might take with him his pass from the Guards. companion down with a stick, and, at that inCheeking himself, however, he immediately added, l. stant, he says, “ the devil tempted him to finish “ But of what use is the pass to ine; I shall soon her," which he accordingly did with a stoue. pass into another world; where, o, horror! I bave sent a fellow-ereature before me.” The

BIRTIS. pass was, of course, given to the unhappy man.

Ann Oliver, the wife of a poor weaver, at When the party arrived within a short distance Satchwell's-rents, London, has been delivered of the fatal spot, on their way to town' with the

of three children, two girls and a boy, which are prisoner, he raised his head, which had before Mrs. Sourhall, the wife of a working shoebung down upon bis breast, and looked towards | maker, residing in Mansion-house-row, Ken

nington-lane, lias been safely delivered of three the lieavens. He then appeared to be greatly fine boys, all of whom are likely to do well. agitated. On arriving at the gate, still stained

These make four children born within eleven

months. with the blood of his victim, he turned his head

At Kirkham-gate, Yorkshire, the wife of a poor towards it, but instantly drew it back, with ap- || collier, of three time boys, who, with their mother, parent borror. It sink again upon his bosom,

are likely to do well.

Within the English-gate, Carlisle, the chere and he never afterwards looked up until he ar amie of an Irishman, of three sons, still-born. rived at the prison. In the evening he sent for a

At Limerick, of three daughters, the wife of a

labouring-man, named Patrick Minaham. clergyman, wbo remained with him a consider

MARRIED. able time. He is about thirty years of age.

At Linton, near Skipton, Mr. Thomas Gill, of Kendagh was, as described, a private in the

Bradley, to Miss Fanny Hindley, of GrassingColdstream Guards. He is by trade a mason, and ton; and Mr. William Edderton, of Grassing. had been employed, during the snmmer, on the

tou, having a licence in lis pocket, borrowed the

bride's ring, and there and then married Miss repairs of Carlton House, by which he had been | Mary Hindley, cousin to the said bride. enabled to save a little money; and, having pro

DIED. cured a pass from the regiment, he set out from London to Bristol, whence he sailed for Cork, ll the Admiralty.

The Lady of Sir Joseph York, at his house at with the intention of spending it among his l On the oth Jan. at Hedon, aged 97, Misa friends in the county of Tipperary. Unbappily | Ellis ; on the 15th, aged 16, Bliss Sarah Ellis;

i Martha Ellis ; on the 19th, aged 14. Mr. Jobs for both, as le says, the upfortunate victim of his on the 31st, aged 25, five days after the death of violence was a passenger in the same vessel, the

her infant ebild, Mrs. Ann Dearing, wife of Mr.

John Dearing, sister to the above, and daughGreyhound. He was never married, nor had ever l ter of Mr. Matthew Ellis ; and on the 3d of seen the deceased until he went on board the

February, the said Mr. Ellis himself-being six

persons out of one family in less than one montb. packet. There, however, a criminal connec

So affecting an instance of mortality has scarcely tion took place between them; and, on their ever come to our knowledge. landing at Cork, sbe informed himn that a small

Lately, aged 32, Mr. Melton, of Gamshall pear

Buckden, Hunts. -On his death-bed, he is said property had been left her by her father iu the to have expressed a wish that a favourite daugh. North, and that if he would desert and go with

ter, abont seyen years of age, should enier eter

nity with him. Although then apparently well, her, he should have it. To this, he says, be un-lawful to relate, the day after her father's deceuse, fortunately, though reluctantly, consented ; and

she breathed ber last !- They were both interred

at the same time, in one gra'vc. this design brought bim towards Waterford, in-1 - Lately, at Lynn, Mr. Lym, taylor.--His death stead of pursuing his original ronte. His cou was occasioned by smoaking a pipe.--Some per

sons in company, for a joke, put some gun-powder science, bowever, frequently accused him for de

mm vor de- ll in the tobacco he was using ; it of course exberting. He was unhappy all the way from Clon- | ploded, and caused the fragment of the tobacco

I pipe to enter the roof of his mouth. Instant mel to the fatal spot, where, in consequence, of ll.

sequence, or death ensued! He has left thirteen children to şi altercation on the subject, be knocked bis ll lament bis loss.

London: Printed by and for J. BELL, sole Proprietor of this MAGAZINE, and Proprietor of the

WeekLY MESSENGER, Southampton-street, Strand. March 1, 1819.

[blocks in formation]

1. Av ORIGINAL PORTRAIT of MISS SMITH, Engraven by Mr. CARDON, after an Original Miniature. 2. A WHOLE LENGTH PORTRAIT FIGURE, in a WALKING DRESS 3. A very beautiful WHOLE-LENGTH PORTRAIT FIGURE, in the Fashionable EVENING DRESS of the

month, drawn from an Original Dress made within the month. 4. An OUTLINE SKETCHI of FRANCOIS DE MONCADE; by VAN DYK. 5. An OUTLINE SKETCH of A LADY with her DAUGHTER; by VAN DYK. . 6. “VALOR AND ITS REWARD," an Original SONG, written and set to Music for the Harp and Piane*

forte, expressly for this Work, by Mr. DIBDIN. 7. An Original PATTERN for NEEDLE or TAMBOUR-WORK.

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vic......... 120

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF ILLUS. Original Letlers on the Manners, Customs, RIOUS AND DISTINGUISHED CHA! gc. of different Countries. RACTERS.

Hungary (Continued) ............... 141 Miss Smith

.... 115

Extract from Mrs. Green's New Novel of

Gooil Men of Modern Date,”......... 143 ·

Memoirs of the late Astronomer, Lalande 146 ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. New system of Botany, with practical :

illustrations of the “ Philosophy of Hymenæa in search of a Husband ...... 1171

Flora,” &c. &c.---The Jasmine........ 149 Zara; or the Adventures of an English W ife :................... ...........

FINE ARTS. Mr Horne Tooke .........

.... 124

ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE GRAPHIC ART; Singular and interesting Narrative .......

Franrois de Moncade ; by Van Dyk ..... 131 Letters on Mythology; translated from the

A Lady with her Daughter; by Van Dyk 152 French of Demoustier .............. 129 Oakwood House; including a description

FUGITIVE POETRY. of the Lakes and adjacent country in

Lines to Mary......................

153 Westmoreland...................... 130

Reflections in a Church-yard ......... News from the Comet .......... ......'134

The Sweets of Life ..... Voyages and Trarels in Sardinia, Sicily, and

Anacreon on bimself ......

... 154 Malta. By J. Galt.

The Maniac ...... Gibraltar ......

137 | Translation of a Fragment of Lucien Sardinia ...

138 | Bonaparte's Poem eniitled Charlemagne ib. Syracuse ........

li Hope ................................ 153 Malia .........

140 The Heroine of Saragoza ....



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LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE. || Potatoes first imported ... ..... 163

1 Anecdote of the Archduke Charles ...... ib. Walking Dress ....................... 150 Works in the Press ..........

........ Evening Dress ...

.... ib. General Observations and Reflections on

Fashion and Dress .................. ib.!! INCIDENTS NEAR LONDON. The Mirror of Fashion; in a series of let. H Mr. Wellesley Pole and Miss Tilney Long 164

ters from a Gentleman of rank 'and Another Breach of Trust ............., 165 taste to a Lady of quality ........... 158 Daring Robbery ....................... ib.

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OUR SUBCRIBERS and the Public, are referred to the EMBELLISHMENTS in the trea preceding and present Numbers, as Specimens of the taste, and finish in which they may expect the ornamental part of this Work to be executed in future. The PORTRAITS will form a new and interesting Series of Cabinet Prints, which are properly adapted for being framed and glased, er for preservation in Portfolios, as they may be always admired as a Biographical and Portrait representation of distinguished Female characters of the present times. The COSTUMES of every Month will form a practical and highly interesting Collection of the Fashions of these days; the continued variations as they arise will ascertain the fuctuating state of the Fashionable World.

In deference and respect to the numerous requests which the Publisher has received from his present Subscribers, in consequence of the very interesting and highly finished Farewell Portrait Print of Mrs. SIDDONS, giren in the last Number of this work, he will present the Public, in the succeeding Numbers, with a short series of PORTRAITS OF FEMALE PERFORMERS of the greatest Celebrity of the present times; accompanied with characteristic Memoirs and Criticisms on their professional merits. All to be taken from original Pictures of great estimation, and engraven and finished in a style of excellence not inferior to the highly admired Print of Mrs. Siddons above referred to. The next Dramatic Portraits in succession given in this work will be, April 1.-MISS SMITH, engraven by CARDON, after an original Miniature. May 1,--MRS. BILLINGTON, in the character of St. CECILIA, after the celebrated Picture

by Sir Joshua REYNOLDS, engraven by CARDON, in a most beautiful manner. June 1.--MRS. JORDAN, as a Farewell Print, in the character of Thalia, engraven by Mr.

CARDON, after the much admired Picture painted by the late Mr. Hopxgr, in the

possession of his Royal Highness the Duke of CLARENCE. July 1.--MRS. DICKONS, from an admirable likeness in Crayons.

The Criticism on Mrs. SIDDONS' Professional Merits will certainly appear in our next Number.

ERRATA in No. 29.-Page 59, col. 2, line i, for historicread histrionic; line 14, for " than" read from; page 61, col. 1, line 10, for moment" read monarch.


APRIL 1, 1919,

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