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Rev Professor Haughton on a Model illustrative of Slaty Cleavage 69
Messrs Jukes and Du Noyer on the Geology of Lambay Island 75
Sir Roderick I Murchison on the Quartz Rocks Crystalline Limestones
Mr George V Du Noybh on the Junction of the Micaslates and Granite
Messrs Hermann and Robert Schlagintweit on Erosion of Rivers In India 90
Dr Boist on the Lotus or Sacred Bean of India Communicated by
Mr Philip P Carpenters Note on Peculiarities of Growth in Caecidae 102
Mr G C Hyndmans Notice of a curious Monstrosity of Form in the Fusiu
Mr R Dowdens Brief Suggestion recommending a more complete Compila
Mr W Bollabrts Ethnological and Antiquarian Researches in New Gra
Mr Richard Cull on the Character Extent and Ethnological Value of
Mr Gordon M Hills on the Round Towers of Ireland 133
Mr John Hooo on the supposed Biblical Names of Baalbec and on
Mr George V Du Noyer on the Remains of EarlyStonebuilt Fortresses
Dr R Sieqeried on an Inscription in the Language of Ancient Gaul and
Mr J Crawftjrd on the Effects of the Gold of Australia and California 160
Dr H MCormac on the Influence of inadequate or perverted Development
Mr Richard H Walsh on Equitable Villages in America 170
Mr James Barton on a detailed Model of the Boyne Viaduct which carries
Mr J W Dodds on Improvements in Iron and Steel and their Application
Mr R Mallet on the Construction of the 36inch Mortars made by order
Mr J Scott Russell on the Mechanical Structure of the Great Eastern Steam
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90 ページ - ... feet, divide each depth into four equal parts ; then measure the inside horizontal breadth at each of the three points of division, and also at the upper and lower points of the depth extending each measurement to the average thickness of that part of the ceiling which is between the points of...
89 ページ - ... taken into the number of equal parts required by the following table, according to the class in such table to which the ship belongs: TABLE...
90 ページ - ... area (except the first and last) by two ; add these products together, and to the sum add the first and last if they yield anything; multiply the quantity thus obtained by one-third of the common interval between the areas, and the product will be the cubical contents of the space under the tonnage deck...
90 ページ - No. 1 being at the extreme limit of the length at the bow, and the...
90 ページ - ... extending each measurement to the average thickness of that part of the ceiling which is between the points of measurement; number these breadths from above, numbering the upper breadth one, and so on down to the lowest breadth; multiply the second and fourth by four, and...
xvii ページ - Empire, with one another, and with foreign philosophers, — to obtain a more general attention to the objects of Science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress.
91 ページ - ... in a direction perpendicular to the keel from the height so marked on the outside of the ship on the one side to the height so marked on the other side by passing a chain under the keel...
91 ページ - Measure the length on the tonnage deck from the outside of the outer plank at the stem to the aftside of the stern-post, deducting therefrom the distance between the aftside of the stern-post and the rabbet of the stern-post at the point where the counter plank crosses it; measure also the greatest breadth of the ship to the outside of the outer planking or wales, and then, having first marked on the outside of the...
91 ページ - All measurements to be recorded on paper ruled to a scale of a quarter of an inch to a foot...
90 ページ - ... sixth by four, and the third and fifth by two; add these products together, and to the sum add the first breadth and the...