers in their latter days drank of the like cup, by the righteous justice and due punishment of God.
25 ページ - his prisoner, Prince Edward, being a fair and well-proportioned young gentleman ; whom when King Edward had well advised, he demanded of him how he durst so
1 ページ - Prince ; William of Hatfield (died young) ; Lionel, duke of Clarence ; John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster ; Edmund, duke of York ; Thomas, Duke of Gloucester ; and five daughters.
4 ページ - As the people thought him innocent, it was expected he would come off now as he had before ; but on the day he was to make his defence, he was found dead in his bed.
25 ページ - In the winning of the field such as abode hand-strokes were slain at once; Edward, called Prince, was taken, fleeing towards the town, and slain in the field.
25 ページ - of the like cup, by the righteous justice and due punishment of God. His body was homely interred in the church of the monastery of the black