TEX in Practice: Volume IV: Output Routines, Tables

Springer New York, 2011/10/14 - 422 ページ
Although you only have one volume in front of you, writing four volumes and 1600 pages on a single subject needs some form of justification. And then on the other hand, why write even more?! Can't, at least, the preface of something that long be short?! Very well, so let's keep it short. It is my sincere hope that the series "'lEX in Practice" will be useful for your own 'lEX work. But please, before you get started, read the "Notes on ''lEX in Practice' ," because it instructs you how to use this series. You will find these notes on pages xxvii-xxxvi. The fourth and last volume deals with two different subject areas. First of all, there are the so-called output routines which are responsible for putting together the pages as generated by 'lEX. You will be amazed at how many different things can be done with 'lEX's output routines. The second subject area we are dealing with in this volume are tables. About a hundred different tables you can choose from should provide you with a starting point in the selection of tables.

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