Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Exchequer: From Easter Term, 54 Geo. III. to [Michaelmas Term, 5 Geo. IV.] Both Inclusive [1814-1824] ...


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275 ページ - ... unless the party at whose suit the said execution is sued out shall, before the removal of such goods from off the said premises, by virtue of such execution or extent, pay to the landlord of the said premises or his bailiff, all such sum or sums of money as are or shall be due for rent for the said premises at the time of the taking such goods or chattels by virtue of such execution ; provided the said arrears of rent do not amount to more than one year's rent...
247 ページ - A rule nisi was obtained in the last Term for setting aside the verdict and having a new trial on the ground of a misdirection of the Judge in point of law, and of a defect of evidence to support the finding of the jury on the second count.
281 ページ - Court for a rule to show cause why the verdict should not be set aside, and a new trial had.
170 ページ - For every legacy, specific or pecuniary, or of any other description, of the amount or value of 20/. or upwards, given by any will or testamentary instrument, of any person who shall have died after the 5th day of April, 1805, either out of his or her personal or moveable estate, or out of or charged upon his or her real or heritable estate, or out of any monies to arise by the sale, mortgage, or other disposition of his or her real or heritable estate, or any part thereof...
171 ページ - ... commissioners to cause the same to be duly stamped, for making the same available, on payment of the duty which shall be payable in respect thereof, together with the penalty incurred in consequence of the same not having been brought to be stamped before the expiration of such three calendar months ; and where any such receipt or discharge shall have been signed out of Great Britain, if the same shall be brought to be stamped within twenty-one days after its being received in Great Britain,...
430 ページ - Testatrix directed her real estate to be sold, and all her estate to be converted into money for the parpóse of her will.
125 ページ - That if at any Time hereafter any Person or Persons shall become Bankrupt, and at such time as they shall so become Bankrupt shall by the Consent and Permission of the true Owner and Proprietary have in their Possession, Order and Disposition, any Goods or Chattels, whereof they shall be reputed Owners, and take upon them the Sale, Alteration or Disposition as Owners...
275 ページ - ... be taken by virtue of any execution on any pretence whatsoever, unless the party at whose suit the said execution is sued out, shall, before 1853. the removal of such goods from off...
476 ページ - A Treatise on the Pleadings in Suits in the Court of Chancery, by English Bill.
347 ページ - ... to be holden for the said city or town, be raised and levied on the inhabitants of such city or town, and paid to such plaintiff or plaintiffs, in such manner and form, and by such ways and means, as are provided by the said statute made in the...