Tibetan Ritual

Oxford University Press, 2009/12/08 - 320 ページ
Ritual is one of the most pervasive religious phenomena in the Tibetan cultural world. Despite its ubiquity and importance to Tibetan cultural life, however, only in recent years has Tibetan ritual been given the attention it deserves. This is the first scholarly collection to focus on this important subject. Unique in its historical, geographical and disciplinary breadth, this book brings together eleven essays by an international cast of scholars working on ritual texts, institutions and practices in the greater Tibetan cultural world - Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and Mongolia. While most of the chapters focus on Buddhism, two deal with ritual in Tibet's indigenous Bon religion. All of the essays are original to this volume. An extensive introduction by the editor provides a broad overview of Tibetan ritual and contextualizes the chapters within the field of Buddhist and Tibetan studies. The book should find use in advanced undergraduate courses and graduate seminars on Tibetan religion. It will also be of interest to students and scholars of ritual generally.

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Tibetan Indigenous Myths and Rituals with Reference to
The Convergence of Theoretical and Practical Concerns
Rituals for Deceiving Death
The Ritual Expulsion of Mongol
Rites of the Deity Tamdrin Rta mgrin in Contemporary
Mongols Rituals of Worshipping Sūtras
The Ritual Veneration of Mongolias Mountains
Bhutanese Pilgrims in Tibet

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