and proved bow excell ut is art, when exemp? both parties were soon out of sight. All this from affretation, and ambitious only of the was the work of only a few seconds; during genuine effict of truth Mrs. Dickons was which, Bishop seeing the Malay stuuued un likewise exell nt bob as an actress and a the ground, al gated in order to secure him, singer ; judeed, in all she does, ibere is so or, if necessary, to kill him with one of his much simplicity, modesty, and effective sci own weapons. No sooner, however, was he ence, that she is deservedly deemed the most f his bcree, than the Malay was on his feet, popular musical performer of the stage. and begau a desperate struggle witb bis rash

ang ilant. It was the business of the Malay

merely to employ his own offensive weapons ; EXTRAORDINARY ESCAPE FROM DEATH. Bisbep had the double necessity of defeating In ihe attack f Mauilla by Sir W. Draper, || 'heir use, and of applying them to his owa in the year 1762, Captain Richard B.shop, of advantage. This con est for life continued th Mrives greatly distinguished bimself by | for almost an hour, when Bishop, pearly iainthis intrepidity and proft:8-100 1 knowl uge; || ing with fatigue, was thrown on his back, and in consequence of which he was by iba! Ge.

The M.:lay, kuerling on him, drew his dagger, neral m de Governor of the two and fort of and with all bis force ained at his breast the Cavito the principal port of the island of fatal blow. At ibat moment Bishop, exerting Luconia. At this tim there was in the wigh- b's last remains of strength, with both hands bourhood a Malay of extraordinary bulk and verted the point of ihe dagger as it descendstrength, and of tbe most feroivus.lispisition, | ed; and c anging its direction, drove it upwhy hxd formerly worked in thed ck-yard, bnt wards iuto che tbroai of the Malay, who imbad deserier, anot having collected a hundred

mediately fell down dead upon bim. Bishop, men of I.ke chaincters wiih himse f, committed

unable to walk, crawled on his bands and every sp cies of lawiros vivlence on the pe: s os

ku-es to his birse; be sounted him with some and property of the prac able inb bitants. For

ffiruliy, and was song afarrwards joined by the appr bensivu of this man iaptain Bishop || bis friends, who had chased their opponents had long offered consid, rable rewards, bu! into some dangerous passes.

This gallant without ffec; w} en one day riding oui with | officer was afterwards lost on board his Maa brother officer, attended by about forty me!', || jesty'a shp th- Thunderer, commanded by he saw this desperado, armed with a carbic i owmvdore Walsingham, in the great hurri. a brace of pis ols, a scymilar, and a dagger, cane whi -b ocrurred in the year 1780. issue out of a wood at a short distance, at the MECHANISM.-It is not generally known bead of his troop. Instigated by a sudden hat the vist block of stone (weighing by comemotion of resentment, Bishop leiermined 10 utation 3,000,000 pounds, or 1339 tons), inflict on this mau the jasi punishment of his whicb forms the base of the statue of Peter 1. offences; but being himself without weapons, of Russia, was transported, without any ac. be bori owed a pisi; 1 from the holsters of the li cident, on thirty-two brass balls, of five inches officer who acc mpanied him. Thus provided, | diameter, on moveable hollow railways of the be gall ped up to the Malay, and presented same composition wilh the balls, by sixty-four the pistol to bis head The Malay and his men working two capstaps, under Count Morir followers, confounded at this bold act of a

Carburi Lascaris, whose skill in mechanism gle man, vff red no resistance. The pis ol ou this occasion will ever do hoponr to bis missed tire; on which Bibop, stiiking the memory. Perhaps i be above-mentioned simple, Malay a vivlent blow on the head with it, though powerful mude of transporting so ponkoucked bim off his horse: in the meanwhile | derous a budy, will in some measare account the Erglish troop, bastening to the assistance

for the conveyance to Salisbury plain of those of their leader, and concluding biro to be fully stupendous stones which form an extraordi. equal to cope with dis fallen antagonist, pur. | wary relic of the ancient superstition of our sued the banditti, who immediately Ned, and couutrymen.

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On the 11th May, about a quarter past | viously searched, to which he made no refive, as the Right Honourable SPENCER sistance, and upon bis person were found a PERCEVAL, Chancellor, of the Exchequer and steel pistol, loaded, abt ui &even iocbes in First Lord of the Treasury, &c. &c. was en. length (the fellow to thai wiih which he had tering the lobby of the House of Cominons, ll effected bis falal po pose, which had been he was shot by a person of the game of Be. secured) with a short screw barrel, and a lingham, who had pluced himself for that bu dle of papers fulded like leiters. The purpose at the side of the door leading from li pistol with which the art was perpetratert is the stone staircase. Mr. Perceval was in a small pockel pisto, ab ut six inches long, company with Lord F. OSBORNE, and im. the barrel ra'h r better thao tuo inches in mediately on receiving ihe Ball, which entered length, with the cock on the top, aud a stop the left breast, he staggered and fell at the to the trigger. The calibre !s nearly half an feet of Mr. W. Smih, M.P for Nurwich, who inch in diameter, and the barrel ve y strong. was standing near the second pillar. The only | The pistol taken fr m his breechis pucket words he uttered were" Ok! I am murdered," was primers and loaded with one bail. and the laller was ivarticulate, the sound Two Messager-, W-ight and Skelion, then dying between his lips. He was instantly | conveyed the prisoner to the Bar or the House taken up by Mr. Sunith, who did not recognize of Communs, where the uimost cunfusion bin noiii be bad looked in his face. The and anxiely prevailed. Members rushed frum report of the pi-tol immediately drew great the Hou e, strangers from the gallers, and ad. Dumbers to the spoi, who assisted Mr. Smith jacent parts, and Peers from the Lords, who in conveying the body of Mr Perceval into the all came to the spot, filled with the ulmost Speaker's apartmeuis, but before he reached borror and dismay at an event so truiy alarmthem, all signs of life had departed. Mr. ing. Great coufus on consequently ensued; Percevai's corpse was placed upon a bed, and nunibers pressed r'and the spot where the Mr. Lyon, of Great George.striet, who had prisover was wild in custody, and the expresbeen sent for, arrived, but too lale even to sion of iudignation was so great, that is almost witness the last symptom of expiring exist appeared as if suramary justice would have

He found ibat the ball, which was of been done upon the offender Tbe SrEAKER an uousually large size, had penetrated the baving taken the Chair, was unable, for some heart near its centre, and had passed completely minutes, to controul the general disorder through it from thence i be body was reinoved and agitation that pr vailed. A number of to ttie Spe ker's drawing-room, by Mr. Lyon Peers were also in ibe House, among whom and several Meai bers, and it was laid on a were Lord Liverpool, Lord Spencer, Lord Radsopha.

bior, &c. Sume degree of calm having been at The horror and dismay occasioned by the length oblaired, the SPEAKER suggested to assassjuation of Mr. Perceval prevented any the House the propriety of having the pri. attention from bing paid to other persons, soner im indiately taken from the Bar to ibe and it was not until the Right Hon. Gentle prison-room, and to prevent the coufusion man was raised from tie Hoer tinat a persou which might be appr hended if he were taken belonging to the Vote Office exclaimed, through the ordinary passage, that he inight “ Where is the rascal that fireu ?" wheu a be conducted through the private passages person of the name of Bellingham, who bad and side stairs This proposition meeting ine been unobses ved, stepped up to him, and ideas of the Members present, he expre-sed cuoly observed, “I am the unfortunate man." his opinion that it would be better for a select He did not make any attenipt to escape,

number of Marbers (0 prec de and accompany though he had concealed the pistol by which the Serji ant and be prisoner to the room in he had perpetrated the horrid deed, but re question, and there to take the examiiation signed himself qui: tly into the hands of somet of all persons who could give any informarion of the bye-standers. They placed him up'p touching the circumstancrs of ille cose - We a bench near the fire place, where they kept ought also to mention, that many individuais him, and all the doors were closed, and the who had witnessed pirt of this transaction, egr .gs of any persons prevenied. When ibe were mingled witb Members at the Bar of assassin was interrogated as to his faolive for he House, preseviing a scene altogether uew ibis dreadful act, he replied, “ My name is and extaordinary. These persons were deBellingham; it is a private injury-I know what sired in the lobby and in the House not to I here done-It was a denial of justice on the depart until they had given their evidence. part of Government."-At this time the pri- || A:l the doors leading to Westminster Hall, and soper was in no legal custody, but was sur. elsewhere, were ordered to be locked, and rourded by many Members, who insisted that the egress and ingress of all persuns prebe should be taken into the body of the vented. Immediately after the prisoner was House. The criminal: was, however, pre- ll removed, ibe House adjourued, wabout proq

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ceeding in any other business, as, io faci, the and ou Tuesday morning, at 11 o'clock, a sensation was 100 great tu admit the possi most re-pectable jury was summoned to attend bility of further a tention.

A Gell, Esq Coroner for Westminster, at ibe The prisoner baving been conducted up house of Francis Dukes, the sign of the Rose *sta rs to ibe piison roum, was stripped of his aud Crown, in Downing stret. Af er taking coat, waistcoat, aud neckciwth, for the pur a view of the body, the foilowing witnesses pose of a-cerlaiving whe her any offensive were examined:Me pon w28

Cupceaied ab utbs person; Henry Burgess, of Curzon-street, Mayfair, no bing of the kind, bowever, was found. solicitor, being sworn, saith: Mouday af erBy directive of the Members he was then 110vn, ab ut five, I was attending in the lobby piuinged by a Mes.enger, belonging to be of the House of Commons, near the Door. Hous, on each side, iu which position he keeper's eat; I heard the report of a pistol was held during the wbole course of the ex apparently as if fired at the entrance of the amination.


lobby; in less than balf a minute I saw a GenMr. Aiderman COMBE, as a Magistrate, themau com ng furward t wards the door of the was called to the Chair, to take the depo. House, staggering; and at the same time I sirous of the virivus witnesses in atten?ancr, beard a cry of “ murder, murder." This Gena Cuły in whicis hor was shortly after aided by tenan bad hs haud on bis breast, and exM, M. A. TAYLOR, who is also a Magis- caimed, “ Oh!faintly, and fail forward en trate.

his iace. I beard a cry, " that is the person," Tie examinations having been brougit to poining to the seat near the fire place; on a c.11.iu105, the prisoner was asked what he which I sprang forward to the seat, and there had 10 say agains! the fact wiib which he I observed a man in extreme agitation sitting was chirged, and cautioned by Sir J. C. Hip on the seat, and one or two whers on his PISLEY not to say any thing that would be right. limmimiaiely looked at bis hands, and inju vus to himself.

observed a smail pistol ei bes under bis left The prisoner spoke to the following effect. hand or close by i: ; I immediately seized the --". I hrive admitted the fact-I admit the fact, pistol, and askid him what could induce him but wish, with permission, to stale something to do such a deed or act? he immediately in my justification. I have been denied the re replied, “want of redress of grievance, and a dress of my grievances by Government ; I have rejusul by Government,” or woods to that efbeen ill trenied They al know who I an, and feci. Timmediately said to bim, “ hare yo% what I am, through the Secretary of State and another pistol ?” he replied, “yes." I asked Mr. B-cket, with whom I have had frequent com bimit it was loaded; and he replied, “yes." munications. They knew of this fact sir weeks I then took several articles out of his waistcoat ago, through the Magistrales of Bew-street. pockets; and some one took from his person I was accused most wr.nu fuily by a G vernor. the pistol which be before told me was loaded. General in Russia, in a letter fram Archangel to The pistol which I took from him was warm, Riga, and hure sou yht redress in ruin. I air at least so far as a small pistol usually is rea most unfortunate man, and feel here (placing cenily fired off. In the course of the after. his hand on his breust) sufficient just fication for noon, I believe, I was the first person exami. whai I have done"

ned ; and when my evidence was read to me, Gere Lord CASTLEREAGH interfered, and in the prescuce of the prisoner, on his being inforined ihe pris ner that he was not then asked if he had any remarks to make, or words called on for inis defence, but merely to say to that effect, he replied, “ I think Mr. Bur. what be had to urge io c'ntradition to the

gess's statement is correct; only I wish to obfict which he was charged. Any thing he serve, that instead of my hand being upon or might frei desirons of s'ating in extenuation near the pistol, I think he tonk it out of my of his ciine, he bad better rese. ve for his hand," or words to that effect. When I first saw trial.

the prisoner he was g.eatly agitated; but by The Prisoner said, “ Since it seems best to the iime I was examined, that agitation had you that I should not now exp'ain the causes subsided, and he appeared to me perfectly of my conduct, I will leave it until the day of calm. muy irial, when my country will have an opportu

Henry BURG Ess. nity of juriging whether I am right or wrong."

He was conveyed to the Secretary of State's General Isaac Gascoyne, Member for Liver. Office for the Home Department, where he pool, of Hertford street, Mayfair, sworn.was plac d in a room in which he walked About a quarter after five o'clock on Monday Deariy the whole time.

I was writing a letler in the Committee-roon; On the breaking up of the Council, he was I heard the report of a pistol shot, and jumped sent to Newgaie. His commitment was signed up, exclaiming, that it was the report of a by Michael Angelo Taylor, Esq. M.P. who pistol; I went down stairs ; I saw a number accompauied him in the coach to Newgate, of people standing about, and a person po.pt. where he was double ironed.

ed out a man to me sitting on the bench by

the fire-side; the person saying that is the CORONER'S INQUEST.

man who fired the pistol ; 1 sprung up n him,

and grasped him by the breast and neck;! The body of Mr. Perceval was removed perceived him raising his left hand with a pis. from the Speaker's House during Monday iol in it, I let go my hold, and seized bis night, May 11, 20 bis own in Downing-street; wrist with both hands, and twisted his arm

round with all my force; he semed to have a son to take care of it, and, on subsequent exlittle bold of the pistol :'( desired a pers n lamination, i found that same pistol 10 constanding by to take the pistol from i bind, tain a bal and powder,- held the prisoner, wbich was done. I took papers from bis and assisted to conduct him to the bar of the pocket, and tied then up: he appeared to House of Commons, where I quilted my be dragging from my hoid, but I kept him huld, leaving bim in th: custody of two ser. fast. I delivered the papers to Mr. Hume, vants of the House, as airected by the Speaker. and then told the prisoner it was inspossible ?h. Speaker baving direc!ed he prisoner to be he could escape: he replied, " I ain the person conducted to the prison.ro: m; and all Mem. who shot Mr. Perceval, and I surrender myself. : bers who bad witnessed any part of the We took him to the body of the House of transaction to follow, I accowpised them, Commons, and delivered, bim into the cus and attended the examination of witnesses tody of the Messengers. I saw him lodged for about one hour: the agitation voder in the prisoner room befure I ever lost sight which the prisoner s'emed at firsi, appeared of him. The de ponent farther states, that tu me gradually to subsid-; and by the time the prisoner Bellingham called upon him in the fi:st deposition was taken, he was able to Hertford-stree!, May.fair, about three weeks arswer, and to speak distuctly and calaiy. ago, and he had a conversation with him of The Mag strate, Mr. Michael Angelo Taylor, nearly an hour, though he kuew voihing of told him, it was luis duty to caution hinn not the prisoner, por the prisoner of him. He to answer any thing that might criminale stated that he had claiins on Parliamen , himself. He answered, that be w's obliged to and asked for my parliamentary assistauce, he the Magistra'e, but that he would use his having been a merchant at Liverpool. He own discretion. On the evil! nce of Mr. represented having suffered at St. Petersburgla Burgess being read to him, he stated, that he under a false arrest, for many mon h; and thought there might be a little inac uracy in the that he applied to the then resident Ambassa. evidence given by Mr. Burgess, in s'ating that dor for redress but without effect. He stated the pistol, when first seen by him, lay near to that be had lost many pounds, and wished me hus (the prisoner's ) hand: whereas, if his tecnito briug the business before Parliament; but lection served him well, his hand was either upon I did not think bis case required my interfe. the pistol, or that he grasped it. During the rence in that way, and recommendid bim to time I remained i here, after he had heard the memorialise the Ministers He left Liverpool different depositions read over to him, he four year ago, and only had been there iwo either assented to their correctness, or pointed years. During this conversation, he was as out wherein he thought there was any diffecalm and as collected as any man coali be, and rence, observing, particularly ou the evidence had not the least apprarance of a persoa in. of General Gascoyne, that he could not posisane. He was much agitated on Monday, tively correct the exact words, as the General when he, the General, seized him ; but before would materially be less agitated than he was at be was examined by the Committee, he was that time, or words to that effect. On the whole, more composed ; aud before he went to New. I do consider that he was perfectly sane, gate on Monday night, be was quite calm making a little allowance for the agitation of again. (Sigued) JAAC GASCOYNE. the moment.

Joseph HUME. Joseph IIume, Esq. of Gloucester place, Porl William Smith, Esq. of Park-street, West. man-square, Member of Parliament for W’ey minster, Member for Norwich, sworn. He demouth, being sworn, saith, was sitting in posed as follows:--Yesterday afternoon, about the Hou e of Commons yesterday eveo'ng, a a quarier past five o'clock, passing through few minutes after five, when I heard the report the lobby to go to the House of Commons, I of a pistol, and an immediate busile or ouise; stopped to speak to a Gentleman about the I left the House, and went into the lobby, centre of the lobby, and while in conversa. pusbed immediately towards the fire place, tion with bim, I heard the report of a pig. where the crowd was; I saw a man sitting tol. I immediately turned my head, and ob. on the bench, who has sirice in my presence

served some conversation at the end of the declared bis name to be John Bellingham; he

room.--Several voices called out to shut the appeared to be forcibly pulled on every side, door to prevent any person escapivg. There by the bye-standers ; appeared to suffer cou. might have been present in the lobby from 30 siderably from the force used by such bye. to 40 pers008.

In an iostant I observed a standers; appeared considerably agitated, and person rush from the cluster of people who in the act of disengaging his hand from the were standing about the door, and come person who grasped il verely. I seized bis staggering towards me; he reached about the left arin at the moment that General Gascoyne spot where I was first standing, and then fell was pulling from the persou of the prisoner a Mat on his face on the floor. I walked round bundle of papers ; one of the Generai's hands him, not immediately recognising his person ; bring occupied grasping the prisoner, 1 seized and not supposing be was mortally wounded, hold of the papers from the General's right but observing he did not stir, I stooped down hand, informing him that I would take care to assist him, and on raising bis head I perof them; I still retained huld of the pri- ceived him to be Mr. Perceval. I then re. soner, and saw a person in the act of pulling quested the assistance of a Gentleman w bo was from about the waist of the prisoner a sma ] standing close to the body, and we carried him pocket steel pistol, which he inmediately ex. between us into the Speaker's Secretary's. amined, and found primed; I desired ibat per roum. We set bim on a table, he resting on.

No. XXXII. Vol. V.-N.S.


our arms. I think he was not only speechless, and during his copfinement, or soon after. but perfec:ly senseless, and blood came from wards, he wrote a pamphlet with the intent bis mouth. His pulse in a few minutes ceased, of ridiculing the merchants of Huil. On the and be soon died. I think he was quite dead recovery of his liberty, he proceeded again 10 when Mr. Lynn, the surgeon, came. He died Archangel, wb re he entered in o various spe. in less than a quarter of an hour. The body culations, which ended in his involving himself was afterwards deposited in the Speaker's , in still more numerous difficulti s. He was Drawing-room. I am quite incapable of giv. there very troublesome to the Government, jog any evidence of the person who com sending to them memorial after memorial, mitted ibis horrid murder.

on subjects relative to his privale concerns; (Signed) WILLIAMSMITH. and he, moreover, generally conducted him. William Lynn, of Great George street, West-self with so much passion, ibat at length be minster, Surgeon, sworn.- was sent for on was sent to prison, wbere he remained a coo. Monday afternoon, soon after five o'clock siderable time; claiming, in vain, the protection On reacbing the Speaker's Secre:ary's room,

of the British Minister, who, indeed, could I found Mr. Perceval supported by two geld

rer der fim no assistance. The term of bis tlemen; kis body was partly on and party off confinement having expired, Bellingbam ie. the table that was standing by; his shirt and paired to England fuil of complaints against white waistcoat were bloody; and on examin.

the Rusalan Government. He married in ing the body, I found a wound on the skin about London, but took up his abode at Liverpool. over the fourth rib on the left side, near the breast He cominenced the business of an Insurance. bore. The wound had the appearance of a

broker, whilst his wife pursued that of a mil. large pistol-ball having entered. On examining huer. He continued ai intervals to present his pulse, I found he was quite dead; I then memorials to the British Government on the passed a probe to ascertain the direction of the subject of his claims; but these wise cuncerns ball, and found it had passed obliquely down.

with which Government bad nothing to do. wards, and inwards in the direction of the heart. Bellingham is a tall, large-buned man, about The wound was at least three inches deep, and I forty years of age, with a ibi, long visage and have no doubt but it caused his death.

aquiline nose ; his eyes are suuken, and his (Signed) WILLIAM LYNN. complexion, after the assassination, of a VERDICT OF WILFUL MURDER AGAINST glasily, pallid hue. After committing the John BELLINGHAM, alias BALLINGHAM. horrid deed he quietly sat himself down on

the bench near the fire in the lobby; but beWith respect to the manner in which he fore he was taken into the House, he appeared passed the previous part of the day on which

greatly agitated and clasped bis bands, as be commitied the murder, he states, that he | Though he was far from supplicatiog pity. went with a lady to the European Museum, His principal anxiety seemed to be, to per. where he was dela ned till past four v'clock suade the woudering spectators that the act He parted from the lady at the extremity of was justifiable from the provocation be bad Sydney's-alley, and went down inunediately received. 10 the House of Commons without having diued, and with his pistois loaded. He was $0 anxious not to be disappointed hy the fail ure of his weapon, that, after be had bought TRIAL OF JOHN BELLINGHAM, his pistols, for which he gave four guiueas, FOR THE MURDER OF MR. PERCEVAL, AT he went to Primrose-bill to try how they would go off, and, when he had ascerlained

THE OLD BAILEY, MAY 15, 1812. their efficacy loaded thein for his purpose.

Before Lord Chief Justice MANSFIELD, Justice

GRose, and Baron GRAHAM.

On Friday morning the Court at the Old LIFE OF THE ASSASSIN.

Bailey was crowded to an excess.-Tbe Cous. This wretched man is stated to be a native sel retained for the Crown were the ATTORof St. Neot's, in Huntingdonshire, and aged NEY GENERAL, Messrs. GARROW, KNAPP, forty-two years. It is added, that he was GURNEY, and ABBOTT.-For the prisoner, brought up in a Countiog house in London; || Messrs. ALLEY and REYNOLDS. and some years ago went 10 Archangel, where At len o'clock the Duke of Clarence and be lived with a Russian merchant, in whose the Juilges appeared and took their seats on employinent as clerk, be continued three years. I each side of the Lord Mayor, and immedi.' Having formed a connexion with a Mr. Borately the prisoner was produced and placed at becker, in the timb r line, be returned to the Bar, At this moment a deep börror was England in order to seek a contract for the visibly depicted on every countenance. Even supply of timber; and entered into consider:

Bellingham himself seemed dismayed. But in able cagagemen's with the merchants of Huil. a few seconds he assumed the same species of Ship werr in consequence sent out to Arci deportment, which he all along displayed, angei to bring bune cargoes; but Mr. Bor and was astonishingly calm and easy. becker having meanwhile become a Bark upt, The indiciment was read by Mr. Skelion, the vesseis reiurned in ballast. Berlinghair, Clerk of Arraigus, and Mr. ABBOTT opened who stul remained at Hull, was arrisied, aud ibe pleadings. thrown into prisos by the disappointed mer. The ATTORNEY-GENERAL then addressed chants, for the son fulîlm at of the contract; the Jury. He began by saying, that the pain

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