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109 ページ - CCC quadragesimo nono, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis lego animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beate Marie, et omnibus sanctis, et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesiam Sancti Martini juxta Ludgate dicte civitatis.
73 ページ - ... una cum prenominatis testibus presens interfui eaque omnia et singula sic fieri vidi et audivi...
31 ページ - Ten squires, ten yeomen, mail-clad men, Waited the beck of the warders ten; Thirty steeds, both fleet and wight, Stood saddled in stable day and night, Barbed with frontlet of steel, I trow, And with Jedwood-axe at saddle-bow; A hundred more fed free in stall:— Such was the custom of Branksome Hall.
83 ページ - ... publicavi et in hanc publicam formam redegi, signoque et nomine meis solitis et consuetis signavi rogatus et requisitus in fidem et testimonium omnium et singulorum premissorum.
228 ページ - Calragh himself being on horseback by the church's outward side, to the end that all things might be done orderly, and each one served successively. And first of all she gave two chalices of gold as offerings that day on the altar to God Almighty, and she also caused to nurse or foster two young orphans.
72 ページ - Lynche, compos mente, licet eger corpore, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis, lego animam meam...
43 ページ - Robertus et heredes sui post eum omnia predicta habeant et teneant bene et in pace, libere et quiete, integre et plenarie et honorifice, in...
111 ページ - In dei nomine Amen Ego Ricardus Greenacre miles die conuersionis sancti Pauli apostoli anno domini millesimo cccmo nonogesimo tercio condo testamentum meum in hunc modum In primis lego animam meam deo et beate Marie et omnibus sanctis et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia Omnium Sanctorum de Friskeneye . . . Item lego ecclesie parochiali de Okeley in comitatu Bedeford
227 ページ - O'Conner, written in that roll, and his adherents and kinsmen, so that the aforesaid number of 2,700 was listed in that roll with the arts of Dan...
13 ページ - I adore not the voice of birds, Nor the sreod, nor a destiny, or the earthly world, Nor a son, nor chance, nor woman ; My Druid is Christ, the Son of God, — Christ, the Son of Mary, the Great Abbot, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.