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THE “LONDON AND PARIS LADIES' MAGAZINE” is now in its TWENTY-NINTH VOLUME. From its comm ment it has steadily increased in the favour of the Public, and notwithstanding the moderate price at which it is published, it ho foremost position amongst the Fashionable Periodicals of the day.

This, it must be evident, can only be accomplished by the returns of its large circulation; and, while thus encouraged in their lab the proprietors pledge themselves to spare neither pains nor expense to merit the patronage so liberally bestowed.

Intending Subscribers are respectfully informed that, to prevent disappointment, all orders for the ensuing number shoul forwarded on or before the 24th of the month.

TO ADVERTISERS. “THE LONDON AND PARIS LADIES' MAGAZINE” has a large and steadily-increasing circulation in the Ur Kingdom, the Colonies, and America, and offers peculiar advantages as an advertising medium to al those who administer to the ne sities or luxuries of the fairer portion of the public. Unlike newspapers and publications of an ephemeral or purely literary chara which are either torn up or shelved as soon as read, this Magazine remains during the intervals of its publication in the show-roon the fashionable milliner, the work-room of the practical modiste, and the boudoir of the lady of welth, continually referred to, and tinually under the eye of precisely that class of customers which it is presumed to be most the inteest of advertisers to attract.


NEW ADDITIONS. HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. MR. HOWARD, Surgeon-Dentist, 52, Fleet-street, has

Marshl Canrobert, King of Denmark, Duke of introduced an entirely new description of ARTI- bridge Emperor and Em

CARTI- bridge Emperor and Empress of the French, Em HY ARE WE SICK?

FICIAL TEETH, fixed without springs, wires, or liga-l and press of Austria, Emperor and Empress of RA It has been the lot of the human race to be weighed tures. They so perfectly resemble the natural teeth

th Lord Raglan, Marshal St. Arnaud, Omar Pasha, down by disease and suffering. HOLLOWAY'S PILLS as not t

be the Sulta of Turkey, etc. The magnificent Nap AIDRI as not to be distinguished from the original, by the are specially adapted to the relief of the WEAK, the closest observer; they will never change colour or

Golda Chamber completed, various relics added, e NERVOUS, the DELICATE, and the INFIRM, of all decay, and will be found superior to any teeth ever MADAME TUSSAUD AND SON climes, ages, sexes, and constitutions. Professor Hol- before used. This method does not require the exloway personally superintends the manufacture of his traction of roots or any painful operation, and will

EXHIBITION. medicines, and offers them to a free and enlightened support and preserve teeth that are loose, and is BZAAR, BAKER ST., PORTMAN SQUAR people, as the best remedy the world ever saw for the guaranteed to restore articulation, and mastication. removal of disease.

Decayed teeth rendered sound and useful in masti Open from 11 till Dusk, and from 7 to 10. THESE PILLS PURIFY THE BLOOD. cation. 52, FLEET STREET,

Adrittance--One Shilling. Napoleon Rooms Sixpe These famous Pills are expressly combined to operate

At home from 10 to 5. on the stomach, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the skin, and the bowels, correcting any derangement in

511, NEW OXFORD STREET, their functions, purifying the blood, the very fountain of life, and thus curing disease in all its forms.


TWO DOORS FROM MUSEUM STREE1 GENERAL DEBILITY-ILL-HEALTH. Many of the most despotic Governments have opened Designer of Fashions for the Empress

WILLS'S their Custom Houses to the introduction of these Pills, that they may become the medicine of the masses. Learned


Establishment for french and English Desig Colleges admit that this medicine is the best remedy ever LONDON DEPOT, 6, WANSFORD PLACE. known for persons of delicate health, or where the sys

of every Article of Fashionable Costume. tem has boen impaired, as its invigorating properties

NOTICE TO DRESS & CLOAKMAKERS. never fail to afford relief.


MODELS for the Autumn and Winter Season, which No Female, young or old, should be without this cele- are of unusual elegant style, are now ready, and being brated medicine. It corrects and regulates the monthly made up in the most brilliant colours, are calculated to MRS. WILLS begs to thank her Friends and the Pu courses at all periods, acting in many cases like a charm. give a distingué appearance to any Show Room; the for their long-continued patronage, and to inform t It is also the best and safest medicine that can be given trimmings are exact in every particular, so that the her Show-rooms for Paper Models and Millinery for to children of all ages, and for any complaint : conse- effect of the article, when made up, is instantly seen. present Season are now Open, and contain a care quently no family should be without it.

The great patronage this class of patterns have received selected and Fashionable Assortment of New Des Sold at the Establishment of Professor HOLLOWAY,

since Madame Lebarre forwarded them to England, bas in Mantles, Cloaks, Dresses, Jaquettes, Vests, Bo 244, Strand, (near Temple Bar,) London, and by all

il given her full confidence to recommend them to the Sleeves, Riding Habits, Children's Dresses, and respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines through

notice of those Ladies who have not yet honoured he every Article in the London and Paris Magazine. cut the Civilized World, at the following prices :-- 1s.

with their patronage ; and for the convenience of thos Prices are as follow:1 d., 23. 9d., 4s. 6d., Vis., 22., and 338. each Box.

who do not visit Paris, she has established an Englis There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes.

Agent, who will give immediate attention to all countr A SET OF TWELVE ARTICLES, with Box, £1 2 N.B.-Directions for the guidance of Patients in every orders, and can be seen personally by those Ladies T

A SMALLER SET, with Box, 11s. 6d. disorder are affixed to each Box. siding in London, who may favour her with their cou

THREE ditto, sent, per post, free, 6s. mands. SIR JAMES MURRAY'S FLUID 12 TRIMMED MODELS, including 1 of the

ONE LARGE ARTICLE, 28. 6d. MAGNESIA. | last Paris Bonnet Shapes, packed in a Box for £1 101

SLEEVES, post free, 1s. 20. Prepared under the immediate care of the Inventor, 1 6


Ditto ditto in Box . . .. 0 10 6 and established for upwards of thirty years by the

Number, 10s. PROFESSION, for removing BILE, ACIDITIES, and Single Models forwarded, Post Free, to any partof

ONE do., 6 in Number, 5s.6d. INDIGESTION, restoring APPETITE, preserving a the United Kingdom, at the following prices :moderate state of the bowels, and dissolving uric acid

Millinery Dress Caps, 7s. 11d., 12s.6d., 14., 188., 208 in GRAVEL and GOUT; also as an easy remedy for

MANTELETS, 3s. 60. BODIES, 23. SLEEVES, 1sbd. per dozen. SEA SICKNESS, and for the febrile affections incident

JACQUETTE BODIES, 2s., and CHILDREN'S Cap Fronts, 3s. 6d., 5s.6d., 8g. 6d. per dozen, to childhood it is invaluable.-- On the value of Magnesia

PATTERNS, for Boy or Girl, 2s, each.

Widows' Caps, 3s. 6d., 4s. 6d., 6s. 9d., 12s. per doze as a remedial agent it is unnecessary to enlarge ; but

Tarlatan, 2s. 1d. the Fluid Preparation of Sir James Murray is now the

The same Full-sized Models, UNTRIMMED, in Pakets Chip, 8., 10d. per bundle. most valued by the Profession as it entirely avoids the contamins. Twelve Articles 01

containing Twelve Articles of Ladies' and Childen's Whalebone, 1s. 3d. per dozen. possibility of those dangerous concretions usually re

Dress, of the last Paris styles, sent post free for 106d., Cane, 1s. 6á. per lb. sulting from the use of the article in powder,

and a packet of Six Articles, post free, for 5s.6d, Se-Millinery Bonnets, 8s., 10s. 6d., and upwards.

parate Packets, containing Three Articles for Chiliren's Shapes, 2s.6d., Nett, Black or White, 4s. 6d., 5s. Sold by the sole consignee, Mr. WILLIAM BAILEY,

Dress, post free, for 3s. of Wolverhampton; and by all wholesale and retail

78.6d. per dozen. Druggists and Medicine Agents throughout the British

| These Patterns are all sewn together, in the style they French and English Flowers, from 4 d. to 28. 6d.

are to be made up, with full directions for trimmings as Empire, in bottles, ls., 23. 6d., 3s. 6d., 59. 6d., 118.,

1 packet.

worn in Paris. and 21s, each,

Bouquets and Table Flowers. *.* The Acidulated Syrup in Bottles, 28. each.

Letters cannot be attended to unless contaming a
N.B.-Be sure to ask for Sir James Murray's Pre-
Money Order for Goods required, made payable at St.

Stamps received in payment.
paration," and to gee that his name is stamped on each
Martin's-le-Grand, to ADELE LEBARRE.

N.B.-All Remittances per Post Office Ordern label, in green ink, as follows:- James Murray, Phy- London Depot, -6, Wansford Place, Old St. Pancras payable to SUSAN WILLS, at the Post Office," sician to the Lord Lieutenant."

Road, opposite College Street.

Oxford Street."

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