oughtest to sleep first; for whilst thou art sleeping the to God, because I know all which he had commanded food will settle, and the will will then be more able for thee to do, and also how he was to die. And I can know contemplation. Moreover, God is not pleased with better in what place he is, than he who has comprayers without contrition, as with one who speaketh manded thee to observe this rule, knew concerning of one thing, and hath his heart placed on another, so himself while he was here. But this I tell thee, that as that he can give no faith to the words which he begin- I came to ieach thee the way in which thou shouldse peth. If thou wouldest be saved, O King, it behoves live, and thou wilt not follow my directions, I will rethe to listen to me; and if thou will not believe me, I Turn as I came. And now I marvel not at any thing will depart and leave thee, as one who will take no which has befallen thee, for thou hast a right stubborn counsel, except from himself. And the King replied, If heart; hard and painful wilt thou find the way of thy I should see that thou confirmedst the good manner of salvation, and in vain wilt thou do all this, for it is a life whereof my soul hath necd, according as it was ap- thing which profitetlı nothing. pointed by the food man whom I have buried, then would I follow thy way. But I see that thy life is not Ch. 247.of the Reply which King Don Rodrigo made that of a man of abstinence, nor of one who forsakes

to the false Hermit. worldly enjoyments for the love of God; rather it seemeth by what I see in thee that thy life is a streng « Good man, said the King, all that thou shalt comthening of worldly glory; for thou satisfiest thy flesh mand me to do beyond the rule which the holy Hermit with good viands as I was wont to do, when I was puffed appointed me, that will Ido; that in whiclı my penance up with the vanities of the world. Wherefore I will in may be more severe, willingly will I do it. But in other no wise follow thy way, for I see that thou art a worldly manner I will not take thy counsel; and as thou hast man, who deceivest God and the world, and when it talked enough of this, leave me therefore to my prayers. comes to the end thou thyself wilt be deceived. And then the king bent liis knees, and began to go on

with his rule. And the false lermit, when he saw this, Ch. 244.Of what the Devil said to King Don Rodrigo departed, and returned not again for a month; and all to dispart him from his penance.

that time the King maintained his penance, in the man

ner which had been appoinred him. And by reason «The false Hermit said to him, For what reason art that he ate only of that black bread, and drank only thou certain that the rule which this deceiver whom

water, his flesh fell away, and he became such that thou hast buried appointed for thee, will be salvation there was not a man in the world who would have for thy soul, and that what I say to thee is not of a known him. Thus he remained in the hermitage, truth? Thou understandest me not well : I never for-thinking of no other thing than to implore the mercy bade thee that thou shouldst hear mass, as he has done; of God that he would pardon him. for this is one of the good things that man may every day see his Saviour and adore him. And seeing that he Ch. 248.-Of what the false Hermit said to King Don forbade thee to do this, thou mayest be certain that as

Rodrigo to dispart him from his Rule. he deceived his own soul, he would deceive thine also. For at the hour when man passeth away out of the King Don Rodrigo living thus, one day, between world, he would fain that that same hour should be the midnight and dawn, the false Hermit came to the end of all the world; and thus that enemy did, for where hermitage; and not in the same figure as before, but he went, thither he would draw thee also. Now since appearing more youthful, so that he would not be God hath given thee sense and reason, thou mayest known. And be called at the door, and the King clearly understand that his counsel and doctrine are looked who it might be, and saw that he was habited deceitful, and what thou oughtest to do.

like a servant of God, and he opened the door forth

with. And they saluted each other. And when they Ch. 245.-of the Reply which the King made to the saw each other, the false Hermit greeted the King, and Devil.

demanded of him where the father was; and the King

answered, that for more than a month there had been « Sans doubt, said the King, he forbade me not that I no person dwelling there save himself. And the false should hear mass; but because he commanded me that Hermit, when he heard this, made semblance as if he I should fulfil my penance here for the term of a year, were afflicted with exceeding grief, and said, How as he knew the hour of his own death, so also he knew came this to be, for it is not yet six weeks since I came that no other person who could say mass would come here and confessed my sins to the father who abode to this hermitage within the year; and therefore he said here, and then departed from this hermitage to my to me, that in this hermitage I should not hear mass, own, which is a league from hence? And King Don but he never forbade me from hearing it.

Rodrigo said, Friend, know that this hiermit is now in

Paradise, as I believe, and I buried him with my own Ch. 246.–Of the Reasoning which the false Hermit hands : and he shewed him the place where he lay. made to King Don Rodrigo.

And when he went there he began to kiss the earth of

the grave, and to make great dole and lamentation « The false Hermit said, Now thou thyself manifestest over him. And when some half hour had past, he that he was not so worthy as a man ought to be who withdrew, making semblance as if he wished to say his knows that which is to come. For according to thy hours. And before the king had finished to say his, words, he knew not that I should come here, who can he came to him, and said, Good man, will you say say mass if I please ; and if there be good judgment in mass ? And the King answered, that he never said it. thee, thou wilt understand that I must needs be nearer Then, said the false Hermit, tear me then in peni

tence, for I would confess. And the King seeing that And at that hour the King plainly saw how from the it was for the service of God to hear him in peni- ark, which was upon the altar, there went out a foul tence, they seated themselves both at the foot of the and filthy devil, with more than fifty tails and as many altar. And when the false Hermit spake, it appeared eyes, who, uttering great yells, departed from the place. that he had no sin to confess : for he began to relate And the King was greately dismayed at the manner in many great services which he had done to God, as well which the false Hermit had deceived him. And the in the life which he led as in other things. And before Holy Spirit of God said to him, King, let thy hope be the King could absolve him he rose up, and asked if in my name, and I will alway be with thee, so thou things were ready for the mass. And the King said wilt not let thyself be vanquished by the enemy.

Then that he knew not, and bade him look. It was now the Holy Spirit of God departed, and the king remained time that he should go to his oratory. And the false full joyful and greatly comforled, as if he had been in Flermit asked him that he should assist him in saying celestial glory. And thus he continued his life for mass, and then he should hear it.

And the King said, nearly two months. that for nothing in the world would he leave to fulfil his penance, according as it had been appointed bim : Ch. 250.- How the Devil would have deceived King and he went to his oratory. And the false Hermit Don Rodrigo in the figure of Count Don Julian. made as if he put on the vestments and all the ornaments, and began to say mass, to the end that he might « The King was in his oratory one Sunday toward deceive the King, and make him cease to observe his night-fall, just as the sun was setting, when he saw a penance, and come to adore the mass. And he made

man coming toward him, clad in such guise as is fita watery cloud arise, so that it rained heavily where the ling for one who follows arms. And as he looked at King was. And when he saw that he could io po ways him, he saw that it was the Count Don Julian who apentice him, then he went to him, and said, Good man, proached; and he saw that behind him there came a for that you may be placed out of danger in cases great power of armed people. And the falsc Count, which at all times will happen, seeing that you are when he drew nigh, made obeisance to him : and the alone, I have consecrated the body of Jesus Christ, that King was amazed at seeing him, for he knew him well: you may adore it every day, since you may not hear nevertheless he remained still. And the false Count mass; and thus may you full your penance as a came to him, and would have kissed his hand, but the faithful Christian. And with that he dispeeded himself, King would not give it, neither would he rise up from saying, In the coffer upon the altar you will find the the oratory: and the false Count koelt upon the ground Corpus Christi : when you rise from hence go and before him, and said, Sir, forasmuch as I am he who adore it. When he had said this, he went his way. sinned against thee like a man who is a traitor to his And the King believed that what he said was true, and Lord, and as I did it with great wrath and fury, which held that he was a good man, and of holy life.

possessed my heart through the strength of the Devil,

our Lord God hath had compassion upon me, and Ch. 249. How the Holy Ghost visited King Don Rodrigo. would not that I should be utterly lost, nor that Spain

should be destroyed, nor that thou, sir, shouldst be put « Now when the King had ended his prayers, which down from thy great honour and state, and the great he used to say every day before he took his food, he lordship which thou hadse in Spain. And he has shewn saw a good man come towards him, clad in white gar- me, in a revelation, how thou wert here in this hermiments, and with a fresh countenance and a cheerful, iage doing this great penance for thy sins.

Wherefore and a cross upon his breast. And as he arrived where I say to thee, that thou shouldst do justice upon me, the King was, he blest him; and when the King saw and take vengeance according to thy will, as upon one him he perceived that it was a revelation of God, and who deserves it, for I acknowledge that thou wert my he joined his hands and placed himself on his knees lord, and also the great treason into which I have fallen. upon the ground, weeping plentifully. And the holy Wherefore, sir, I pray and beseech thee by the one man said, King, who art desirous of heavenly glory, only God, that thou wilt take the power of Spain, continue the service which thou art performing for the which is there awaiting thee, and that thou wilt go love of my holy name; and take heed lest the enemy forth to defend the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, and overcome thee, as he who many times hath overcome suffer not that poor Spain should be utterly destroyed, thee, whereby thou hast come to what thou now art. seeing that thou canst defend it and protect it. And And believe none of all those who may come to thee then Count Julian drew his sword, and gave it to the here, for they coine for no other cause but only to de- Kiny, saying, Sir, take this my sword, and with thine ceive thee, and withdraw thee from the service which own hand do justice upon me, and take such vengeance thou dost me. And always observe the rule given thee as thou pleasest; for I will suffer it with much paby the holy man whom thou buriedst; for I am content tience, secing I have sinned against thee. And the with it, and thy soul shall receive refreshment if thou King was greatly troubled at his sight, and at his words observest it. Come here, and I will show thee how the also, and knew not what he should do, neither what he Devil thought to deceive thee, that thou mightest adore should say. Howbeit, presently he called to mind what him. Then the king arose and went, alway upon his the Holy Spirit of God had said to him, how he should knees, following the lloly Spirit of God; and when he take heed lest the Devil should subdue him; and so he was within the hermitage, our Lord spake and said, said nothing, but continued in his prayer. And the Depart from hence, thou cursed one, and go thy way, false Count Don Julian said to him, Sir, wilt thou not for thou hast no power to deceive him who continues turn for the Holy Faith of Jesus Christ, which is utterly in my service. Get thee to the infernal pains which going to destruction? rise up and defend it, for I bring are suffered by those who are in the ninth torment: ihee a full great power; and thus thou wilt serve God

and recover the honour which thou hadst lost. Rise / what they said, and he answered nothing. And then then and go forth, and have pity upon miserable Spain, they all went away, and seemed to the King that the which is about to be lost : and have compassion also one were pursuing the others, and this continued till upon so many people as are perishing for want of a the first crowing of the cock. And the King recovered Lord who should defend them. Now all these words his senses : howbeit he knew not whether it was a viwere only meant to deceive him, for it was the Devil sion, or if it had indeed happened; but he called to who had taken the form of Count Don Julian, and not mind that he had not completed the prayers which he the Count himself. But the King could no longer re- made every day; and he began them again and finished strain himself from replying, and he said, Go you, them. And when he had finished, great part of the Count, and defend the land with this force which you night was past, and he laid himself down to sleep. And have assembled, even as you went to destroy it by the then for three months he had no other temptation. great treason which you committed against me and against God. And even as you brought the men, who Ch. 251.- How the Devil, in the figure of La Cava, the are enemies of God and of his Holy Faith, and led them Daughter of Count Don Julian, sought to deceive King into Spain, so now thrust them out and defend it; for I Don Rodrigo. will neither slay you, nor assist you in it. Leave me to myself; I am no longer for the world, for here I will « The King was saying his prayers at the hour of vesdo penance for my sins. Urge me, therefore, no more pers on a Tuesday, when he saw people on horseback with these reasons. And the false Count Don Julian rose, coming toward him and as they were about the reach and went to the great company which he had brougiit of a cross-bow from him, he saw that they alighted, there, and brought them all before the king. And the and that there came toward liim a woman, who was King, when he beheld that great company of knights, full nobly clad; and when she came near, he knew her saw some among them whoin he surely thought had that she was La Cava, the daughter of Count Don Julian, been slain in battle. And they all said to him with and she seemed to him more beautiful than he had ever loud voices, Sir, whom wilt thou send us, that we may before seen her in his life. And when she drew nighi take him for our King and lord to protect and defend she humbled herself, and said, Sir, what fortune bas us, seeing that thou wilt not defend the land, neither brought you to this wretched life in which you have so go with us? Wouldst thou give us thy nephew the lo- | long continued ? And the King held liis peace and said fapt Don Sancho? He is dead. What then wouldst nothing. And that false Cava said, Sir, it is a month thou command us that we should do ? Look to it since a holy man, clad in white garments, and having a well, sir; it is no service of God that thou shouldst let red cross upon his breast, appeared to me when I was perislı so great a Chistianity as is every day perishing, with my father Count Don Julian ju Toledo; where he because thou art here dwelling in this solitude. Look now holds the seat of the lordship of Spain, as he who, to it, for God will require an account at thy hands : by force of arms, has subdued the Moors, and killed or thou hadst the charge of defending them, and thou made captives of them all. At the hour when this holy Jettest them die. And tell us what course shall we man appeared to me I was alone in my chamber, take. And when the King heard these words he was having great sorrow in my heart, because I had no moved to compassion : and the tears came into his certain news where yon was, and whether your soul eyes, so that he could not restrain them : and he was continued to live in this world, or in another. And, in such state that his thoughts failed him, and he was moreover, I was full sorrowful, because of the death of silent, and made no reply to any thing that they could my Lady the Queen Eliaca, your wife, who is now say. And all these companies who saw him complained deceased. And for these things my heart was full so much the more, and sent forth great cries, and sorrowful, and in great trouble with griefs and thoughts, made a great tumult and uproar, and said, O miserable which came to me I know not from whence, and I was king, why wilt thou not rouse chyself for thy own sake, like one bereft of his judgment. And while I was

for that of all thy people whom thou scest without contemplating in this state, he holy man appeared to a Lord? and thou wilt not even speak a word to comfort me in such wise as I have said, and said to me, of what them, and tell them what they shall do. And all this art thou taking thought? Cease to lament, for without while the King did nothing but weep, and answered me thou canst do nothing certain of that which thou them never a word. And when this vile race saw that desirest. But that the dominion of Spain may not pass they could not take him from thence, and that he away from the power of the Goths, and that lie who answered them pothing, and that they could not over shall have it may descend from thy seed, and be of the come him by whatever they might do, they went forth generation of King Don Rodrigo, it is my will that thou with from the mountain down into a plain, which shouldst kpow where he is, and that thou shouldst go mas then made to appear before the king, and there to him, and that he should go in unto thee, and that they drew up their battles in such guise as the King thou shouldst conceive of him a son, and shalt call his Don Rodrigo was used to darrain them. And eft-soon name Felbersın, the which shall be such a one that he he saw great multitudes of strange people, who came shall reduce under liis forces all the earth which is from the other side, and they began a battle so fierce below the firmament. Depart, therefore, from hence, and so cruel, that the King thought he had never seen and go to the place where he is, and make no tarriance; oue like it. And the one party put the other to the for thus it behoveth for the service of God, and for the worst, and followed after them in pursuit. And then weal and protection and defence of the land. And I there came messengers to the King, telling him that his said to him, Sir, how can this be which you tell me, people had conquered, and had slain many of the seeing that King Don Rodrigo is dead; for his enemics enemy; but the king was confounded, and as it were slew him when they won the battle in which the great beside himself, and heeded not, neither did he know chivalry of Spain perished. And he said to me, Cava,


think not he is dead, for he liveth, and passeth his life Ch. 252.How the Devil would have deceive King Don alone in a hermitage; of the which thy father Count Rodrigo, if the Holy Spirit had not visited and protecDon Julian will certify thee, for he went to seek him ted him. there, and found him there when he overcame the Moors. He will tell thee that he is alive, and in what « As the King heard all this his whole body began to place is the hermitage wherein he abideth. And I said tremble, and his soul within him also; and all sense and to liim, But if king Don Rodrigo passeih liis life after power past away from him, so that he was in a trance, this manner in the service of God, he will not approach and then it was revealed to him that he should take me that I may conceive of him this son who should leed against that temptation. And the false Cava, prove so good. And since il thus pleases you, give me who saw him thus entranced, made many burning a sign by which I may shew him that this is pleasing to torches of wax come there, by reason that it was cold, God, and that he may do this which you say, seeing so and because that the King should derive heat; also great good is to follow from it. And, moreover, he will there was a pavilion pitched there, and a table set withbe brought to such weakness that he will not be able to in it with many viands thereon, and all the people who obey, by reason of the great abstinence to which his came with her were seen to lodge themselves far away hody has been subjected during his continuance there. upon the mountain. And when he had recovered And the boly man said to me, Care not for this, for himself, he saw that the false Cava was drest in a closeGod will give him strength; and thou shall say to him fitling kirtle, which came half way below the knee, and for a sign that he may believe thee, how I told him that she seemed to him the fairest woman that he had ever he should take heed lest the enemy deceive him, and seen in his life, and it appeared to the King that she said how I bade the Devil depart from the altar where lie to him, Here, sir, come and take your supper. And was in the ark instead of the Corpus Christi, for that he thie King began again to tremble and lose his judgment, should adore him. When thou tellest bim this he will and fell into such a state that he knew not where he believe thee, and will understand that it is by the com- was, and it was revealed to him in that hour that he mand of God. And when he had said these words he should guard against the temptation. And when he disappeared, so that I saw him no more ; and I remained came to himself he saw that the pavilion was spread for a full hour, being greatly comforted, because I knew over his head; and seeing himself in that place, he of your life, so that it seemed to me there were no looked for the oratory, and perceived that it was where other glory in this world. And when I came to myself, it used to be ; and within the pavilion he saw the false I went incontinently to my father Count Don Julian, Cava, who was there with him, and that she was standand told him all that bad befallen me with the holy man ing beside a bed, which was a full rich one, and that she who came in that holy vision; and I asked him if he began to take off her kirtle, and remained in her shift knew aught concerning you. And he told me how he only, and with her long hair, which reached to her feet; had gone to you with all his chivalry to bid you come and she said to him, See, sir, liere in your power, that out from thence to defend your country, which the which you most desired, and which is now awaiting enemies had taken from you, and that you would not; you. Rejoice, then, and take heart, and do that which but rather commended it to him that he should under- God has appointed, which will recover Spain, and retake it, and defend the land and govern it; and that it compense the losses, and sorrows, and wronys which grieved him to think that you would not be alive, you have endured. And then she turned toward the because of the great abstinence which you imposed King, for the Devil thought thus, to tempt him, and every day upon your flesh: nevertheless, since it pleases make him break the penance which he had begun: and our Lord that I should have a sou by you, who should certes I ween there was uo living man who would not be so good a man that hic should recover all Spain, he right gladly have approached her. And then before would have me go to this place, where I should find lijm, in his sight, slie began to comb and to plait her you if you were alive; and right content would he be golden locks. And the King, seeing how beautiful she that there should remain of you so great good. And I, was, began to tremble all over, as if he had been struck sir King, seeing how it pleased God that this should be with palsy; and he lost his judgment again, and became accomplished, according as I have said, am come here entranced, and remained thus a long while before he in secret, for neither man nor woman knoweth of this, came again to himself. And it was revealed to him save my father Count Don Julian ; for I have told my again that he should take heed how the Devil tempted people who came with me to remain yonder, because I him, and that he should have firm hope in God, and would go and confess to a holy man who had made his not break the penance which the holy Hermit bad apabode here more than fifty years. Now, since God is pointed him. But ever when he recovered from these the author of this, recover yourself, and remember the trances, lie forgot all which had been revealed to him time when you told me that there was nothing in the while he was entranced; and now lie found that there world which you loved so much as me, nor which

a large estrado placed by him, and that La desired so greatly as to obtain a promise of me; the Cava was lying tliere beside liim on some pillows, wliich I could not give at that lour , by reason that the which were richly wrought in gold, undrest, as he had Qucen was living, and I knew it to be great sin. And if seen her, and that she said to him, Come, sir, for you I come to you now, it is by command of God, for it tarry long, and it will soon be day-break. And the King pleases him to send me bere ; and, also, because the seeing her so near him, then he was greatly troubled, yet Queen is no longer in this present life. And because could be not withdraw his eyes from her: but he called you are so fallen away of your strength, let us go into to mind how the Holy Spirit of God had bade him that the hermitage, or I will order a tent to be placed here, he should always coulide in his name, and place his true and let us sup together, that your heart may revive and hope in the sign of the Cross. And he claspt his hands, you may full the command of God.

and lifted them towards Heaven, and weeping bitterly,

you was

but weep.

and in great contrition, he said, O Lord and very Jesus cloud; and so great was the pleasure which he had, Christ, deliver me from all temptation, and preserve my that he cared not for food, neither remembered it, but soul, that it fall not into perdition. And while he was went after that his holy guide. And at night he saw praying thus, he saw how there came from the hermi- how the cloud, when the sun was about to set, turned tage a great brightness, and he said, Deliver me, Lord, to the right of the road toward the mountains; and it from the power of the Devil, that I may not be deceived, went on so far, that before night had closed it came to nor withdrawn from thy holy service. And at that hour a hermitage, in which there was a good man for a Herhe made the sign of the cross upon his forehead, and mit, who was more than ninety years of age, and there blest bimself; and at that hour the false Cava fell down it stopt. And the King perceived that he was to rest the rock into the sea, with such a sonnd as if the whole there, and the good man welcomed the King, and they world were falling to pieces; and with the plunge which spake together of many things. And the King was well she made the sea dashed up so high, that where the ora- contented with his speech, and saw that certes he was (ory was the King was wetted with the spray. And he a servant of God. And all that day the King had not remained in such astonishment that he could not for an eaten, and he was barefoot, and his raiment tattered : hour recover himself. And when he came to himself he and as he had not been used to travel a-foot, and with began to pray with great repentance, as if he had been his feet bare, his feet were swoln with blisters. And on the point of falling into templation. And the Holy when it was an hour after nigbt, the Hermit gave him Spirit of God came to him in that same manner in which a loaf, full small, which was made of rye, and there he had seen it the former time. And he fell on his face were ashes kneaded with it, and the king ate it : and upon the ground, and began to lament full bitterly, and when he had eaten they said prayers. And when they 10 say, Lord, have mercy upon my soul, and forsake me had said their hours, they lay down to sleep. And when not among mine enemies, who would withdraw me it was midnight they arose and said their hours: and from thee. And the Holy Spirit said to him, O King, of when they had said them, the king went out of the Jicule faith, how hast thou been on the point of perish- hermitage, and saw that the cloud did not move : and ing! And the King made no reply, for he did nothing then the King understood that he had to tarry here, or

And the Holy Spirit of God said to him, that he was to hear mass before he departed, and he Take heed, King, lest the Devil deceive thee, and have asked the Hermit to hear his confession, and the Hermit power over thee, that thou shouldst not fulfil the pe- confessed him. And when he had confessed, he said nance which thou hast commenced, neither save thy that he would communicate, and the good Hermit saw soul. And the King lifted up his countenance, and had that it was good, and he put on his vestments and said great shame to behold him. Howbeit he took courage, mass; and the King heard the mass, and received the and said, Lord, have mercy upon me, and let me not be very body of our Lord Jesus Christ. And when the King tempted by the enemy, for my heart is weak, and hath bad done this, he went out to look at the cloud. And no power to defend itself against the false one : for my as he went out of the hermitage he saw that the cloud judgment is clean confounded, as one who hath no began to move, and then he dispeeded himself from the virtue if he be not aided by thy grace. Deliver me, Hermit, and they embraced each other weeping, and Lord, for thy lioly mercy and compassion : my salvation each entreated the other, that he would bear him in cannot come through the strength of my heart, for it is mind, and remember him in his prayers. And when wholly full of fear, like a thing which is overcome. And the King had dispeeded himself, he followed after his the Holy Spirit of God said to him, Take courage and holy guide, and the holy Hermit returned to his hermifear not, for thou shalt depart from this place sooner tage. And the King Don Rodrigo, notwithstanding his than thou thinkest. And when it is time I will guide feet were swoln and full of blisters, and that in many thee to the place where thou shalt do thy penance, that places they were broken and bleeding, such and so thy soul may receive salvation. When thou shalt see great was the joy which lie felt at going on in the a little white cloud appear above thee, and that there is course which be now held, that he endured it all as no other in the sky, follow after it : and in the place though he felt nothing. And he went, according as it where it shall stop shalt thou fulfil thy penance, ac- seemed to him, full six leagues, and arrived at a concording as the chief priest in that place shall appoint it vent of Black Monks, and there the cloud stopt, and thee. And take heart, and alway call to mind my holy would proceed no farther. And at that convent there name, and have true faith and constant hope in thy Sa- was an Abbot who led an extraordinarily good and holy viour. And when he had said this he departed. And the life; and they were not there like other monks; and he King was greatly comforted and full of grace, as one was a great friend of God and of our Lady the Virgin with whom God was present in his mercy. And he St Mary: and this Abbot look the King to his cell, and abode in the bermitage a whole year, according to his asked if he would eat as he was wont to do, or like the reckoning, and twelve days more. And one day, when other mouks; and the King said, that he would do as it was full clear, the King looked up and saw above him he should direct him. And the Abbot ordered that a the cloud of which the Holy Spirit of God had told him; loaf should be brought of pannick and maize mixed toand when he saw it he was full joyful, and gave many gether, and a jar of water, and on the other side he had thanks to God. Nevertheless the King did not rise from food placed such as the monks used; and the King his prayers, neither did the cloud move from above him. would eat only of the pannick bread, as he had been And when he had finished his prayers he looked at the wont to do, and he drank of the water. And when he cloud, and saw that it moved forward.»

had eaten, the Abbot asked of bim if he would remain

that night or not, and the King said that he knew not, Ch. 253.—- How King Don Rodrigo departed from the but that he would go out and see whether he were to Hermitage, and arrived where he was to do


go or to remain. And the Abbot said that it was the « The King arose from the oratory and followed the hour of vespers, and that he ought to remain ; and the

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