cible jealousy: the offended Mrs. Cleveland || Cleveland, the brother of Adela's father; the became rovengeful, and eloped with a Sr General is, to use the words of the fair author, Francis Rosalvan, a man of amiable character easy tempered, gay, and not very and who never could forgive himself for the acutely feeling man of fashion; and sensible seduction of this lovely woman. Mr. Cleve. of the many provocations bis propensity to land obtained a divorce, and Sir Francis mar gallantry had given his lady, submitting to her ried the unfortunate Mrs. Cleveland.

censures with patience and humility, when be Though Mr. Cleveland acknowledges his cannot escape them, but seeking every meaus children, he only countenances bis idolized to avoid them: the system of his life seeming Julius, his son and heir; while Adela, being to be, by words and looks, at least, if not by some years younger, and resembling in beauty

actions, to keep all whom he associates with her unhappy motber, yet with strong traits of in good humour with him, by endeavouring to the Cleveland family, he never cau be prevailed keep them so with themselves.”—Mrs. Clere. upon to notice; she becomes tberefore the

land, the wife of the General, is quite an every protegée of her affectionate grandmother, who

day woman of fashion ; her son, Talbot Cleve. bequeathes ber a small fortune, and appoints laud, is an amiable and sensible youth, and Dr. Hampden her guardian.,

strongly attached to his cousin, the fair Adela : A growing affection, which appears to be this son and four daughters constitute the ripening into love, seems to be taking place General's family. Barbara, the eldest daughbetween Algeruon Mordington and Adela while ter, plain in her person, affects the abstruser they are living together under the roof of Dr.

studies, to wbich she pretends to add more Hampden; but soon the uucle of Algernon lighter accomplishments, such as music, dancacknowledging him bis heir, he is sent to ing, &c. &c. The second daughter, Jemima, Eton, where Julius Cleveland, so unlike him is represented beautiful, of pleasing manners, in disposition, is also placed; and the two but of a false character; while the third, youths soon commence a kind of hostility Christina, dimioituve in stature, is arch, senwhich threatens to become a Capulet and sible, and vivacious; the young Laura is yet an Montague sort of hatred between the families. infant.

Mr. Somerville, a wealthy gentleman, be. While Adela was a child under the roof of comes the liusband of the amiable Elinor, one Dr. Hampden, she accidentally meets with ber of the sisters of Adela, and the latter being on mother, Lady Rosalvan, who, with her hus. a visit to thein, it was proposed by the good band, Sir Francis, after deluding Adela into a natured Mr. Somerville, to give a dance for private meeting, place her in a postchaise, in the amusement of the young people; Julius, which it seems their intention to carry ber off, however, insisted that the heir of Mordington but for the timely inter position of Algernon Castle should not be invited. Algernon, bow. and Dr. Hampden. ever, fiuds means to introduce himself in the The character of the worthy Dr. Hampden disguise of a one-eyed youth, the deaf and and bis wife, are of that stamp as to call forth dumb son of an old harper: he dances with all tbe affections of the interesting Adela: the exquisite grace, despises the money collected Doctor's ruling passion, next to aviversal befor bim, but makes signs to possess himself of nevolence, is literature ; Mrs. H. despises the a cornelian heart woru by Adela: he soon profundity of feminive accomplislıments, but afterwards wins a bet, by asserting he was at is a true matter of fact lady, possessed of the the dance given by Mr. Somerville; and pro

best and most affectionate heart in the world: duces the cornelian heart as proof. We feel, I she only disagrees with her husbaud in one however, naturally disappointed by bis marry- | point, which is the names of her cbildren ; ing in the early part of the work, and not to she insists on scripture names, except that of Adela, but to a young woman who had little her eldest son William; while the Docior, after else than a very beautiful face to recommend reading a new edition of Shakespeare, is reher.

solved bis youngest boy shall be called Hot. The next prominent character is General spur; the good lady expostulates in rain, on

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the heathenism of the name, and adds to it, in which she lives in the house of her father. Benjamin, and refuses ever to call him by any From this monotony she is, however, one night other appellation than by bis second name, li relieved by the General, who invites her to a which she declares is true Christian!

ball given by a lady of high fashion, to which Speaking of the virtues of the heart, there she is escorted by Julius. Here she meets is no one in this work which appears more with an interesting nobleman, with whom her fair and excellent than one inclosed in a black brother not seeming well pleased to see her casket, the faithful Amy, an attendant on converse with much pleasure and spirit, ab. Adela; she is possessed of one the most va ruptly tells her the carriage waits to convey Juable, a fidelity above all price; she attends her bome; as she wishes to procrastinate, she her mistress every where, and evinces the kind is alarmed by the ferocity of her brother's ness and tenderness of her pature on every countenance, who draws her precipitately occasion.

away, and tells her in the anti-room if she In the first volume we read of the death of || seeks any pretence to re-enter the apartment the penitent Sir Francis Rosalvan; and Adela she has just quitted, he will never forgive her. obtains jeave of her guardian, Dr. Hampden, The next morning bie tells her he wishes they to visit her widowed mother in Scotland, who, may part, and declares he never wishes to see still weak and vain, is the dupe of a deceitful her face again. At an evening party a few woman of the name of Cameron; against nights after, a qui pro quo between Sir Patrick whose guile, however, Adela having received Harley and Julius, which arises from Sir Pasufficient warning, observes a prudent pre trick's having been introduced to Adela by the caution, and easily sees through the art of giddy Christine as to her French governess, Mrs. Cameron. Ad: la soon quits Srotland, I brings about a reconciliation between ile under the care of one of Lady Rosalvau's most brother and sister; and a few days after Adela steady male domestics.

accompanies her upcle and his family to a Adela on her return to her beloved home at grand dinner party, where she again meets Dr. Hampdeu's, finds his eldest daughter, Lord Ennerdale, the nobleman with whom she Ruth, on the point of an advantageous mar. was conversing at the ball when her brother riage; and Willians, the eldest son, decidedly so abruptly lastened her departure. Amongst bent on going into the army, much to the this party is a pre-eminent character in the sorrow of his fuud mother, ordered on foreign work, a Mrs. Elmer, who is possessed of a rage service.

for patronizing. Mrs. Elmer, in the course of Adela soon after receives an invitation to the evening amusements, declares how sepeGeneral Cleveland's town house, from whence rior are the musical abilities of Lord Ennershe soon departs, with her brother Julius, to dale. Immediately then, to the great surprise that of her father, on account of a French of Adela, Lord Ennerdale with one hand, and governess of Christine's being taken with a the most comic affectation of gravity, puzzles fever pronounced by the apothecary infectivus. out the very notes to which, so many years 'The kind hearted Amy, however, will not leave before, the pretended harper's son had dinced the siik foreigner, with whom Adela is also at Mrs. Somerville's. “And if this does not desirous of staying, but her brother assuring content you," said his Lordship, "you deserve her that her father is not in town, insists on to be punished by that very tune which I ber accompanying him. She is permitted to heard twanged upon a villainous harp to keep take her cousin Christine with her, who is measure to a boy professedly deaf and dumb." all delight at the spacious unoccupied apart. Allela new steps forward, and her eyes meet ments of Mr. Cleveland, and amuses herself those of Lord Ennerdale, who gives an exact with the ideas of fairy adventures; while description of the boy, and of the loveliest Adela reflects deeply that it was from that and most admired young woman in the room. house, in which she berself had been born, All listen with pleasure except Adela, who her misguided mother had eloped; nor are blushes at being made the heroine of the rethese reflections dissipated by the seclusion cital; but though passing years had at first No. XXXII, Vol.V.-N.S.


with held her recollection of the friend of her Lord Ennerdale, well and good; but that to childhood, it is needless to inform the reader a man like bis Lordship, bis doors will ever be that Lord Engerdale was no other than Alger. | open, and the most hearty welcome afforded; non. The earldom of Ennerdale bad fallen, accordingly, as may be supposed, Algernon to Lord Viscount Osseley, t he uncle of Alger. and Julius sovn meet; Julius shows an basty non, just before bis death.

Algernon was glow of resentment, Lord Ennerdale manifests now a widower; a duel had been fought by a determined coolness. Julius sullenly observes bim with Julius, on account of some rude ex bis sister and Lord Ennerdale converse, while pressions thrown out by Julius to Mrs. Mording- Mrs. Somerville ventures to observe the re. ton, the wife of Algermon, before he came to serve of her brother, and Julius suddenly bids the title. Julius was wounded, and bore an

her good night: thus ends the first quiet invincible batred to Algernon, as has been

meeting between these hostile gentlemen sivce before observed. Mrs. Mordington soon after

their ducl. The amiable Mrs. Somerville, fell into a nervous fever, from which she never

however, brings ber brother into better tem. recovered, and left behind her twins, a boy per; but he attacks Adela in private, and and a girl.

tells her it is only the ambition of the So. At a morning visit to the Panorama, the mervilles to behold ber a Countess wbich artful Jemima Cleveland shiews her vindictive

causes them to pay so much court to Lord disposition, on seeing Lord Ennerdale attach

Ennerdale, and this is an infallible method to bimself to her cousin Adela; by reminding work on the dignified mind of Adela. her, in his hearing, of her mother in Scotland,

The ill state of health of Lord Equerdale's Jemina affects to be desperately and senti.

son, and Adela's kindness in consenting to mentally in love with Lord Ennerdale.

stay with Lady Isabella Annesley, a married Adela, now amongst cold-hearted, comfort

cousin of Lord Ennerdale, and to nurse the less beings, dispatches a letter to her sister, infantine invalid, naturally becomes the preMrs. Somerville, who affectionately replies, cursor of softer scenes ; an officious blunder, that her home shall erer be the home of Adela, however, of Mr. Somerville's, again throws the and this pressing invitation, though she does

lovers into a state of distance. pot instantly accept, is gratefully appreciated. Adela goes, during this period to a mas

Iu the third volume we find Talbot Cleve-li querade, where she meets Jemima Cleveland land's attachment to his cousin Adela rapidly and her brother Julius : Jemima jealous of her increasing; he resolves ou a journey to Scot- || staying under the roof of Lady Isabella Ag. land, to change the scene and dissipate his nesley, lays plans against her, and affects much thoughts, as his parents seem to take alarm kindness. Adela at the masquerade has been at any symptoms of sociability and regard drawn into an interesting conversation with s whicb be evinces towards Adela ; this alarm | friar, whom her brother and Jemima fancy to is much increased by the artful insinuations be Lord Ennerdale. Jemima persuades Adela of Jemima, whose mother, to avoid all private to take a seat in her mother's carriage, wbere intercourse between her son and Adela, carries the stupid Sir Patrick Harley pays her parthe latter to every place where she is likely to

ticular attention, as he had before at the masmeet Lord Engerdale. This fills the bosom | querade, in the character of a Spaniard. On of Jemima with jealousy, and both mother and her return from the masquerade, she sits with daughter take the lovely girl about with them, the little patient, who delighted with her as if only on sufferance, scarce giving her pro. | dress, will not let her quit him, but detains tection.

her till they both fall asleep, from wbich she On the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Somerville is awakened by the entrance of Lord Enner. in town, Adela takes her leave of the General's dale. Her appearance at first causes him to family, and Mr. Sumerville, though the most in- smile, but bis feelings soon become absorbed dulgent of husbands, asserts his prerogative as

in parental anxiety, and sensible of the im. master of his house, and declares that if the propriety of remaining longer in the room, refractory Julius chuses to b: on terms with Adela repairs to her own chamber.

The Dowager Lady Ennerdale now arrives || sister, and resolves to serve her to the utmost at Lady Isabella's. She is displeased at seeing of his power. the insinuating young woman, as she calls We hear nothing more of the Hampden Adela, watching over the sick bed of the family, till towards the middle of the fourth young Lord Osseley; and the old lady takes volume, when Adela, accompanied one morncare to inform Lady Isabella that the mother) ing by Mr. Somerville, meets William in Kenof Adela is dead to fame and honour, through sington Gardens, sick and wounded, and acber own faulty conduct, and that Mr. Cleve. companied by a very lovely young womai, io land takes no notice of bis daughter. The whom he is married agaiost the consent of Dowager then tries to sift Adela about her | her father, a Baronet, who refuses his pardon, motives for remaining near the young Alger- and William knowing his father would be non, but fiods herself completely foiled. averse to his having carried off the daughter

After ber departure Lord Ennerdale seri- | of Sir Thomas Forrester, is too proud to ask ously declares to Mr. Annesley, his brother-in

reconciliation from that quarter; the conse. law, that he adores Adela, and that he is dequence of which is the youthful pair are retermined to make her his wife. Jemima now tries || duced to the indigent situation of subsisting to get on a visiting footing at the Annesleys, on Ensign's pay. Adela beholds in this situaunder pretence of calling on her cousin, while con her old play.mate, recollects him, but he Lady Isabella goes out purposely to avoid her; || seems to sbun the rencounter; till finding and Adela soon after this morning risit returns him nearly fainting, her kind and tender to Mr. Somerville's. Here she meets with the assiduity is noticed by the Dowager Lady unwelcome intelligence, by a letter from her Ennerdale, who, charmed with her humanity mother's female faithful servant, that a mau

and tenderness, feels her heart incline towards named Norris, the brother of Mrs. Cameron, this favourite of her son. Lady Ennerdale takes is become a resident near Pine Lodge, the seat

the young Ensign and his wife home in her carof her mother, and seems to have made an im- riage, and Lord Ennerdale, as may naturally be pression on the too easy heart of Lady Ro- | supposed, is not backward in affording every salvan. Adela ventures to write to her mother assistance to the friend of his boyish days. on this subject, informs her she had heard At a party at Lady Isabella Annesley's, this report, and intreats her not to verify it; | Adela hears a most mortifying conversation but the unhappy lady soon becomes the wife of between two ladies, wherein not only the tbe unprincipled Norris.

faults of her mother are cruelly exaggerated, Mrs. Erington, Adela's sister Alicia, a

but an idea of her own illegitimacy is menlively inconsequent young widow, arrives | tioned, as being the cause of her father's about this time, on a visit to her sister, Mrs. || estrangement. She feels herself now totally Somerville, and though she finds Sir Patrick unworthy of being the object of Lord EunerHarley as much in love with Adela, as so dale's affection, answers him abruptly, which stupid and dull a character was capable of

he knows not how to account for, till an expla. being, she is yet resoled to attach him to nation takes place, which is commenced in berself, and by a marriage with this wealthy l the concert-room; at ibis party she meets her Baronet, render herself the envy of all || father, who seeing ber in close conversation with the town. Lord Eonerdale is at times

Lord Engerdale, darts at him an angry frown; jealous of Talbot Cleveland. Explanations, but when the cousins of Adela go up with her balf declarations of love, accidentally in

sisters, to bid Mr. Cleveland good night, when terrupted, begin to take place between Lord || she finds herself the only one interdicted, she Ennerdale and Adela.

bursts into tears, and flies to the staircase, Julius still contipues inflexible towards his | where the anxious Ennerdale follows, and a fellow Etonian, till overcome by thefascinatiug teoder declaration takes place. charms of Lord Ennerdale's sister, Lady Eu. The next morning when she goes to pay a docia Mordington, the Capulet and Montague visit to William Hampden and his wife, Mr. division begin to subside, Julius pities his "Somerville leaves her in the haberdasher's

shop where they lodge, while he goes up insists immediately on Adela's returning it, to announce her; here she is insuited by in a blank cover, and also instantly comNorris, with a kind of theatrical gallantry, mitting every letter she ever received from till compelled to seek her deliverance by rush.

Lord Emperdale to the flames. Julius sits by ing into the street, she is happily protected during this trying scene, his hands covering by Lord Enuerdale. Having discovered by the his face, and his bosom heaviog with severe woman in the shop ibat the man who insulted | agitation; while Adela, in strict obedience to her is the husband of her mother, when again her father, lights a taper, and beholds the alone with Lord Ennerdale, she says,

“ Ob!

letters of her lover consumed to ashes. Juius my Lord, am 1 thus degradingly connected, then rises, embraces ber, and entreais ber' to worthy to be the object of your choice :” Lord take comfort, for such unconditional submis. Ennerdale, however, disclaims acknowledgingsion must meet its reward. Mr. Cleveland such accidental circumstances, and makes after this never reverts to the event, but beproposals to her father, of wedding his daugh. haves to Adela, as if such correspondence had ter, but receives from Mr. Clevelaud a formal

uever taken place. Sir Patrick Harley about rejection. The lovers now partiy agree on a this time leads the lively Mrs. Erington to the correspoudence, and Adela soleranly promises | altar. that she will, for one twelvemontb, posi The beautiful Jemima Cleveland takes a tively refuse any offer that may be made her. severe cold one evening after daucing, and

Julius vow, notwithstanding all his boyish loses the use of her limbs; and her little follies, evinces an excellent fraternal heart ; l amiable sister, Christine, shews herself the engaged in an enterprize which requires all his pupil of Adela, and attends unremitting, on known influence over his father, be at length the sick couch of her sister. Julius quits the conquers, and enters the apartment one day paternal roof, and for some days is not heard where Adela is sitting with her two sisters, of; good tidings, however, soon arrives, of and with almost breathless joy, tells her that which Talbot Cleveland is the bearer; Adela bis father's house is henceforth her home.

listens in anxious expectation, and she leara There she meets, soon after slie becomes an the voice of her father say, “Be patient, and inmate, a Major Morthemer, who had been in

I will send her to you."-She springs forward, India, and whom Mr. Cleveland destines to be

her father takes both her bands in bis, and his the husband of Adela. Mr. Cleveland, how

eyes are filled with tears of joy : at length he ever, finding his daughter not to be the bril

says, Go, my child!"-The study door is liaut adept in music, that he wished to find opened for her, where she expects to see her, engages masters at a great expence, and Taibot, but finds herself supported in the wearies the poor girl with practising from arms of Lord Eunerdale. The father gives morning till night, till his nerves unable to

his consent, and the lovers are made bappy. bear the noise of the instrument, makes him Eudocia Mordington had captivated Julius seek an expedient to bring the Major and Adela || Cleveland, and thus the feelings of the two imperceptibly and often together, and he in

separate families became changed, while sists on her studying, under the Major's in Talbot Cleveland,“ like a kind guardian structions the Persian language: this highly spirit," steps forward to complete the reconoffended Julius, whose love increasing every ciliation, by recommending and assisting in day for one of the house of Ennerdale, feels the elopement of Lady Eudocia witha Jalius, for his sister, and is angry with her for con. whose marriage excelerates that of Lord Ed. senting to give this indirect kind of eucourage- nerdale and Adela. ment to Major Morthemer.

Talbot, charmed with the unassuming magA most interesting scene takes place towards ners of a lovely girl named Rivers, soon transtbe latter part of the work between Mr. fers the affection he had formerly borne to Cleveland and his daughter. Mr. Cleveland wards his cousin Adela, to her, and they are intercepts, a letter from Lord Ennerdale, soon upited. and with anger flashing in bis eyes, be Lady Harley, frivolous in character, is the

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