compelled to lisp. The experiment happily succeeded, and ever word of the leter was read by the gentleman in the lisping style t the no small amusement of the party present, before whom it we read. Every sound was given exactly in the manner in which was intended by the writer, although the receiver had no previou knowledge of the fact. It appears from this fact, that this new method of phonetic writing, in addition to its many other valuab advantages, will enable a person to fix on his paper any sound c shade of sound the human voice is capable of producing, so th: the exact pronunciation of any speaker can be given as well as th dialects and foreign languages.

On D FE1.low's Fu NERAL.-On Sunday morning last th officers and brothers of the Loyal Victoria Park Lodge, Marl borough Tavern, together with o: officers and brothers of the vari ous lodges in the Bath District, assembled, to the number of 140 at the Lodge-room, and formed themselves into a procession to pay the tribute of respect to their late respected brother, Thoma Ostler Page, of No. 4, Gloucester-place, Burlington-street, by accompanying his remains to their final resting place in th: burial-ground of Walcot Church. The brethren wore their funeral regalia, and the proceedings assembled a large number of specta. tors and private friends of the deceased. The highly respectable appearance of the fraternity, and the esteem evinced by them towards their deceased brother, made a most favourable impression respecting the Order, whose benevolence and philanthropy are always extended in support of its members in sickness, when in distress or old age, and in the maintenance of their widows and orphans.

Garat WEstrian RAILway RECEIPTs for the Week ending Nov. 5, £13,060 : 0s. 0d.

ANTI-Puseyism.—Sunday being the anniversary of the memorable “gunpowder plot” in 1605, and of “the revolution'. in 1688, the commemorative services of the day were used in all the churches in this city, the ministers of which took occasion to allude to the deliverance of the Church and nation from the domination of Rome.

PhopenTY TAx.—lt may not, perhaps, be generally known to the clergy, and other owners of tithe-rent charges, that by the 61st section of the act a provision is very justly made for deductions allowances in respect of tenths, procurations, repairs of chancels, pool. rates, land-tax, and drainage, &c. The Commissioners' ave provided a form (No. 71) to facilitate claims of such allowances.

ATTEMPTED Suicip E.-On Thursday evening, about ( ; o'clock, a widow, in reduced circumstances, named Aft; Cook, , threw herself into the river near Green Park buildings; but after she was in was buoyed up by her clothes in such a manner that she was kept floating with her head above the water for some minutes. The act was witnessed by a boy who gave the alarm, when by the assistance of two men she was rescued from her dangerous situation, and conveyed in a state of exhaustion to the Park Tavern, wher" . she was soon afer attended by Mr. Crosby, surgeon, and is now quite recovered. We have not heard the motive that induced her to commit the rash act. t IN quests by R. Uphill, Esq., County Coho NER.—Nov:4 at Weston near Bath, on the body of Ann Travish, aged 4 month. The deceased had not been well from her birth, and on the morning of the 2nd instant, her mother was awoke by the child s moving about. She struck a light and found her in a fit. " She immediately called a neighbour who lived in the so on her return, found her chi

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The Guides published by Messrs. Galignani are incalcutably superior to any others, being principally the result of personal observation. NEW PARIS GUIDE, or Stranger's Companion through the French Metropolis, 15th edit., 18mo. 10fr., or Ilfr. bound; with a map and twelve engravings; containing an accurate description of all the public edifices, gar. dens, &c.; its political, scientific, commercial, religious, and moral institutions; a historical sketch of Paris, and directions to the traveller, previous to his setting out, upon his landing in France, and on his arrival at Paris; the roads from the coast to the capital : description of the Environs, with a PLAN FOR VIEWING PARIS INA WEEK, Directory of Parisian Tradesmen, a comparison of French and English weights, measures, coins, &c.

GUIDE THROUGH FRANCE, 8th edit., 18mo: price 10fr. or ll fr. bound; containing a historical 5. ical, and E." description of every remarkable place in the ingdom; with notices of the roads, inns, climate, productions, antiquities, commerce, coins, &c., &c., &c.

GUIDE THROUGH switzERLAND AND SAvoy, or a new geographical, historical, and picturesque description of every remarkable place in these countries; notices of the climate, productions, curiosities, antiquities, manners, customs, mode of travelling, hotels; with details of every object worthy of notice, and forming a Complete Itinerary, by G. Downes, A.M., 18mo. 10fr. or 11 fr. bound.

GUIDE THROUGH HOLLAND AND BELGIUM,7th edition, compiled from Boyce, Reichard, Romberg, &c., 18ino. 7fr. or 8fr bound; containing an account of Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp &c., and Fo rendered interestin by the victory of Waterloo; also the history, manners, ...i commerce of the Netherlands; an itinerary of the routes.

SCHREIBER'S GUIDE DOWN THE RHINE, exhibiting the course of that river from Schaffhausen to Holland, and describing the Moselle from Coblentz to Treves, with the towns, villages, prospects, mineral springs, &c.; the routes modes of conveyance, inns, coins, &c., with an accurate Map. 18mo. 8fr. or 9.fr. bound. GUIDE THROUGH GERMANY., containing the modes and expenses of travelling. coins, inns, The posts and relays, and a topographical account of the cities, towns, and villages, their productions, literary societies, and curiosities. With an Itinerary of Hungary and Turkey, with a map. By M. Reichard. 18mo. 10fr. or Ilfr. bound. STARKE'S GUIDE THROUGH ITALY, and INFORMATION AN id DiRECTIONS FOR traVELLERS ON THE CONTIN ext. Small 8vo. 13fr. or 15fr. 50c. bound. This is the best guide for Italy extant. THE DIARY OF AN INVALID, or Journal of a Tour in ursuit of health, in Italy, Switzerland, France, and Porugal, by Henry Matthews, Esq. 12mo. 10sr. GUIDE DE L'ÉTRANGER A LONDRES, ou description de cette ville, son histoire, ses monumens, établissemens, curiosités, etc., et une description des environs preretée d’un Itinéraire des routes de Paris à Londres, accompagnée de Cartes, par J. W. Lake, 18mo.7fr.

THE TOURIST'S POCKET JOURNAL, with ruled columns for one". and space for observations. 18mo. half bound, 3fr. 50c. THE FRENCH INTERPRETER, 14th edit. 18mo. 5fr., or 6sr. bound; or copious dialogues, a vocabulary, notes * and letters, the value of coins; presenting distinctly the pronunciation with the Parisian accent. By F tagdon.—Persons studying this cannot fail to acquire a quick and true pronunciation of French. NOUVEAU MANUEL DU VOYAGEUR, or Traveller's Pocket Companion. 7th edition 18mo. 5fr. or 6fr. bound; consisting of conversations in English, French and Itarlian; a complete vocabulary, tables of coins, models of letters, &c., by M. Boldoni. THE TRAVELLER'S COMPANION FOR CONVERSATION; by Madame de Gemlis; in six languages—English, German, French, Italian. junio, and Russian, 5th edition, 18mo. 7sr., or 8.fr. bound. GRAGLIA's POCKET DICTIONARY, English-Italian, and Italian-English. 2 vols. 18mo. 8fr., or 10fr. bound.

NOUVEAU MANUEL ANGLAIS, ou Vade mecum du voyageur francais en Angleterre, contenant : 1. Un guide pour le voyage, avec une carte desiles britanniques, les plans de Londres, d'Edimbourg et de Dublin, et les indigations des objets curieux que renterment ces capitales; 2, un précis des régles de la promonciation anglaise, un ample vocabulaire des mots les plus usités, et une collection de phrases familières, avec la promonciation figurée de tous les mots angalis; 3. He nombreux dialogues descriptifs des monumens, édifices, institutions et autres f

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BYRON'S COMPLETE WORKS, including all his supFo attributed Poems, and Pieces; printed in a clear, old, and legible type, IN ONE VOI, OCTAvo, with a §. o beautiful Portrait, and a fac. simile of his Lordship's writing in an original lett ----before published, ONLY o: gl er nevel -The same on vellum paper, extra boards, 35fr. -The same on vellum paper, royal 8vo. 60fr. It is unnecessary to point out the advantages of possessing this splendid edition in so portable and elegant oform, and at considerably less than half the cost of the most common and imperfect editions. -The same in 13 vols. 32mo, on vellum paper, ONLY 45fr. This beautiful edition, from its size, is admirably suited for a Lady's library, or as a pocket-companion. -Another Edit., large type, 16 vols, 12mo vellum paper,70sr. LQRD BYRON AND SOME of His conte MPORARIES, with Recollections of the Author's Life and Visit to Italy, by Leigh Hunt, 3 vols. 12mo, yelium paper, hotpressed, with five portraits and fac-similes; price 2. fr. oue fourth of the London price. “Mr. Leigh Hunt's position , with regard to Lord Buron, and, the long and intimate intercourse they enjoyed, enabled him to contemplate the Noble Poet's character in all its darkness §§... ; and while ** can seize all that was really piqrant about his Lordship, he, is infinitely abore retailing the gossip and garage which some memoir writers have done.—There is much new and curious matter in these lively rolumes— they abound in anecdote, and are full of vivid sketches and traits of numerous eminent and interesting individuals.”—(New Monthly Magazine). HOURS OF IDLENESS: a series of juvenile poems, by Lord Byron, 12mo, 4fr...With the Critique of the Edin. burgh, Review, which elicited the “English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. * ENGLISH BARDS AND scotch REVIEWERs, a satire, and other suppressed Poems, by Lord Byron 12mo. 3fr. f x THE CURSE OF MINERVA, a poem, by Lord Byron, 12mo, price Isr. 50c --This satire was printed, but never published in England. WALTZ, an Apostrophic Hymn. By Horace Hornem, 12mo. Ifr. 50c. o attributed to Lord Byron. MQRGANTE MAGGIORE, from the Italian of Pulci. By Lord Byron. 12mo. 2sr. THE PARLIAMENTARY SPEECHES OF LoRD BY. RQN, from the copies prepared by his Lordship for publication, 12mo.2fr. THE DEFORMED TRANSFORMED, a drama, by Lord Byron. 3fr. THE ISLAND: or Christian and his Comrades, by Lord Byron, 12mo. 3fr. THE AGE OF BRONZE. Carmen seculare et annus haud mirabilis. By Lord Byron. 2fr. WERNER, a tragedy, by Lord Byron, 4fr. 50c. THEVISION OF JUDGMENT, by Lord Byron, 12mo.2fr.

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