The Life of Sir David Wilkie: With His Journals, Tours, and Critical Remarks on Works of Art; and a Selection from His Correspondence, 第 1 巻

J. Murray, 1843 - 532 ページ

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51 ページ - And, entering on discourse, such stories told, As made me oft revisit his sad cell. For he had been a soldier in his youth ; And fought in famous battles, when the peers Of Europe, by the bold Godfredo led, Against th' usurping infidels display'd The blessed cross, and won the Holy Land.
51 ページ - Then, having shew'd his wounds, he'd sit him down> And all the livelong day discourse of war. To help my fancy, in the smooth green turf He cut the figures of the marshall'd hosts; Describ'd the motions, and explain'd the use. Of the deep column, and the lengthen'd line. The square, the crescent, and the phalanx firm : For all that Saracen or Christian knew Of war's vast art, was to this hermit known.
161 ページ - Poor tenant bodies, scant o' cash, How they maun thole a factor's snash : He'll stamp an' threaten, curse an' swear. He'll apprehend them, poind their gear ; While they maun stan', wi' aspect humble, An' hear it a', an' fear an' tremble ! I see how folk live that hae riches ; But surely poor folk maun be wretches.
339 ページ - Everybody I meet with compliments me on the improvement of my looks, and I am taking all the means in my power to retain my improved appearance. I dine, as formerly, at two o'clock, paint two hours in the forenoon and two hours in the afternoon, and take a short . walk in the park or through the fields twice a day.
146 ページ - Never in my whole experience have I met with a young artist like Wilkie : he may be young in years, but he is old in the experience of his art : he is already a great artist, therefore do not hesitate in offering him commissions and all the encouragement in your power.
52 ページ - I am rightful monarch and God to aid I will not be dethroned by any rebellious passion that may rear its standard against me. Such are morning thoughts, strong as carl-hemp — says Burns — " Come, firm Resolve, take thou the van, Thou stalk of Carle-Hemp in man.
454 ページ - I am now at work upon, and have got far advanced with it. With regard to the Sheep-washing, it is of course, being a landscape, entirely new to me. I certainly wish to get practice and to obtain some kind of proficiency in this way ; but my ambition is not more than that of enabling myself to paint an out-door scene with facility, and in no respect whatever to depart from my own line.
482 ページ - Roy," it must be while we are sleeping. He is either out planting .trees, superintending the masons, or erecting fences, the whole of the day. He goes frequently out hunting, and this morning there was a whole cavalcade of us out with Mr. and Miss Scott, hunting hares.
220 ページ - Nelson — a creature of great sweetness. Lady Hamilton knowing me by name, called me, and said that her daughter had the finest taste imaginable, and that she excelled in graceful attitudes. She then made her stand in the middle of the room with a piece of drapery, and throw herself into a number of those elegant postures for which her ladyship in her prime was so distinguished. She afterwards told me of all else her daughter could do, and concluded by asking me if I did not think her very like...
80 ページ - I can wish for, and, although I live at a much greater expense than I did in Edinburgh, yet I also find that I live much better. I breakfast at home, and dine at an ordinary, a place where about a dozen gentlemen meet, at two o'clock, and have a dinner served up that only costs them thirteenpence a head, which I am sure is as cheap as any person can have such a dinner in any part of Great Britain; besides, we have the advantage of hearing all the languages of Europe talked with the greatest fluency,...