here a field before us, which produces the to 7. This periodical work was begun most inestimable fruits ; for, who can in the year 1797, and received with lo proceed a single step without meeting much applause, as rendered a second ediwith the most itriking proofs, which con- tion of the first numbers necessary. The vince us that the Supreme Protector of the title bespeaks it to be a popular publicauniverfe does not lleup, but watches over tion, which, in plain language, is to cira all crcared beings—whether they be ra- culate generally useful knowledge among diane suns, or grains of sand---men, or in the lower classes of people. The greater fects--conformably to the wants of every part of it is devoted to subjects of rural one of them? But what a peculiar obje&t economy, and we are of opinion that it of Providence is man, his destination and can do a great deal of good among that fare! And how much matter for contem- class of people, for whom it is principlation and admiration does this afford to pally intended. The attentive observer !" In order to als Die Schule der Erfahrung fuer alle, &c. lift the attentive observer in his contempla- &c. Tb. I. 1798. pp. 251. The School tions of the wonderful ways of Providence, of Experience for all those to whom Conthe author gleaned, from his occafional tentment, Life, and Health, are dear, &c. rcadings, a collection of triking instances &c. This book contains gleanings from of fingular deliveries from imminent dan- Mr. Belker's Deutsche Zeitunz, a newfgers, of unexpected preferments of poor paper, avowedly written for the middling and common people, and of sudden punish- and lower classes, and from several other ments of prosperous villains. Those who popular publications, of which, at present, are acquainted with Dr. R's. philofophi. a greater number is published in German, cal spirit need not be told, that his affift. than in any other country. But we also ance in the publication of this work is sufo have met, in the present volume, with a ficient to recommend it to the serious con- great many pieces, which seem to be the, fideration of every reflecting man. result of the author's own experience and

Die exıra Post fuer Siadt und Land, &c. observation, which are, by far, more ge&c. 1798. pp. 238; 8vo. The extra nerally useful than his gleanings from Post for Town and Country, making other authors. known a Variety of useful Things. No. 1.

Retrospect of the Progress of Spanish Literature during the Year 1798. ALTHOUGH the press, laft year, has Retrospective View of the State of Spa

not been peculiarly prolific in Spain, nish Literature chiefly of selections from yet Spanish literature has, in its prin- the Madrid Gazette, and from such num. cipal branches, unvariably maintained the bers of the Memorial Literario as we have distinguished rank, which it has, of late been able to procure. Should the late years, regained through the meritorious glorious achievements of the allied armies exertions of CAVANILLES, LARRUGA, in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, ORTIG, RUIK, and some other cele- bring on a speedy restoration of the forbrated Spanish writers of the present age. mer relation of amity and friendship beThe splendid and important botanical tween this country and Spain, which the work, Flora Peruviana, the political and latter, by the imperious dictates of the economical memoirs of Larruga, which, French directory, was forced to break off, in point of exactness and copiousness of we shall gladly embrace the earliest opinformation, are unequalled by any other portunity of establishing a literary correrliterary production of that kind, and the pondence, capable of enabling us, in our Spaniji Ailas, a geographical composition nexe Retrospect, to do full justice to the of uurival!cd excellence, would alone be excellent productions of Spanish genius fufficient fully to establish the truth of and erudition, the merits of which, we this afiertion, though it were unsupported are sorry to observe, are far from being by the masterly produktions of ORTIG, fufficiently understood, and jufily valued NAVAL, GUMILLA, and other eminent in this country. literary characters in Spain. It therefore

THEOLOGY. Iemains with us a matter of finccre re- Sermones del Ilmo. S. Arzobispo de pret, that, from the want of Spanish li- TARRAGONA ;

2 tomos, &c.

Serscrary reviews, and the present interrupt- mons by the most illustrious Archbishop ed communication with that country, we' of Tarragona, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. :e onde more obliged to compose our La Unica Religion verdadera demostrada


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Retrospect of Spanish Literature.... Medicine.


contra los Seclarios opuestos à la Iglesia Ro- Tratado sobre el Colico de Madrid; per mana; un tomo en 39, &c. The only true el D. IGNASIO MARIA RưIZ DE LU. Religion demonstrated against the Secta. ZURIAGA; un Tomo en 8°. A Treatise ries opposed to the Romish Church ; I on the Colic of Madrid ; by D, M. Ru. vol. in 89.

iz de Luzuriaga ; one volume in 8vo. Defensa de la Religion Christiana, dedi. This instructive composition, which was cada al Rey, &c. Tom. 4. y ultimo, par first inserted in the Memoirs of the Royal D. JUAN JOSEPH HEYDECK, Profesor College of Physicians, at Madrid, is the de Lenguas Orientales, &c. Defence of best and most satisfactory account of the the Christian Religion, dedicated to his disease, known under the name of the Majesty, vol. 4th and last

, by D. J. J. colic of Madrid, which has hithert Heydeck, Professor of Oriental Lan. appeared.. guages, &c.

Dissertation fisico-medica, basta ahora El Paftor Evangelico repartiendo et Pafto inedita, del D. D. MARTIN DE VILde la Divina palabra en pláticas familiares LANUEVA, medico que fue en esta corte; de los Domingos

y fiestas de todo el Ano ; cuyo argumento es persuadir, que en la Hora su autor el P. D. TEODORO DE AL- de Nacer se pueden precaver las viruelas, MEIDA, &c. The Evangelic Pastor, &c. A physico-medical Discourse, never dinributing the Food of the Word of published before, by D.D. Martin de VillaGod, in familiar Discourfes, for all Sun- nueva, late Physician at Madrid, tending days and Feasts of the Year; by P. D. to prove that the Small-Pox might be Teodoro de Almeida, &c.

prevented at the very Hour of a Child's Liga de la Teologia moderna con la Fic Birth, &c. losofia en dano de la Iglesia de Jesucristo, Tratudo fisico-medico-chirurgico de las &c. The Alliance of modern Theology enfermedades de los oidos; par D. JUAN and Philosophy to the Prejudice of the NAVAL, Medico de Familia de S. M. &c. Church of Jesus Christ, &c.

A phyfico-medico-chirurgical Treatise on Praktica completa de ayudar à bien morir the Diftempers of the Organs of Hearing, à Espanoles y ex etrangeros, &c. Complete by D. J. Naval, Physician to his Majesty, practical Instructions to affift both Spa- &c. one vol. in 8vo. This very valuable niards and Foreigners to die well ; pub- work delineates the organs of hearing, lished in Spanish and French by D. Jo- . explains their mechanism, enumerates SEPH VILLAROEL PEREZ DE BANOs, their diseases, points out most efficaPrefbyter.

cious remedies, and concludes with a deDissertacion Téologico-canonica, en que se scription of the best inítruments hitherto propone como dogma de , que fon dignas de invented, to encrease the irritability of culio y veneracion las reliquias de los Santos, the organs, and alleviate the misfortunes &c. par D. FRANCISCO COUQUE, &c. of deafness. A theologico-canonical Differtation, in Discurso Medico, par D. JUAN NAVAl., which it is proposed, as an Article of &c. A Medical Discourse, by D. J. NaFaith, that the Relics of Sainis are wor. val. This useful composition of the authy of Worship and Veneration, &c. by thor of the last-mentioned work, trears, in D. F. Couque, &c.

three parts, on ophthalmy and its species, Espíritu de los Apologistas de la Religion 41 of which are here enumerated; on the Christiana; dos Tomos en 49. The Spirit gutta serena, and its species, 28 in number; of the Apologists of the Christian Reli- on cataracts, 10 lpecies of which are degion ; 2 vols. in 4.

scribed by the author ; and concludes

with pointing out the most proper cure for Examen de las aguas medicinales de An- each lpecies of the abovementioned difa dalusia, &c. par D. JUAN DE Dios Ayu. eases of the eye. DA, Subinspector de las Aguas minerales Iratado completo de la Flebotomia, &c. de Espana, &c. Tomo 3. An Analysis of par D. J. F. DE VALLE, &c. A comthe medicinal Waters of Andalusia; by plete Treatise on Phlebotomy, &c. by D. D. J. de Dios Ayuda, Deputy Inspector J. F. de Valle, &c. of the mineral Waters of Spain, &c. Dieticnario elemental de Farmacia ó apli. Vol. 3d. The present volume of this in- . caciones de los fundamentus de la Chimica moterefing work contains an analysis of the derna à las principales Operaciones de far. waters of Jaen, Almeria, Alhama, Har- macia ; su autor D. M. HERNANDEZ DE dales, Casares, Manilha y Fuente de Pie- GREGORIO, dos tomos en 49. An Ele. dra, and points out the cases, whev the mentary Dictionary of Pharmacy, in use of thele waters may prove either te. which the fundamental Principles of muneficial or hurtful to health,

dern Chemistry are applied tu the prin.



4 E 2


in 4to.

cipal pharmaceutic operations, by D. M. of D. Jofeph Febrero, on the important Hernandez de Gregorio, &c. vols. subject of last wills and contracts.

HISTORY. Dissertacion fisico-chimica del examen, Gloriosa Defensa de Malta par los Caval. analisis y virtutes medicinales, de las aguas leros de S. Juan de Jerusalem contra el 6de la fuente mineral, de la Villa de Flpinglo Xercito de Soliman II. un tomo en 4o; su autor del Rey, &c. par D. J. NAVIA DE LA D.JOSEPH MARIA CALDERON DE LA PAZ RODRIGUEZ, &c. Un tomilo en BARCA, Cavallero de dicha Religion, &c. 8o. A phyfico-chemical Discourse on the The glorious Defence of Malta by the Analysis and medicinal Virtues of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem against mineral Spring of the City of Espinoso the Army of Soliman II.; one volume in del Rey, &c. by D. J. Navia de la Paz 4t0; by D. Joseph Maria Calderon de la Rodriguez, &c.

Parca, Knight of the said Order, &c. Disertacion acerca del verdadero ca. Antigüedades Eclefiafticas de Espana, &c. raEter y método de curar las heridas de ar. un tomo en folio, par et Rmo. P. FR. PAmas de fuego, &c. par D. A. PELAEZ. A Blo de S. Nicolas, &c. The ecclefiaftical Dissertation on the true Character and Antiquities of Spain, &c. one volume in Method of curing Shot Wounds, &c.; by folio, by the Reverend Father Paul of St. P. A. Pelaez.

Nicolas, &c.

Vida, Prision, y Muerte de D. Rodrigo Teatro de la Legislacion de Espana é In. Calderon, Marques de Siete Iglesias, Conde dias, o Biblioteca general de los Codigos cio de la Oliva, &c.: dada a lu luz, par ), viles, canonicos, y reales, de ambos dominios; ANTONIO VALLADARES, &c. The 2.8 tomos un 44, The universal legislative Life, Imprisonment, and Death of D. RoCode of Spain and India, or a general Di. drigo Calderon, &c.published by Dn. An, gest of the civil and canonic Law, and of tonio Valladares, &c. the royal Ordinances for both Empires; Compendio cronologico de la Hifforia de 28 vols. in 4to. - This is the most com. Espana, par D. JOSEPH ORTIZ, &c, plete repository of the Spanish laws which tomo 5. A chronological Summary of the has hitherto been published, arranged in History of Spain, vol. 5th; by Doseph alphabetical order, and carefully diftin. Ortiz. This is a continuation of the ex, guishing the laws yet in use, from those cellent work, the fourth volume of which which are no longer in force.

we announced in our Retrospect of last Jurium Romani et Hispani Hiftoria, bre- July. Its author, the celebrated royal li. vis concinnuta usui tironum, qui in Scholis brarian Ortiz, has the 6th volume also ready juris civilis ftudio incumbunt ; opera Joannis for press. Sala, &c. This little work is a well writ- Historia critica de Espana y de la Cultura ten synopsis of the history of the Roman Espanola, par D. JUAN FRANCISCO and Spanish law, by the author of the Di. MASDEU: tomo 18. Critical History of gefto Romano-Espagnol, a pandect of the Spain, and Spanish Culture, by Dn. J. F, Roman and Spanith law of great merit. Masdeu ; vol 18th.

Addiciones y Repertorio general, de la Compendio Cronologico de la Hiftoria y Practica universal forense de los Tribunales Estado actual de Rusia, escrito par D.Luis fuperiores é inferiores de Espana e Indias, DEL CASTILLO, Pensionado que fué par par D. P. BOADA DE LAS CASTAS: S. M. en Petersburg, &c. A chronological dos tomos en 4'. Supplements, and a ge- Summary of the History and actual State neral Repertory of the universal Practice of Russia, written by D. Luis del Castillo, of the superior and inferior Courts of late Pensioner of his Majesty in Peters, Justice in Spain and India, by P. D. Boada burgh, &c. The first part of this work de las Caftas; 2 vols, in 4to.

contains a synopsis of the history of Russia Nobleza, Privilegios, y Prerogativas del since the 9th century, and the second de Officio publico de Éfcribano, par D.J.J. lineates her present state, and comprizes SANCHE2, Escribano de s. M. tres tomos. the information which the author, during On the Dignity, Privileges, and Preroga. his residence in Petersburgh, has been able tives of the public Office of a Notary, by to collect in regard to that vast empire. D.J. J. Sanchez, Notary of H, M, three He gives a geographical-defcription of the vols.

country, delineates the character and man, Prontuario de Teftamentas y Contractos, ners of the Ruffians, their religion, go, &c. tomo r'. The Repository of Tefta- vernment, political and military conftituments and Contracts, &c. vol. ift. A well- tion, revenue, sciences, and commerce, arranged fynopsis of the voluminous work , bath active and paffive; he adds a full-ac


Retrospect of Spanish Literature...Natural History, &c.


in 4to.

count of such articles as it is lawful to ex. ux tomo, en 4o. Aphorisms of the Reports port from or import into Russia, and con- and Correspondence of A. Perez, late secludes with the description of Petersburgh, cretary of State to King Philip II. one vol. &c. Compendio de los exercicios de los Monges

MATHEMATICS. Ciftercienses de nuestra Senora de la Trapa, Curso de Matematicas para la ensenanza &c. A Synopsis of the spiritual Exercises de los caballeros del real Seminario de Nibles of the Cistercian Monks of our Lady of de Madrid, dedicado al Rey, nurftio lenor, é La Trape, &c. This work contains a impresa de su Real Orden; fu autor d Tecircumstantial account of the establishment niente Coronel D. TADEO Lope, &c. of the said monks in the convent of St. Tomo 30. A Course of Mathematics for Susanne in Aragon, by virtue of the royal the Instruction of the Students of the royal decree of the 27th November, 1797, which Seminary of Noblemen at Madrid, dediauthorises them to admit novices in their cated to his Majesty, and published by his order.

• Command; by Lieutenant-colonel D, T. Historia natural, civil, y geográfica, de Lape, &c. vol. 3d. The present volume Jas Naciones fituadas en las riberas del Rio of this valuable work contains an excellent Orinoco y sus Provincias: par et P. JOSEPH treatise on logari hms, with a great variety GUMILLA, dos tomos en 4o, non estampas. of logarithmical tables. The History, natural, civil, and geographi

NAVIGATION. cal, of the Nations inhabiting the Banks of Compendio de Navegacion para et Ujo de the Oronoco, and the adjacent Provinces; los caballeros Guardias Marinas, par D. by F. J. Gumilla, 2 vols. in 4to, with JOAGE JUAN, un tono en 4° cou laminas. A płates. A work of great merit, giving a Compendium of Navigation for the Use of full account of nations, hitherto but liule young Gentlemen of the Navy, by D. J. known beyond the country they inhabit. Juan, one vol. in 400.

Historia de la Economia politica de Ara- CLASSICAL LITERATURE AND gon, par D. IGNATIO DE Asso; un tomo

CRITICISM. en 4. History of the political Economy Carta critica sobre la Historia de Ame. of Aragon, by D. I. de Afo; one vol. in rica, de D. JUAN BAUTISTA Munoz, 400. An interesting statistical account of escrita de Roma, par D. FRANCISCO l. the province of Aragon, its population, TURRI, Prefbytero Espanol, &c. A criti. agriculture, manufacturies, and trade, cal Letter on the History of America, by written in an easy and entertaining style. Dn. J. B. Munoz, written from Rome

Historia Cronologica del pueblo Hebreo, de by D. Francisco Iturri, a Spanish Priest, Ju Religion y Govierno politico : par D.). &c. RIGUAL. A chronological History of the Coleccion de Autores Latinos en 3 tonos, Jews, of their Religion, and political Go- anoados e iluftrados con algunas Notırcas de vernment; by J. D. Rigval.

Geografia, Coffumbres e Hiftoria Romana, NATURAL HISTORY AND par los P. P. de las Escuelas pias. A ColPHILOSOPHY.

lection of Latin Authors, in 3 volumes, El Diccionario de Fisica de Brison, tra- with explanatory Notes, concerning the durido

y aumentado con las de scrubrimien. Geography, Manners, and History of Rome, tes pofteriores á su publicacion, par D.C.C. . by the Fathers of the pious Schools. 5 tomes. The universal Dictionary of Na

POETR-Y. tural History, by Brisson, translated and. Poesias del Miro. GONZALEZ, &c.; enriched with the discoveries pofterior to un tomo en 80. The Poems of Gonzalez, its publication, by D. C.C. 5 vols. &c. This work contains all the fugitive

POLITICAL ECONOMY. pieces of this celebrated Spanish poet. Pensamientos politicos y economicos, diri. Mexico conquistado : Poema bermuco en gidos á promover en Espana la Agricutura y veinte y seis cantos, dedicado al Rey nur ftro demas ramos de Industria, &c. par D. M. Stror, pro D. JUAN DE ESCOIQUIZ, &c. J. P. QUINTERO. Political and econo- Mexico conquered: an epic Poem, in mical Thoughts, designed to promote in twenty-six cantos, dedicated to his MaSpain Agriculture, as well as other Branches jefty, by Dn. J. de Escoiquiz, Instructor of of Induitry, &c. by D. M. J. P. Quin- the prince of Asturia; 3 vols. in 8vo.

Obras Poeticas de D. IGNACIO DE POLITICS.

MERAS Y QUEYPO: des tumos en 8°. Aforismos de las Relaciones y Cartas prie The poetical Works of D. J. de Meras y meras y segundas, de Antonio Perez, Secreto- Queypo, 2 vols. in 8vo. Fio de Estado que fué del Rey D. Felipe II. Fabulas en Verlo Castellano, par D. J. A.



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IBANEZ DE LA RENTERIA : dos tomos del Pozo, professor of philosophy at the en 8o. Fables in Spanish Verse, by D. I. royal university of Valladolid; one vol. in A. Ibanez de la Renteria ; 2 vols. in 8vo. folio. The learned writer of this ingea

Poesias de D. E. SAEZ DE PARAYU.. nious performance endeavours to prove, Ilo, dedicadas al Principe de la Pa; un that king Peter, hitherto surnamed the tomo en 8°. Poems by D. F. Saez de Pa- Cruel, was a just monarch, not a tyrant, sayuelo, dedicated to the Prince of the rather mild than cruel; that under his Peace; one yol, in 8vo.

reign flourished the administration of jul. The ARTS.

tice, and that he was a wise and candid Diccionario de las Nobles Arts, para In- legislator, a valiant commander, an accomstruccion de las Aficionados y Uso de los Pro- plished Christian, and a monarch, worthy fefores: Su autor D. Diego REJON DE of the appellation of a good, prudent, wise, SILVA. A Dictionary of the Fine Arts, and virtuous king. for the Instruction of the Amateurs, and Vida del Dr. Benjamin Franklin, sacada the Use of the Professors of the Arts, by de documentos auténticos: un tomo en 8o. Dn. Diego Rejon de Silva. This useful The Life of Benjamin Franklin,drawn from work comprises all the technical terms and authentic Documents; one vol. in 8vo. phrases of the art of painting, engraving, An interesting and well-written account of architecture, &c. with proper explanations the life of the great American philosopher of all the terms contained in the work. and statesman.

Vista de la Ensenada en donde se con- AGRICULTURE AND HUSBANDRY. ftruyen las bolsas para et Desembarco de In- Suplemento á las Observationes fobre et glaterra por la Republica Francesa, para la cultivo del Arrok en el Reyno de Valeniccia y Conquista de aquel Reyno, &c. A View of fie Infiuenza en la salud publica en respuesia the Dock, where the Rafts and flat-bot- a la Contestacion de D. VICENTE IGNĄ. tomed boats are constructing for the de- cio Franco, par D. ANTONIO JOscent in England by the French Republic, SEPH CAVANILLES. A Supplement to to conquer and subdue that Kingdom, the Observations on the Culture of Rice &c.

in the Kingdom of Valencia, and its InInstruccion para gravur en Cobre, &c. Auence on the public Welfare; being an The Art of Engraving on Copper, &c. Answer to the objections of Dn. V. J. explained, &c. This useful composition, Franco, by Dn. A. J. Cavanilles. which is dedicated to the royal academy Historia de la Agricultura Espanola, fue of St. Fernando, explains in an easy and Origen, Progresos, Eftado actual, y reglas luminous ftyle the art of engraving, in all para darla la mayor perfeccion possible,par D. its various branches, and contains an histo- FRANCISCO LUIS DE LAPORTA,, &c. rical synopsis of the most celebrated en- History of Spanish Agriculture, its Origin, gravers since the origin of the art to the Progress, actual State, and most proper middle of this century.

Means to carry it to the utmost Perfecs Los Gritos de Madrid, ó Figuras que re- tion, by D. F. L. de Laporta. presentan los vendedores pas las calles, &c. Tratudo praético de colmenas ó PastoThe Cries of Madrid, or Figures repre. ria de las Abejas, &c. A practical Treasenting the Hawkers in the Streets of Ma- tise on Bee-hives, and the rearing of Bees, drid, &c.

&c. GENEALOGY AND ANTIQUITIES. Nuevo Plan de Colmas ó Tratado historico

Antigüedades Romanas, en que fucinta y natural fisico-economico de las Abejas, &c. exaelamente se manifefta et Establecimienio par D. JOSEPH ANTONIO SAMPLI, &c. de la Ciudad de Roma, &c. par D. FRAN- un tomo en 8o. A new Plan of Bee-hives, CISCO PEREZ PASTOR. Roman Anti- or a phyfico-economical Treatise on Bees, quities, containing a succinct and exact Ac. &c. by D. I. A. Sampli, &c. This useful count of the Eftablishment of the City of composition is a full and instructive exRome, &c. by D. Fr. P. Paftor.

tract or summary of the celebrated works BIOGRAPHY.

of Swammerdam, Réaumur, Maraldi, Riem, Apologa del Rey D. Pedro de Castilla, &c. on the best method of rearing bees, conforme a la Hiftoria verdadera de D. Pe- and the most proper construction of beedro Lopez de Ayala, &c. par D. Joseph hives. LEDO DEL Pozo, Catedratico de Filoso- Lecciones práticas de Agricultura y Ecofra de real Universidad de Valladolid; un nomia del Campo, que da un Padre á fu bijo, como en folio. Defence of King Peter of para ser buen labrador en qualquier pais, &c. Caftille, according to the true History of Practical Lessons on Husbandry and AgriD. P. Lopez de Ayala, &c. by D. J. Ledo culture, given by a Father to his Son, for


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